Financing hui 】 【 a week: maternal and infant period sale, used cars in spring

over the weekend, hunting cloud network compiled this week’s investment and financing information, take you glance Internet circle recent investment event.

the domestic company

1. The used-car C2C trading platform “car” for $20 million B round

all cars ( is a used car trade service platform, the main personal second-hand car trading service, no price difference.. The company has received $20 million B round of investment, brought together by policy source vc, suitable for capital, investors red dot with A round. After this round of financing, and valuation has amounted to $150 million.

2, hundred million page for one hundred million yuan A round

$page network ( is A newly established maternal and child supplies limited-time sale website, direct cooperation with maternal and infant brands main F2C pattern, at the beginning of the company was established in 100 million yuan of A round of investment, the linkbase investment.

3. Michael online obtain 50 million yuan A round

Michael online in jiangsu was established in 2014, is a focus on early childhood education interactive O2O platform of online resources. The company was founded at the beginning of the 50 million yuan to A round of investment, one day A ship culture investment 40 million yuan, 22.40% of the shares; Detian fund, manulife innovation investment of 10 million yuan.

4, college students’ social applications tataUFO completed A round of funding

tataUFO ( is an online dating platform for college students, at ten o ‘clock every night for the user matching a Ta, Beijing clicking star network technology co., LTD’s products. TataUFO get Lightspeed China Partners, led A round of funding, amebic fund to vote.

5. The door motor repair platform mocha I won fosun brothers 10 million yuan of the Pre – A round

mocha I car ( is a micro letter and mobile Internet based O2O after the door car service platform, provide professional comprehensive door-to-door repair services. At present, mocha I won fosun brothers Pre – A round of investment of $10 million.

the foreign company

1, women’s fashion dress rental platform to Rent The company received $60 million D round

Rent The Runway ( is a formal service providers, The pattern of it buys clothes from top designers and rents at prices below market price to those who have a demand. The company has completed a $6 million D round of funding, Technology Crossover Ventures led, Bain Capital Ventures, Highland Capital Partners, Advance Publications, and shot.

2, the P2P lending platform Lendable won 2.5 million pounds angel round investment

Lendable ( was founded in 2014, is a P2P lending financial services platform. The company has won 2.5 million pounds the angel rounds of investment. By the Passion Capital and Eileen Burbidge, Robert Dighero, Stefan Glaenzer angel investors, such as joint investment.

3, Indian electricity it in a new $700 million investment from

it ( was founded in 2007, is a company from India e-commerce sites, known as “amazon” in India. The company has raised $700 million in a new round of investment, by DST Global, Naspers, Tiger Global Management, joint investment, etc.

4, blackberry complete offer for the German security services company Secusmart

Secusmart ( was founded in 2007, is a technology company to provide security services, mainly used in mobile communication field, the German government civil servants are use the technology products. American blackberry company has announced formally completed acquisition of Secusmart.

5, real-time bus navigation app Moovit received $5000 C wheel investment

Moovit ( is a real-time bus navigation application, combining with the traffic data, for passengers to provide a complete real-time preview. Users can make travel route in the above strategy, query the real-time traffic information and share travel route. At present, Moovit received C $5000 round of investment, Sequoia Sequoia Capital, Gemini Israel Ventures and BRM Capital investment.

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