Financing hui 】 【 a week: female video talk, intelligent cashier “silver box”

over the weekend, hunting cloud network for nearly a week investment information, take you glance Internet circle recent investment event.

the domestic company

1, intelligent cloud POS cash register “silver box” lake south capital Pre – A round

silver box is a smart cloud POS terminals, electronic payment purpose is to solve the offline businesses cashier end with today’s online e-commerce, marketing system and the problems in the daily management of the store. At present, the “silver box” for lake south Pre – A round of investment capital. , the team exclusive tell hunting cloud network finance information.

2, blue cross culture obtain ten million yuan PreA round

Shanghai blue cross culture ( is a focus on women of Internet media company, main product for 90 interactive network grows talk after the late honey language “. The company has ten million yuan of the Pre – A round of investment, by pine and fund investment. Hunting cloud network was first reported cross the culture of the new media,, blue cross culture is also the login hunting cloud network investment and financing of entrepreneurial projects docking platform.

3. Seven ACTS life obtain 30 million yuan investment A round

seven ACTS of life ( is a company focused on musical and cultural performance industry, at present the main introduced a Broadway musical. At present, seven ACTS life won by Chinese cultural industry investment fund and China investment capital joint investment of 30 million yuan A round. After the seven ACTS life once in 2013 and the angel investment capital.

4. The basic concept of acquisition of China’s largest cycling community “walker”

walker cycling software ( can record the cycling track, view statistics team for long distance cycling, cycling plan, and cell phone have the function that thousands of yuan of GPS bike spec. At present, walker has been smart bike makers “basic concept” BiCi acquisition.

5. “my work of the net ten million yuan of angel investment innovation works

my work of the net ( is a mobile website for job recruitment, working group’s exclusive agent services, provide jobs mostly from some world top 500 foreign investment enterprises and domestic large well-known enterprises. Suitable range including summer and winter vacations, college interns, social workers and farmers. The company has ten million yuan of angel investment innovation works.

the foreign company

1. India P2P lending site Faircent won $4 million in venture capital

Faircent ( is a peer-to-peer lending site, India to reduce risks, borrowers can through the platform directly communicate with the lender, the platform can also use an algorithm to find out the creditworthiness of potential borrowers and lenders. At present, Faircent get $4 million in venture capital.

2, employer evaluation site Glassdoor $70 million round of investment F

Glassdoor community ( is an employer evaluation, can undertake comments anonymously to employers, employees can work around the company environment, treatment of interact and comments. The company has received $70 million F round of investment, by Sutter Hill Ventures, ‘Ventures, Tiger Global Management, such as Google Capital joint investment.

3, machine learning platform for his $18.5 million B round

his ( is a machine learning platform, users can use its extensible machine learning system for big data analysis. At present, his $18.5 million B round of investment. By the Opus Capital, NEA, Madrona Venture Group institutions such as joint investment. Among them, the NEA and Madrona Venture Group for A round of investment institutions.

4, video decoding technology QuickFire buyout by Facebook

QuickFire Networks ( is a development of video content distribution equipment and transcoding processing software company. At present, the company has a buyout by Facebook, specific purchase amount is disclosed.

5, India’s real estate service platform Common Floor get Google Capital15500 $F round

CommonFloor ( was founded in 2007, is an Indian real estate services platform, providing business rental and other comprehensive services. Previously, CommonFloor mainly provide community-based social service, can let the residents living in the same community to communicate between each other, and can provide them with this community real-time dynamic information. The company has F wheel on Google Capital $15 million investment.

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