Financing hui 】 【 a week: diapers for vertical sale, strangers are 00 open after the barrage

over the weekend, hunting cloud network compiled this week’s investment and financing information, take you glance Internet circle recent investment event.

the domestic company

1 $120 million acquisition of global operations, unite era

the global lighting ( is a focus on vocational training project of online education platform, training content including architecture, construction engineering, medicine, finance, accounting, etc. Gather time announced today 1.2 yuan for global operations.

2, touching $17 million B round

touch ( is a little the joy of perfect combination of games and interactive community to next generation mobile social applications, the company has received $17 million B round of investment, kleiner perkins caufield & byers, Yintai Capital, Wicklow Capital, such as joint investment.

3, horse horse on the above $120 million B round of investment from the buckle

the above ( is a tourist trade distribution platform, support domestic and outbound tourism and domestic short-term long line, freedom, cruise, etc all tourism products, the company has won $120 million B round of investment, by spectrum, huaxia and haitong three joint investment fund.

4, Tutu for nearly ten million yuan angel investment

Tutu images ( is a barrage puns and dating application, main users for positioning and 00 after 90. Turning a 10 day 300000 users, recently, tutu for CA venture led nearly RMB ten million, valued at 100 million yuan. Hunting cloud network after the and.

5, diaper obtain ten million yuan angel investment

diapers division ( is an authentic diapers sale website, in a limited time discount model for Chinese mothers to provide the most professional diapers sales services, the company has obtained ten million yuan of angel investment, by lianchuang policy source of capital, capital joint venture was established.

the foreign company

1, the gallery site is Fotolia Adobe $800 million deal to buy

Fotolia ( is a sale of video, images, and editing work site, since founded in 2005, has been operating in 15 countries in 11 languages and provides more than 34 million digital images and video. At present, Fotolia Adobe bought for $800 million.

2, the world’s largest platform for P2P financial Lending Club listed financing amount is $870 million

Lending Club ( was founded in 2007, is a P2P network platform, loan income of nearly $100 million, the total more than $4 billion worth of loans. The company has been listed on nasdaq, financing amount up to $870 million, will have a market value of 2.1 billion dollars.

3, mobile phone game recording and sharing service Kamcord received $15 million B round

Kamcord ( was founded in 2012, is a mobile phone game, recording and sharing service. Kamcord for game companies to provide video SDK interface, so that players can play records and recording process of mobile games, and share it through the major social networking sites. The company has received $15 million B round of investment, GungHo brought by the Japanese game company, tencent, Wargaming participation.

4, France SnapCar B2B car rental company received $2.5 million seed investment

Snapcar ( is a French B2B car rental companies, mainly for the reservation price expensive taxi plans corporate customer service. At present, SnapCar received seed investment $2.5 million.

5, the bus into A WiFi hotspot Veniam company received A $4.9 million round of investment

Veniam ( is a WIFI technology company, hope to the public and private teams into a real-time network, in the case of no mobile signal to realize networking. Currently, Veniam company has received A $4.9 million round of investment, True Ventures led, or capital and investment.

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