Financing hui 】 【 a week: college students in installment purchase platform, dubai have take-out delivery

over the weekend, hunting cloud network compiled this week’s investment and financing information, take you glance Internet circles in recent investment event.

1, online booking 4 s shops with Shared has received $10 million series A investment

vertical and horizontal with Shared ( is a focus on automotive aftermarket e-commerce sites, with “palace subsidy” brand automobile door maintenance service. At present, with Shared has won A round of investment of $10 million.

2, where to obtain application date night angel bay seed investment

where “night” ( is a white-collar provide easy love application after work, Beijing Andersen technology of its products. At present, “the evening where to” get angel investment bay seeds.

3, ACG anime the raised platform Loading angels bay seed investment

Loading ( is a ACG anime the raised platform, is dedicated to helping anime creator for project funding and resources. Shanghai black pomelo network’s products, was founded in 2014. At present, the Loading bay seed investment, have been obtained.

4, best car treasure to get very serious fund millions angel investment

the car after the treasure ( is a focus on automotive market vertical search engine, to provide users with “one-stop” work style vehicle maintenance solutions, including maintenance information query, comparison shopping, local O2O service, etc. The company has obtained very angel investment funds millions of dollars.

5, live online platform LIVEhouse. Don t get heart yuan capital in angel investment

LIVEhouse. In (TTPS://LIVEhouse. In) is a live online platform that allows users to start their own program, and instant through chat rooms and online audience interaction. At present, the LIVEhouse. Don t get heart in yuan capital angel investment.

6, installment finished $1 B round

college students in installment shopping platform stage music announced completed a new round of 1 billion of dollars in financing, investment from international top institutions DST led, bertelsmann, warp/weft institutions such as China and perilous peak huaxing to vote. After the installment le obtained partners China and perilous peak huaxing A wheel and angel investors.

7, boring stage C round of financing, or $100 million

boring stage confirmed recently completed C round of financing, the first two rounds of investor capital source, blue ventures were cast, with the specific amount and new investors information will be held at the right time announced at a news conference. Sources say the financing amount to $one hundred million.

8 meters, China science and technology B round 3500 $

on December 4, m science and technology announced millet bracelet manufacturer China 3500 dollars of B round of financing, the company a new value than $3. It is understood that the current financing of ficus altissima capital led, sequoia capital, morningside Fang Shun capital and last round of investment for capital to vote.

the foreign company

1, parking application Anagog won $1 million in angel investment

Anagog (, is a start-up company, engaged in the development of mobile intelligent parking technology mainly use smartphones sensor to achieve the real time monitoring, parking parking Spaces at the same time support information sharing, can make in a geographic location of the parking location and other users at any time. At present, the Anagog raised $1 million in angel investment, investors have Ceaserstone CEO Yos Shiran, former Israeli chipmaking gear, Dan Vilensky, head and AOL Avi Shechter former vice President.

2, intelligent doorbell Ring received A $4.5 million investment

Ring ( was established in July 2012, is a smart Doorbell hardware developers, the development of the first generation product, the Ring Video Doorbell set mobile trigger, night-vision hd Video and cloud records at an organic whole. The company has received A $4.5 million round of investment, but the investment agency information is unknown.

3, taking a taxi software GrabTaxi D on softbank’s $250 million round of investment

GrabTaxi ( was founded in 2011, is a to take a taxi from Singapore software service providers, is currently in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam and other southeast Asia market to provide services. At present, GrabTaxi D on softbank’s $250 million round of investment. After this financing GrabTaxi valuation may be more than $10 billion, softbank has thus become the largest investor in GrabTaxi.

4, intelligent Muzik headphones developers get a $10 million venture capital

Muzik ( was founded in 2012, is a development of smart wearing headphones, start-ups, support music playing, sharing and voice command, remote wireless, motion sensors, a key to answer the phone and the sharing of the social function. At present, Muzik raised $10 million in venture capital, but did not disclose investment institutions.

5, dubai’s online reservation service EatEasily received $1.3 million seed investment

EatEasily ( was established in January 2012, is a dubai offers online reservation service startup, support delivery and distribution. Now with dubai, ABU dhabi and sharjah three cities of more than 500 restaurants reached cooperation. The company has received $1.3 million seed investment.

6, the network platform AvantCredit loan financing $225 million

was founded in 2012 by the end of AvantCreditt said on Thursday it has passed the $225 million in equity financing, and another $300 million credit facility in place, these funds will be used to promote the rapid expansion of Internet, the company in P2P accelerated growth in the market. Unlike other loans platform, AvantCredit is their loans, and bear the risk of default. This is what the company needs to raise so much money. So far, AvantCredit has raised more than $1 billion, 700 million of them in the form of credit.

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