Financing hui 】 【 a week: agricultural land circulation, everyone can be as matchmaker

over the weekend, hunting cloud network compiled this week’s investment and financing information, take you glance Internet circle recent investment event.

the domestic company

1, earth drift in grand capital of 5 million yuan A round of investment from

soil inside ( is a agricultural land circulation information websites, and will hold the farmers of idle land, land circulation intermediary organizations, and land to grow business together, realize the flow and optimized allocation of land resources. The company has won the grand capital of 50 million yuan A round of investment.

2, blue rhino obtain 30 million yuan A round

blue rhino ( is A P2P model city freight logistics service platform, users can directly online order transport, urban delivery within 2 hours, the company has won A round of investment 30 million yuan, jun lian capital investment.

3, financial service providers “borrowed” global supply chain for $10 million in angel investment

the global credit ( is a global financial supply chain supplier, its business model for P2B + O2O. Through a combination of online and offline investment risk control, to create a full range of supply chain finance solutions provider. At present, the global credit shangri-la Singapore company for $10 million in angel investment.

4. Everyone matchmaker millions yuan angel investment

everyone matchmaker ( is a based on the relationship between acquaintances and friends recommend dating social applications, the company has won millions angel investment, plum blossom angel investment institutions.

5. Food for days to get the public comment on tens of millions of yuan investment

dark horse software ( is a focus on catering enterprise management software development and service providers, products such as food for the day series software. The company has won the public comments on tens of millions of dollars investment, transfer shares more than 10%.

the foreign company

1, the First private doctor service Opinion received A $6 million round of investment

the First Opinion ( was founded in 2013, is a based on exclusive private doctor service for mobile phone and mobile applications, the current main mother mother-baby class service. The company has received A $6 million round of investment, investors including Monashees Capital, Scrum Ventures, Felicis Ventures, True Ventures
Polaris Partners.

2. The stranger app based on interest topic matching Chatous won $2.1 million seed investment

Chatous ( is a half an anonymous stranger chat application, help the user to match and you have a common interest topic of friends. At present, Chatous obtain General Catalyst brought $2.1 million seed investment, XSeed Capital and missile Ventures for refs.

3, India’s real estate portal for $90 million B round softbank investment led

Housing ( was founded in 2012, is a building to rent from India, sales and agent service portal, in addition the user can through the schema view as well as a variety of search filters to find rental information, simply be docking real estate agent and rental demand of users. Currently, by softbank brought $90 million B round of investment. Participate in the investment and Falcon Edge and other undisclosed investors.

4, education application distribution platform Clever received $30 million B round

Clever ( was founded in 2012, is an integration of education, school data and packaged as API in the service of the developer platform, known as “education data version of Twilio”. At present the main stage of k-12 schools in the United States data, is committed to promoting the school open data, and the external developers to share data to better serve the education. At present, the Clever Lightspeed brought $30 million B round of investment. With cast of Sequoia Capital and GSV Capital, etc., after this round of financing, Clever received $43 million in financing.

5, the office space rental company WeWork received A $355 million round of investment

WeWork ( is a office space rental company, through the sharing of office space, office services and creative entrepreneurs together, make the company become a hotbed of new business models. At present, the round WeWork received A $355 million investment, valued at about $5 billion, this round of financing by t. Rowe Price Associates, Inc., A common led and Goldman sachs.

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