Financial sector “ctrip”, personal finance tools Credit Karma valuation of $1 billion

(/horse relief yi wen)

personal finance tools platform Credit Karma has won another round of up to $75 million in financing, valuations in excess of $1 billion. The business model of Credit Karma can simply compared to “ctrip” in the field of finance in the Internet.

and the current P2P or choose loan service providers, Credit Karma is the main business for the user “shop around”, provide full and abundant information, so that the user to select the most suitable for their own financial planning project. CEO of Credit Karma points out that we are like the financial sector of online travel sites, can provide users with the daily life of the best solution. In addition, it also provides users with the situation of fund investment in the whole data tracking, for different users, especially the layman, providing scientific and simple investment programs.

Credit Karma without difficulty is a greater choice of the mode of user charge forward, but chose the cooperation with financial institutions into profit model. User through Credit Karma bought one financial institutions of financial products, then it will obtain certain “recommended” earnings.

Credit Karma was founded in 2008, the company announced with 32 million users, and there are many large Banks and Internet financial institutions established a cooperative relationship. So far, Credit Karma totaling nearly $200 million in financing, capital, tiger funds, investors including Google Susquehanna Growth Equity, etc.


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