Feng lun, entrepreneurial teams of three things to do

cloud network hunting note: entrepreneurship must build a team, how to choose a partner? How to control the risk in the process of enterprise development? Business partners, how to communicate? Shared with well-known entrepreneurs feng lun in dark horse camp “women thinking” view of these questions.

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select values consistent partner
Our business is equal to the life, I personally feel more like a woman’s life, not like a man’s life. Our old things to think in a woman, said investment cannot think in men. What do you mean? First thing, the woman is married, men are entertainment happy thoughts. You say you see if you are the one “, this kind of dating shows, is a woman choose a male of, because a woman serious seriously, the sight of the man, the thing is linked with life events. So choosing partners especially serious. But many men think that trouble, we always said that the first and the back to say again, the wedding is married, so this is not the same. So-called life event is required us to past values, personality, background, background, and physical condition when all aspects of living life this level, so it is choose partners is very important.
First of all values is important to this matter, when you choose partners, in fact just like find object, values must be consistent, so the two of you can share the joys and sorrows, go straight down, can solve a lot of crisis. Shared values and a good partner, is not even when you separate, also do not affect you continue to be friends. So everyone values for the tacit understanding, and judgment of right and wrong view is actually choose partners is the most important, and that women married thinking at the beginning, the first thing is to find the object is the same point of view.
So first you have to be beyond the idea of money, finally make money, this is the most ideal, rather than up is a complete do things at the beginning, we first deal with because you have the money I have got, it will break, finally break not afraid, the key is to break the good-looking, in the end still can come back to meet this is better. So start looking for partners in this matter, really need to look at, more in terms of values more discussion, is not all you’ve got a lot of money I have relationship he has finally make a product, this may be a short period of time will be better, but then it will be very trouble.
If business experience and understanding, I observed that many are now so. Jack ma, they also is very successful, a dozen people finally do well. Of course, there are don’t need a partner, a person do yourself. Yesterday when I was chatting with a operatives said these are The Times of fast in the past, today this time business person would have a partner. 20 years ago, I do business with Mr Liu, at that time no one dared to do business, very few people do business, these people slowly development to the river’s lake eldest brother, is a person, under a pile of professional managers, they are the patterns, but they also have change later. At that time is more of a hero, led a group of people, is now more a few shareholders partnership began to do a thing. When a few of the partnership, the entire value system is very fragmented, values it said it’s not a big said little not small, where is it important, interesting, important is that is the same and the difference between person and person, sit together to chat to dinner seems to be the same, the one out reason what thing is different, the equivalent of two, a Christian, a Muslim, and sat there talking all know each other, what do you mean what I say, your book I know I also understand your word, but a go out find a god, a find Allah, totally different.
Values what do you feel, the more far gap, the greater the look not to come out near the, far from the time, we separate, you go for twenty years, for example, you find this Muslim is a life, is a Christian life, Buddhism is a life, an atheist is a kind of life, the less you found that the longer the year of, go short time can’t you see the difference. Another experience, the more you find values gap is very big.
A few days ago in Singapore with zhang yong, haidilao now open in Singapore, Los Angeles is opened. You are very happy because the consistency of values, not earn much money. Actually begin to choose a partner values, equivalent to we find a spiritual, and the future development direction and way of live partner, so it is very important.

business to understand the risk control
The second thing, if you are on your business life, and then we said women thinking, that is to say you must control risk, to speak in front of the married thinking is a method of risk control. So are you straight after happy first, or safe before they are happy, it is very important. The old joke that we women thinking must be in safety is to find happiness, while those bad men are often take risks, such as LeiZhenFu, risk happy first, camera in the bag. So the leading cadre, LeiZhenFu such comrades, made contribution for the fight against corruption constantly, let us aware of the difficulty of anti-corruption is large. But you seldom see female cadres in corruption of also have corruption, but few such operation, basically is called home, on the premise of safe to do so. We do business also is such, what are you figure do a fast, or under the full control of the risk, enjoy that kind of small, big happy and small fun actually life is different. Do you want to pursue success under the risk control of small, this often can be successful. Like many entrepreneurs engineer is like this, as we this kind of jianghu entrepreneurs, less delicate, the pursuit of expansion. But engineer entrepreneurs, he knew in feasible security situation every bit of technical improvement and success, finally lead to a big success.
You know, open supermarket to open in the laboratory, to open up the street and I don’t know you seen commercial laboratory? What is the lab, put all the simulated supermarket into supermarket stores, such as many shampoo brand over there a put, to find some target groups to do the test, everyone give some gifts, give a vouchers or something, camera on it. Roaming experiment is divided into several, these men who have a type, have seen a buy type, and then according to the age, study every day. Study after his shelves adjustable, adjustable out put them in the supermarket, so each shelves turnover of more than 40% higher than the unscientific sell, this is science. So now the business is more scientific, what science, is a little happy, happy is not big, so the business to become in many other aspects of risk control, gradually gathered a small happy, these small victory finally became a great success. Like QQ experience always add a micro letter, found that you always add a little thing, finally forms the hundred millions of a huge customer base, super success finally.
That is to say, and people also is such, you pursue pleasure of life, only do their strong, sometimes is easy, the hard part is for decades, has been in a control risk situation, to deal with small problems, deal with small problems in a stage of success and happiness. Suntech recently a little situation, also be more try to be brave, I’m afraid the government behind refueling, industry over-expansion, that many try to be brave. Including some listed companies, a lot of money to try to be brave, for example, now I try to be brave to do three-dimensional city, this is really try to be brave, but we know the good risk control, the control risk on the premise of try to be brave, not all the belongings bet on this matter.

should attach great importance to the communication of business partners
I said women thought the third stage, how to communicate and get along with expression, communication is very important. Why is this? In life, one thing is communication, there are an infinite number of ways to communicate, and patience during startup, the communication between the partners becomes a living thing for a long time, finally because communication is bad, just out of the question. So I do think everybody together on the business, business itself is more disturbing.
Actually very need to communicate on the one hand, the other party is very difficult to communicate. Not to say that I can speak, can you listen to this call communication. When your language communication is not enough just to ease with behavior. Argue, for example, two for one thing, you go out to dinner, back pack to bring him a bento put there that’s behavior, he felt you still care about him. So the communication between business partners, need you find unified channel, that is the values. I tell the story, in fact, that is to say, every business, sometimes you as an entrepreneur, as chairman and general manager, you should pay attention to these details. You don’t pay attention to these things, you old communication in your own way. The effect is not good. Overall communication has many details skills, must be particularly careful, you are not careful will misjudgment, when your behavior is not keep up with the miscalculation. The company long-term development is actually to get along with, business like a person’s life, first of all look at each other, to become married and partners; Second can’t be too happy just, to search for goodwill in the security situation and then to improve, to seek in the end a lifetime of happiness; Third, since it is to get along with, communication between partners is very important, and then used to communicate, understand each other in various ways.

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