Female physiology health care application blowout: how to grab the man who can spend money

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with the improving quality of life, people increasingly pay attention to your physical health, and women as physiological structure of the weak group, of course on how to pay more attention to monitoring and maintenance of body. Combined with today’s intelligent technology gradually integrated into the daily life of fashion trends, to see the potential domestic many application developers, pouring into the market of female physiology health monitoring applications.

the first domestic market is great, the product on the market in January 2012 (Android version), no two, but in May 2013, grapefruit (now the pomelo) was born, dashed after sister, increasing these two apps downloaded also let many developers see the sweetener, place flowers. Today let cloud network hunting for your analysis of the current female physiology health monitoring application market advantages and disadvantages of each application and future development trend.

divide kind of

on the market a lot of application about female physiology health monitoring, according to the different classification, can plan out the different types, under the rough experience, hunting cloud network editor you think mainly can be divided into classes and community to share personal records.

personal record class :

this is mainly in order to have a certain demand of users and the tools application, if you have only to record and calculation date or pay attention to personal privacy of users would choose this version, but hunt cloud network editing your personal feel this kind of application is less, because many of the smart phone calendar function can meet this requirement. On behalf of the application: menstrual period assistant, aunt is here.

community share class :

this is one of the mainstream on the market at present the platform class applications, from most of the usage more application choose this way, customers in similar to the website of micro letter friends interface with online friends or close friends to share their personal life or maintenance experience exchange. And home page in addition to share basis period small knowledge, also have to prepare pregnant, pregnant women and just become a mother soon classification of special needs, and most women care about weight loss and sleep problems. On behalf of the application: great, pomelo.

here is the information of hunting cloud network, according to media reports, the combination of partial application trial experience, summed up the various female physiology health monitoring applications: (after each application user usage for display data on October 27, peas)

great (5.33 million) : the first domestic related applications, from the Internet to its related news is almost the most, to say the advertising campaign is best. Home health experts (can special questions), health tips, user city situation, and avoid today appropriate messages. Can add friends sharing, information exchange, it is can provide a variety of the type of service, can cloud synchronization. Worth mentioning is its unique “edition” lovers, men can also make use of the product, but it must be with girl account binding, this requirement can be said, but is laudable can make men more female physiology knowledge and promote the relationship between lovers.

beauty pomelo (3.37 million) : most of the functions like a sister, but she she points circle and circle, circle and circle of friends, her ring is more like a social platform, can be in the above posts to interact with other users, and we have different subject classification, post exclusive women are more similar to a community. With cloud synchronization function, the UI interface is more beautiful and pure and fresh, compared with other similar application and the design of the application icon and name it is difficult to make people know the purpose of this application, you can avoid being acquaintance “see through” awkward.

period assistant (400000) : the main period related functions, will provide some women interested in constellation chart, avoid today’s appropriate, weight record and other related content. Does not provide communication function, but comments as you can see many customers reflect is like simple applications, does not need complex design. And on the next generation is mainly for the baby, there are various conception plan.

months the better (190000) : the main traditional Chinese medicine, this application in trial think it has a very big luminescent spot, is doing to the customer related knowledge, made a very comprehensive testing, unlike other similar products only asked a period time, cycle and other issues, but about menstrual amount of all kinds of details such as whether the law, along with the problem, much less multiple aspects, such as ask, and then can let the user know the cause of the problem and possible consequences. Test will be displayed after the body in the aspects of traditional Chinese medicine as a result, the reasons and characteristics of the results, need watchful aspects and how to treat. In after viewing the results will let the user choose health goals, according to the goal to develop a plan, of course, also can make. Due to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine is the application, so there will be a lot of massage acupuncture points or yoga, physical therapy or recommend food diet matters needing attention, very sweet, choose a massage or yoga will be displayed after the relevant action figure, so that users can be clear at a glance, the application from the current response to see there should be a large market in the future.

big aunt (190000) : at the beginning of understanding users it was little more than the similar application, other and sister are similar, but especially to “ask the experts” for a column, can ask professional expert of department of gynaecology various problem of department of gynaecology also some daily life or psychological problems, has been in the online state, the trouble to go to the hospital numeral saved a lot of users. It has “philharmonic purchase” function, the main selling period maintenance or products about sex.

aunt come (58000) : similar to menstrual assistant, major record period, but will share some women news or knowledge.

to beauty (12000) : and pomelo is roughly similar, but more than a “beautiful shake” function, is their mobile phone shake will randomly appear some novel products or interesting articles recommendation, and provide purchasing function.

good month (1350) : similar to menstrual assistant, but doing the user know when asked whether now in menstrual period, this is very careful, other applications are not reached, and will record period of adverse symptoms, easy to understand physical condition, but also has change sanitary napkin reminder system.

current female physiology health monitoring applications development

from tool to community

now share of similar applications mostly have XX circle zones, the evolution of the period from the original record tool. As has always been the fire stick, BBS and so on, increase the user’s interaction, more can retain users. Often needs to be spread and information communication, the application alone is not enough to provide the relevant information must be, if the user can explore the problem is, of course, each other between the to provide help for applications, such as some incurable diseases can rely on the small folk prescription of sisters to provide solution.

cloud synchronization and analysis of the data processing

cloud storage is a service to be reckoned with in the field of science and technology today, many intelligent technology is to use this tool, female physiology health monitoring application is not exceptional also, user can the body state, mood state synchronization to online storage space, which can not only convenient user record (on the phone or only when the application problems login account can be the backup of the data are loaded), and can let customers know more about their own situation, as long as the information synchronization analysis condition. Synchronization has both advantages and disadvantages, however, just like the hackers stars up in the United States before account to download photos, want to be the first step is to do the cloud features precautions, absolutely avoid privacy happens, especially the female physiology these very private information. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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