Fast: aimed at college students crowd, C2C crowdsourcing O2O cut into the campus

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in the campus O2O C2C the crowdsourcing model contains huge business opportunities. Although the breakdown of the university students in the field of entrepreneurial projects have sprung up, but there is no a mobile Internet products can be very good bearing, gives a “quick” should be the opportunity of the development.

should be to guangzhou for a campus love, Ann “task/activity” response, mainly provide O2O mode of C2C crowdsourcing services, at the same time carry the campus social, merchants and docking services. According to cloud network understanding, hunting the founder Deng Xingyu serial entrepreneur, such as “little life”, the development of the Internet industry have their own original ideas. “In the future, he said, O2O mode of C2C crowdsourcing service docking will be a trend, fast should be as the first wave into the campus of the platform, and will be with the fastest speed to grope for business model and product strategy, do actually solve the real problems of students, really: responsive, kind!”

specific view, fast should student users can act as “should” and “sponsor” double identity. If user need help express, A nearby users can receive task B’s push, if user B can choose to answer the tasks, can quickly will be able to quickly contact to the user A, inform the other party can pick up this task. In the process of the task, the location of the user can view real-time user B, after delivery to the user A hand, users B first to click to complete the task requires A fast should inform of is to complete A task record and get the bounty, if the user should first click is not A fast code.

at the same time, the user can also release the task/activity, based on LBS geographic positioning system, quick task information should be nailed in the corresponding location, where the people around you can push to get this message, and outside the scope of the need to manually check task.

so, quickly should the application scenario of not only the college students for a Courier, with rice, ask for leave generation, etc., through the principle of information push extends to the enterprise or business information release activity. Enterprise want to do it in the school activities before, metropolitan through community, students and other organizations to undertake, from the relevant person in charge of looking for, to undertake consultation to the whole school propaganda, process wasteful and input costs will be relatively large. Should quickly to solve, it is convenient to help enterprises to effectively promote, increase students’ participation.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, fast should only the function of the individual task at present. Early in order to guarantee the quality, the system operating methods should be adopted, only through the id card and student id card verification “should be” to accept the task. However, as companies and business information, fast should become relatively complex, the content of the the authenticity of information also need to take control.

and just set the Zaarly, blocks, such as application of different personal tasks, should be the thickness of the product design is more quickly, to explore business model is more close to. The current fast should should have a virtual currency, profit model is mainly in the bounty of the party to launch the task on commission, the future will consider the cooperation with enterprises and businesses more deeply.

it is well known that the C2C O2O crowdsourcing model contains huge business opportunities, it is also a “quick” should be the future development of CARDS. IDG partner Li Fengceng said: “every new trend, is round of industry innovation on solving not solve the good market demand. And O2O C2C there will be huge business opportunities because of the emergence of the mobile Internet has created a new way of interaction, can more quickly the matching of supply and demand of individuation.”

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