Fashion and Frankly give you develop applications with a “burn after reading layer”

in the tide of burn after reading the application through the let you sent to other users’ information after 10 seconds automatically deleted the application of the mobile phone application startup Frankly has steadily increased its user base. Recently, the company announced obtained from JJR Private Capital, the Stanford – StartX $12.8 million investment Fund and SK Planet. About a year ago, Frankly won a $6 million investment SK Planet.

since its inception the company has won nearly $22 million of investment.

during this period, Frankly has grown to 1.7 million users, doubled in the past six months. Now, according to App Annie data, it is in iTunes (us) no. 256, in the social networking application isn’t particularly, but they Confide and its opponents (no. 773) than it has been good, but also in Wickr behind (no. 178).

earlier this year, the company also released an updated version of the application of 3.0, Frankly can not Frankly via the personalized link users to send burn after reading information. It skillfully solved due to the mobile information application of too much problems: not everyone, with the application of the communication between different application at this time is impossible.

Frankly send links can be on any computer or mobile phone users to open.

a new investment, Frankly announced plans to use “read or delete information commercialization: it issued its own software development kit (SDK).

this customizable SDK for other want to introduce social elements into their own application developers. Frankly say they are associated with some work and their SDK “international brand”, but did not disclose the name, the other partners are invited to contact directly with the company to participate in the cooperation.

the CEO Steve Chung Frankly pointed out that Frankly will be announced within 30 days main brand partners, and achieve the first revenue this year, although the amount is very small. He said that more partners in the pipeline.

“we are working with different partners to try different and creative mode, explore the best proposal for both sides.” When Steve Chung when asked about the SDK partner have any requirements, he responded like this.

clearly, investors are more willing to bet on the possibility of Frankly to sell their technology than its growth in the consumer market.

a JJR Private Capital, investors Ron Schmeichel said in a prepared statement: “there’s a new SDK creativity, we believe they have a lot of market opportunity, can become disruptive in the industry leader.”

however, burn after reading the information application Snapchat was the real leader, even Frankly positioning itself as different from Snapchat photos as center based on the text of the client.

Steve Chung said that the company is planning to use the new investment of 20 to attract talents.


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