Far see is frame, looking nearly is horological, carefully is a look at the iPhone charger

the apple is famous for its rigorous attitude makes perfect design, so there are very few iPhone accessories designer can transcend, apple’s chief designer which Jony Ive leadership team, but the appearance of Spira equipment makes it all possible.

the device by the design professional student Alice Robbiani built, set the wireless charging pad, magnetic induction receiving shell and interactive clock is an organic whole, hanging on the wall is the level of functional art museum. The square device through electromagnetic induction to connect to wireless charging an iPhone to receive the shell, the shell is installed on the wireless charging pad, when charging can be rotated to any change.

Spira application allows the user to decide the charging amount, each circle represents 10% of the battery, the iPhone screen when the screen was covered with white balls, phone charging is complete.

when a cell phone into the receiving shell during charging, the color-changed paint will react to heat of charging equipment, unique design elements can make it change color, when disconnected phones and chargers, accept the shell in the middle of circular arc surface will be restored to the original black. But the clever design is not this, but its built-in clock function, as long as put right, Spira application can be fixed on the wall charger into a pointer clock, both can charge and both beautiful, kill two birds with one stone.

unfortunately, Spira equipment is just a sample, yet is Robbiani when studying at the university of art and design in lausanne, Switzerland, in order to verify the graduation design concept and creative work. The function of art and clever union, however, we have every reason to believe that it for the future wireless charging of creative inspiration.

wireless charging popular, Apple recently released the Apple Watch will also support wireless charging, it not only with the design concept of Spira, also greatly improve the feasibility of Spira system.

Source: Mashable

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