Famous American investors forecast 2015 technology industry event: Uber IPO

note: hunting cloud in the New Year, the top in silicon valley venture capitalist Fred Wilson published blog predicted that this year may be 11 major science and technology, including Uber, growing company listing, SaaS services outbreaks and company improved security budget, etc.

author introduction:

Fred Wilson is silicon valley’s top venture capitalists and the famous blogger, risk investment company Union Square’s co-founder. Due to excellent investment record, he is recognized as the investment community in New York one of the most influential figures. His portfolio includes: Twitter, bursts, Foursquare, Bug Labs, Meetup, company, Covestor, delicious, Etsy, the font, Heyzap, Indeed, Tacoda, Oddcast, Disqus, Zemanta, Clickable, and so on. He founded the AVC blog to share investment industry observation analysis, in all of the house of the vc blog has the largest audience.

the following is a translation of sina science and technology full text:

yesterday, I published an article, sums up the technology industry’s big event in 2014. In this article, I promise to write an article, to predict the future is about to happen. How long will I have not made clear that looking after in the future. If you don’t give a specific timetable, then forecast the future will be very simple. For example, as we all know, we will have driverless cars. However, when driverless cars can become mainstream, I can’t answer this question.

here’s what I personally think that something will happen in 2015:

1. Over the past five years the rise of big companies, including Uber, reality and Dropbox will be listed. investors will reap the rewards. And this will bring a new round of acquisitions.

2. The millet will use the latest part of the financing of $1.1 billion, the United States market. this means that one USES the original Android powerful manufacturer will come to the United States, and marketing in Europe and the United States “the third mobile operating system. But the good news is that, for developers, is not the original Android application system development is not much different with the original Android systems.

3. More Asian companies will enter the U.S. market, including the Line and WeChat message application. these applications will get a share in the us market.

4.2014 years, Facebook acquired equipment manufacturers of virtual reality Oculus Rift. In 2015, the Oculus is expected to release version for ordinary users. virtual reality devices will eventually get the attention of the user, but will not be in 2015.

5. Another does not cause fever market will be wearable computing devices. Watch will not trigger a Apple iPod, iPhone, and the boom. Not all people all hope on your wrist wear a computing device. In the end, the wearable computing devices will be implemented by fusion with personal cloud development, but the development need to spend a lot of time, effort, and money, and will not be too great achievements in 2015.

6.2015 years of the capital market will be uneven. big technology companies will continue to receive money very easily. However, higher interest rates and oil prices slump will cause the global capital market more pressure, many people will be looking for a safe investment options. Such security usually means gold, Treasury bonds and blue chips, namely, Google, apple, amazon and Facebook.

7. The two parties will be for the next general election in silicon valley, tech industry problems will be magnified. questions about immigration and net neutrality, republicans will come up with their own answers, and the White House will respond in this process. Both sides will declare victory, but the real winners will be the people.

8.2014 years, the performance of the currency fell, it aroused the interests of all stakeholders. developers focus will create a currency turn in the currency block chain on the basis of innovation. With mature platform, and entrepreneurs to spend energy in the right direction, the real decentralized application will appear.

9. Business/software as a service (SaaS) in 2015 will shine , dozens of new companies will take advantage of cloud computing and mobile devices to redefine and workflow in the enterprise work.

10.2015 years, every company, institutions and government departments will be a sharp rise in the information security budget, so as to avoid repeating the mistakes of SONY. venture will be to invest in this area, and the investment will be similar to “lease”. On the open Internet, hacking will continue, and there is no system can never be compromised.

11. The patient centered medical service will bring pressure to healthcare. this field will be the trend of 3 aspects: smart phones become electronic medical records, patient treatment for the patient medical (P2P), and a true market economy into the health care industry (people pay for their own health. These major trends, take years to gradually play a role. However, in 2015, we will see these trends.

there is no doubt that a lot of great things will happen this year, many of which we can’t predict. This list is just my personal opinion, and the conclusions from the perspective of our investment.

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