Facebook Google at all: you should understand the application installation kind of advertising

surface of network industry is full of war of no gunpowder smoke. As beneficiaries of modern communication technology, we always forget “law of the jungle, the survival of the fittest” laws of nature in every industry. Dazzling application market, there are so few stand out, and according to download the application of ranking selection behavior to some extent exacerbated the vicious circle, seems to be doomed doomed initially unknown application, so it is no wonder that developers to just an advertisement scheming, money, and even the claw.

may be our preference for application too, now on the market the application of how to make a person dazzling, do not know how to start. App store by them to the brim, while developers rush around like a cat on hot bricks, accidentally get crowded the market edge. So the application installer class advertising products arises at the historic moment, become the darling of the mobile commerce platform.

today, the well-known brand has not used, the only person to rack one’s brains flattery, and, after all, no one will buy a mobile phone to listen to coke or even a car, not today at least, so light count of big-name advertising investment, get mobile application downloads returns is unrealistic. But it is a mean man that would like to have one thing to tighten their belts pulled out a few penny – mobile application promotion.

every quarter application installation type advertising products billions of dollars of income, such an astronomical easily attracted Facebook, Twitter and Google the big three’s eyes. , however, want to take this fat with no say that simple, curry favor with good application developers are an essential skill.

Facebook and Twitter really good thank Apple and Google. Now the developer’s enthusiasm for application installation type advertising products demand mainly comes from Apple and Google to search application to ignore the opportunity. Although the App Store and Google Play provides search engine and the 10 most popular application list, but they didn’t develop personalized like “guess you like” browse hints. At the time, want to be the only way that the application of “household” is to attract enough downloads to enter the hot list, and then with hot list of high profile to keep it a commanding lead. Unless your application quietly installed a virus; Or good to let a person praised, stop; Have been applied or store managers sole, otherwise in the chance to stand out in the application of only 0.0001%.

fortunately now have application installation type advertising products.

application installed the birth of the kind of advertising products

network AD application software can insert some vivid on Songza banner ads, to attract people to download all kinds of mobile phone games.

when a network platform of giants in order to maximize the crimping wallet and application developers to planning and development blueprint, many individuals AD network has gradually become the ruler behind the scenes.

move in early times, such, company, Jumptap and Millennial Media are the development of thriving, because developers to promote their application to the world, from mobile web site or other applications where to buy some ads, these mobile web site can be cleaned up from it. , of course, there is no denying the fact that the use of game page and shopping website launched their own small pop-up ads and AD campaign is tired, but to some extent, the mean way of have no target data are really works. Don’t need any sales people, don’t need any more tips, buy and sell advertising slots, is for the sale of application product click downloads, developers can achieve the commercialization of the application software.

The eye of the

Google suddenly got wise to the potential of mobile advertising, and it is very prescient bought this aspect of the leading enterprises in 2009’s. Apple is also not to be outdone, immediately launched its own advertising network iAd next year. While they both runs the application installation type advertising products, but don’t put too much energy. Until 2012, when the frequency of people use mobile phones more and more quickly, and gradually replaced the desktop computer, Facebook is famous at the same time, then install class advertising products for its harvest.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is no so good luck. Along with the mobile phone to the guest application performance, Facebook in the IPO as not only didn’t catch any benefits, also let share prices plummeted. Because the Facebook for game created an excellent network platform, so it can be purchased from within the application mechanism of 30% of the smoke. In HTML 5 mobile phone platform, however, ended in failure, even if many applications still need to use your Facebook account for free, find friends, to share a key, all of the smoke into income already went to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android market.

Facebook now some also only developers and long-term relations of cooperation, target data in detail, and the number of stable flow of people online.

Facebook mobile monetization strategy always let a person feel a little far-fetched: with the social sharing of API to attract developers to take the bait, expect users to their attention from related to Facebook application to the network or mobile client News Feed (Facebook advertising space).

the first application of Facebook install class advertising products are poorly made, ugly, but in some degree of developers are willing to spend money on downloads.

under years of product and API changes, social networking and the relationship between the developers increasingly tense. To warning software maker the upcoming changes and can’t shake the relationship between them, social network has launched a scheme, even euphemistically called “operators and developers to love each other forever. Viral transmission channel is opened and closed, various functions appear for a while disappear after a while, developers now just is the instability of the network platform, whom he did not want to throw a penny.

however, the application installation type advertising products gave Facebook consistent mobile applications with it trade opportunities to turn things around. In August 2012, Facebook announced it will dabble in application installation type of advertising products, and it’s the first AD unit is not triggered by any partner. Until October Facebook extends its business success, I put it strategy summed up as “in the field of application software trade to bet on a… Strive to become the most abundant resources outside the app store.”

compared with later several versions, this version of the first out was completely ugly home, but early advertiser feedback was full of praise for it. As early as 2012 developers try to use advertising to promote application downloads, Twitter will see the prospects of the industry. First of all, Twitter officially launched the application installation card, and then in April 2013 upgraded to advertising messages, which can be promoted since applications downloaded into tradable between developers and peace of Taiwanese businessmen do the privileges of the deal.

flat Taiwanese war between formal raised. Facebook has can directly into the application installation type advertising products; Twitter has to promote the application of installation card; Google has such. They in this reduced, strengths. Facebook knows its users is a what kind of person; Twitter than anyone understand what are you talking about, what interests; Google clearly know the true intentions of the user access to the Internet, so has the advantage of one step ahead in the market. In the next few years, you will find application installation type advertising products won’t like contact with external business of ATM, and more like springing up under the platform strategy planning of a modern bank.

application installer class why advertising products quickly occupy the market

page recession also pull the banner type banner ads to the tomb. In mobile phone pocket on the screen, using poor quality and lack of targeted small sales information, such assault selling is certainly won’t have any place.

at the same time, the mobile advertising article every time can only appear, this means that the precision of target market positioning is extremely important. In this aspect, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter this platform is very dominant, because like Millenial such independent Media advertising network have no way to install the detailed personal information and the application of such advertising products, the combination of advertising and integrate the user preferences.

although a lot of people are holding the bystander mentality, to witness the banner ads gradually submerged in the long time of rolling, but the birth of the application installation type advertising products marked the burst of the idea, because it is likely to succeed in the mobile terminal. Compared with traditional brand advertising, the application installation class advertising products has two obvious advantages:

application to buy more simple: most iOS and Android users have their credit card will be bound to the app store in the mobile phone operating system, when the payment so they would not have to enter a detailed payment information about, that is too cumbersome. Application was born encourages the idea of having fun, and desperate for a because you don’t have to wait for someone else to put the things sent to your hand. At the same time, the application of the low prices mean you don’t have to going to struggle to buy or not buy, because even impulse buys a loss is not much money, and now the diversification of applications has been considered the need of all kinds of people, meet the most people’s appetite.

application installation class advertisement advertisers are more likely to be tracking evaluation : compared to those who promote offline mobile advertising products, application installation type advertising products are easier to track the results. Advertisers need to know at any time in their advertising investment returns, because it determines whether there is a need to continue to follow-up investment. The traditional brand mobile phone advertising is hard to see how the rate of return, because you can’t calculate the Honda and Coca-Cola advertisements placed by how many sales to help them improve. Of course, have promote is certain, the key is going on the number of accurate. However, by mobile phone tracking system and software development kit (SDK), Google, Facebook and Twitter can accurately calculate the application installer class advertising to increase the number of downloads the application. These are attracted to application installation class advertising and download the application user, as long as their lifetime value sum is greater than the advertising expenses, the return on investment (ROI) is positive, so developers will continue to throw money into the AD.

now development more and more disorderly, app store developers so helpless under only sprinkle a lot of money on a new type of advertising. By April 2013, the application installer class advertising products have been the most promising “vault” new to Facebook. I draw the conclusion: even now brand advertising has become a Facebook desktops advertising is a great tool, application installer class advertising products will become the future of mobile advertising business priorities.

when Facebook revealed it in advertising revenue, it said developers (including 40% of the top 100 on iOS and Android developer) has been launched for the application installation type advertising products at $25 million. Mark Zuckerberg, stressed that advertising is not useless, it can drive the growth of the profit, so mobile advertising revenue jumped to 30% from 23%. At the same time, the application installation type advertising products also help Twitter in an IPO, because Twitter65 % advertising revenue comes from mobile advertising business. Is coming to an end in 2013, when the whole world have reasons to believe that the application class advertising software installation will sooner or later become the advertising industry giant.

platform strategy

if you think that simply selling advertising on everything is all right, you are so no pursuit. For developers, application installations is crucial. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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