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related, said 65% of women in the use of inconsistent with your skin to protect skin to taste, if there is a type of skin detection requirements, the need to some high-end counters, or experts to open private studio, the former has the marketing behavior, the latter, the high cost of skin test is not tickler actually, there are many such hardware on the market, but the consumer data can only be alone know whether they lack water, so how to filling water, what is his skin, what to use to protect skin to taste, yet unable to learn. Introduced the intelligent hardware faces today, it combines skin moisture detector and APP, the data can be quantified as a type of skin detection data reference.

through contact with the phone APP, face the user data is a permanent record, and combined with a variety of parameter analysis, make a report, Suggestions are put forward on the test results at the same time, let the user directly understand their facial skin, hand skin moisture. To observe the skin changes, and then more accurate selection of skin care method. Design for catering to women psychology, product appearance similar to popular dessert marca dragon, skin contact is a small wing shape, by mobile phone headset port connection, hardware choosing iphone headset manufacturers, with Atmel chip, using resistance capacity to extract data, resistor capacitor which is different from traditional single mode.

founder Duan Juntao tell hunting cloud network, can really solve problems for women, provide value can be called the real intelligent hardware. Face at the same time satisfy the women gather together to find the similar psychological, established the related community, skin allows users to communicate with each other, ridicule, sharing, to avoid informative errors, face also invited professionals for the user to solve the problem.

from the above can see, face to gathering the girl really did a lot of kung fu, first with women appearance impulsive consumption, recycling community increase user stickiness. In the community, the user can free trial, discussion to gather knowledge about skin care products, to share the beauty skin care experience, and interact with the skin care experts, meet the cluster psychology of women, namely “intelligent hardware + + APP community” model.

women always are in lack of skin care products, at the same time it is consumables, since needless to say, the market also increases all their repurchase rate. on hardware + software pattern, face the biggest rival is slightly sweet kiss, in contrast, is face to increase the function of community. Duan Juntao tell hunting cloud network, the “face” community users reached 100000, the number of active fans “cone” face 30000.

founder Duan Juntao former marketing director, TCL became tencent’s early employees, co-founder Chen Tianyu and zhang took a farce, respectively from oracle and TCL.

this model a higher degree of dependence on the hardware products, threshold, relative to other Internet product conflicts with free thinking, to some extent now market active, numerous platform, consumers are more rational, how to use this double-edged sword, good hardware is each “soft and hard” model of product need to explore.


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