Face me: main play “dynamic + barrage” personalized expression

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personalized image expression added artifact: me, Shanghai yan painting technology of its products. Face me development team for “yan painting”, they integrate painter of global resources, through the app service for users with hand-painted portrait, hand-painted portrait is already the high-end custom-made platform. In addition to this, like yan painting team 2 b side also, movie and TV stars and ways for the enterprise exclusive cartoon emoticons ordering service, at present is the only reality WeChat expression store partners.

look me this product look as like yan painting team from high-end hand-painted custom application to the public expression of trying. The tool allows users to produce their own products emoticons, spell out their own cartoon image.

now, the face of is undoubtedly the popularization application of personalized market with fire expression. The newcomers must have enough features to come to the fore. Look me at present main is to let the user’s exclusive image “move,” to use. Personalized chat function concept is not new, the beauty of the picture show “expression factory” creative “camera APP has its corresponding function. Expression is the most important difference between me and them, need not to take photos for users face photos. Real photos + class cartoon expression acosmia sense or the final effect. Look me is realized through cartoon face with cartoon body, the effect will be more natural.

me in expression, in addition to get exclusive expression of user, and can deserve to go up “barrage” expression. Users can combine their expressions such as “please use four words describe me”, share the social platform, friends can comment, increased its interactive expression more play.

look me only android version at present, in the IOS version is trying to develop. Team has been very serious fund, the British 6 million angels.

look me
Company: Shanghai like yan painting technology co., LTD.

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