Eyewitnesses told: days in the world’s top incubator YC arms

editor’s note: hunting cloud network within the coming week will launch “a line of anonymous entrepreneurs experience sharing project”. This topic will be selected foreign lines founder’s feeling and experience sharing project compilation. The content of these articles may not apply to all people, but they are short and hard working rather than the long, provide micro operation rather than a macro. Hunting cloud network editor gentleman sincerely hope that this project can be for those unwilling comfort, willingly “for” business “warriors”, to provide some inspiration and enlightenment can be used for reference.

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the article abstract: the author of this article is Frontapp CEO and co-founder of Mathilde Collin, this article was originally published in. In this article, Mathilde Collin tells the story of five enthusiasm of entrepreneurs how far away from family and friends came to California valley entrepreneurs start their difficult time: in the three months, they from unity to split and more closely united, they met a large number of enthusiastic help partners, but also have helpless moment, in this full of opportunities and challenges they constantly reflect on themselves, improve themselves, and they spent the most intense day finally ushered in the joy of success. At the end of the article, the author also offers all entrepreneurs who are interested to join YC family provides valuable Suggestions and recommendations to every entrepreneur reference.

four months ago, we share a solution about the inbox, then we passed the Y Combinator startup project review. We we have to share with readers in the first month of California’s famous business incubator experience. Recently, people began to care about the next we happened here. Well, to be honest, the next few months a lot of unexpected happened indeed!

so, in the Y Combinator startup after three months, I have to share with you my thoughts again. This time, I’m going to tell you that this business base on our team and our products as well as the impact of our financing.

(at the end of the article, you can also find some to fill out the application form for attending YC along with the proposal for an interview, if you are interested in YC, then please see the last, you will learn.)

it or promote your team, or destroy your team, no matter how this is a good thing.

in the days of Y Combinator, every day is full of fierce competition. In all that you can comprehend the truth and things, is particularly worth attention: after 3 months, you’ll know you have a what kind of team.

when we set up business in Y Combinator, fighting in the first line of only five people (my business partner, 3 employees and me). In order to concentrate on business, we decided to palo alto to rent a big house for our entrepreneurial base – here we eat to live, work here, here.

we are not from the gulf, we even not from us, so we think in rent a studio near and dormitory is the most straightforward way. Although far from our family away from our friends, but there is at least a bit of good news: we can make a commitment to hope for the success of our work, and work in our living room.

but it also means that in addition to their sleep the rest of the time we are together.

this is bound to be extremely strict to test the relationship between you and your teammates. YC force you to go beyond your limits, and there is no any plan to follow.

when things are going well, want to maintain a harmonious relationship between team without any difficulty, but when the pressure constantly rushed in, everything is not so easy. You are likely to face some difficult times, the issue of a failure, for weeks without any progress, excessive labor, sooner or later, you and your team will be tired.

and then, you not only have to manage the global, and ensure that after a long time to stay up late working morale remains robust, everyone still high spirit appears on time every day in the sitting room to continue developing a product will be popular.

but despite the difficulties, still have a glimmer of hope: this summer, our team become more powerful, it is impossible to achieve in other cases. We began to know more about yourself, know how to cooperate with each other, know when to put down everything go out together to adjust to the mood of the stressful, for days on end.

it all, in my opinion, is absolutely thousands of voice.

it can help you answer the essential question: your products can cater to the needs of the people?

Y Combinator can help you to speed up the pace.

it sounds there is no doubt that because the Y Combinator itself is an “accelerator”, but these different factors are truly make things the cause of the rapid development.

as a large number of startups, “graduation” and your product release in TechCruch chances are two key. Thanks to these two opportunities, we have a chance in the first few weeks for more than 300 contract.

YC partners is special engaged in, and is always ready to provide all kinds of introduction when you need an expert, potential users, press, etc…

YC alumni network is very strong (today has more than 1400 entrepreneurs and 700 startup). When you need any advice or face to face communication, someone will respond to your needs. This is Stripe, we were able to personally see Dropbox or the founder of the reality of these reasons.

in the valley of entrepreneurship, let us have more opportunities to participate in various activities, party and meet some famous successful people.

but you still need to depend on oneself to find the way of success: YC won’t tell you what people need.

about YC partners, one thing you must understand: don’t count on them to do any work for you.

I still remember the day when meeting with Paul Buchheit. At that time, he is our most want to meet partner because he created a Gmail. So when to meet, we prepared a series of questions about the application and we intend to consult him.

we put forward three different for their products development direction, hope he can how to choose the development direction of our products have a worthy reference suggestion. We thought he would make a choice for us, and then our business become smooth all the way, and then meet at this time will become a historic moment. But his answer was: “let it be.”

I admit that time really very disappointed, but it also let me clearly understand two things: first, we than any YC partners to understand our own market works; Second, we are the ones who are often deal with our customers, we know more about our customers. As a result, this also shows that Paul Buchheit won’t have the answer, but we have.

in the end, even if you’re a very successful company, even if there is a large group of people willing to help you at any time, only you is the will bear all the hard work, and make all the tough decisions.

it can make your financial to maintain a good state, at least within the next 18 months.

“graduation” – that is, in your in YC startups to show your results to the public after a period of time of the day. This will be your in the three months an important consideration, there is no doubt that this is also an invisible pressure. But you have to remember that everything will go smoothly.

of course, you may need to practice how to introduce and show your results to the fullest, perhaps a dozen times, perhaps hundreds of times, until the practice in the end what you don’t know what to say.

but, once again, you are not alone. Because a few weeks before the “graduation”, someone will always work hard with you. We found that as long as we have when they are needed, they will appear in a timely manner to help us. Whether it’s in their work time, or in the middle of the night or on weekends, as long as there is a problem, a phone call can get their help.

in the formal demonstration of that day of, need not too care about the scene of the investors and other audience (if carefully statistics, the scene will probably be around 500 people). Indeed, now there will be some notable risk funds such as Sequoia or A16z, there is also a major seed fund company (SV Angel, First Round, etc.) and large commercial investment company. But remember that, in the past four months, they and you are same to the activity of today and full of expectation.

overall, well as long as you consider how to put your best show as a gift to them, then everything will go smoothly.

applying to YC, such as incubators for the future entrepreneurs some Suggestions:

fill out the application form

content should be concise. Each question answer is not more than one or two sentences. The classification of simple point is very important.

with the facts. Fact, refers to the convincing facts, let people believe that you are not a boast, these facts can be a meaningful lines of code, the number of beta has been released or beta users, all of your target market, your value, and so on.

let judges people need to know what you do. Similarly, real and effective digital better persuasion: email subscription number of clients, the number of subscribers, the number of active users, purchase in advance to the number of users, and so on. But you can also share some good feedback or letter of intent.

attention points in the process of interviewing

concise. As well as application form, simplicity is one of the key factors. Answer each question time control in 15 seconds. During the interview process, the time passed quickly, especially when you are trying to tell the interviewer more content, time is always not enough use. So, as far as possible concise, do not delay.

with the facts. Casually use the any data in the application form, the interviewer won’t give you a bad grade, on the contrary, the contents of the application form you know it will deepen the interviewer trust in you.

well prepared. To list all the problems you may be asked, and then write down their answers. Once you’ve done that, can give different answers to different co-founder, then you wouldn’t have got mixed up on the questions and answers.

rehearsing. Don’t think the right answer’re done. You still need to rehearse it over and over again (we rehearsed about 10 times more) to ensure that everything is perfect. You can stop rehearsing the day before the interview, prevent a formal interview act too stiff. If the condition allows, do some mock interviews, if you are not from the United States, looking for an American company as much as possible to do mock interviews. They have different ways of sales, from which you can learn a lot of new knowledge.

speak out your questions

before entering the Y Combinator, we got a lot of friendly help, we always be grateful. So, boldly go to YC alumni looking for advice. They can help you to arrange a mock interview, or help you to answer some difficult questions. Of course, I also very happy to provide you with advice and help. ()

no matter what happened next, remember attentively to prepare a good YC application form must have nothing to lose.

if you didn’t pass the review after submit the written application, please don’t lose heart, try to look at the positive side of things, the comb again after your business plan, you know your market more than ever, you review again your work team, originally only exists in the mind of your thoughts and expectations clearly write out. Before these are things you won’t spend a lot of time to finish.

if you didn’t pass the final interview, they will tell you without reason. nullnullnullnullnull

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