Explore Past

The region has a rich Roman history, epitomised by the famous Pont du Gard just a 20 minute drive away, while Nimes also boasts a number of Roman monuments. Avignon, City of the Popes is also just half an hour away, while reflecting a more modern era, Montpellier is an architectural gem – a mini Paris just one hours drive from Uzès.

The roots of the Gard go back much further though than the Romans. Just north of us the recently discovered Chauvet cave paintings in the Ardeche are a stunning new attraction. Older than the famous Lascaux caves, in fact an estimated 35,000 years old, there has been a great effort to avoid the mistakes of the past and protect these spectacular paintings from human ravages and so a full scale replica of the cave system and the stunning animal artworks has been built which opened in 2015.

Lussan has been classified as one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France, a little hidden gem.  It is famous as a Huguenot village whose residents were persecuted during the Camisard wars of the 17th century. From the rampart walk you can get magnificent views of Mont Ventoux and the Cevennes and in the heart of the village the charming Buis de Lussan or Boxwood Garden, is a delight. Close by are Montclus and La Roque sur Ceze – both a delight to explore.  Uzès itself is one of the best preserved mediaeval towns in this region.

Chateaux and museums abound right across the Gard.

Walk from Lussan through the garrigue to the ancient standing stone – the Leque Menhir, 5.6m tall – the tallest in the Gard.