Experience the SONY Xperia Z3 Compact: “small screen” Android flagship of the best

although many mobile phone manufacturers have produced flagship phone version “compression” (mini), but most of them are eliminated, only the name is the same. SONY, its Xperia Z1 Compact while also USES smooth Compact design, powerful processors, and superior camera, but than Xperia Z3 small Compact size. Xperia Z1 Compact once played a let people remember the war victory.

adhering to the previous year’s excellent production, “compressed version of the” flagship mobile compete for the best winner – Xperia Z3 Compact (SONY production this kind of mobile phone is not to eliminate its former generation Z2, but to make it compared with just published early Z2). Z3 Compact has a large 4.6 -inch screen, 4.3 inches more than the previous generation, but the overall body did not expand. Before it hit the generation of super waterproof function, also has 801 2.5 GHz qualcomm Xiao dragon quad-core processors and 20.7 million pixels Exmor RS the main camera.

Z3 Compact the biggest breakthrough is to give you a mobile phone as a wireless device can be used to play the PS4, this means that you can live PS4 game on mobile phones. This is a highly attractive features, but it can be determined using until after November. So we can’t according to the characteristics of the current to estimate the value of this phone, after waiting for us to try the PS4 handheld function can be determined.

Z3 Compac is already listed on the stock market in the UK, amazon price is 430 pounds, or installment payment of 26.5 pounds per month. Although after the American release of the Z3 Compact SONY are deutsche telekom t-mobile customised version, but it is impossible to infer Z3 Compact if there is a vast market outside Europe. The market price is about $700 in the UK can be as reference of Z3 Compact pricing, of course, because of the different parts of the tax policy, the price still has a large floating space.


Z3 Compact and Z1 Compact product specifications are similar, just use the larger 4.6 -inch screen. The prodigious – SONY just not use to do the screen bezel of more refined, to make within the framework of the same maximum screen size. Z1 Compact wide screen frame to make the screen look like a squashed, it makes me very has no language. Therefore, the improvement for mobile phone looks more delicate, also the bigger screens for users to enjoy the movie.

this phone for SONY mobile consistent aesthetic style, using a unique glass surface before and after the process, and the continuation of the SONY Ericsson brand has always been a minimalist design. The most prominent change is on the edge of the mobile phone, plastic frame instead of the original aluminum material. I am not particularly admired this change, because it makes Z3 Compact doesn’t look like it boss Z1 Compact and other former generations.

Z1 Compact of the most fascinating is that it provides the flagship in the smaller body machine needed for the perfection of design and configuration. As for it using the plastic frame, actually is not important. My college classmates Luke Westaway – Z1 Compact users – like Z3 Compact, so I guess if use plastic material may also vary from person to person’s personal taste.

of course, I’m pretty sure this is a beautiful and suitable for one-handed use mobile phones, some people say that more than 5 inch screen is not suitable for one-handed use. Z3 Compact with black, white, green, amber is optional, and is equipped with the same color plastic bezel. Of course, if you are very care about luxury materials and smaller size, you can consider the samsung’s Galaxy Alpha – the metal chassis of the 4.7 inch screen phone, looks very noble.

as usual, the SONY Xperia Z3 Compact support waterproof function, can be in 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) normal use 30 minutes underwater. It not only can not drink alcohol, and you can rest assured we can use it in the bath watch Netflix, which also can swim in the sea. Touch screen water stop working, but its edge has a unique camera button allows you to take pictures underwater.


Z3 Compact and Z1 Compact with 720 p resolution. A resolution in the Z1 Compact looks very perfect, but it seems to have a bigger screen Z3 Compact, is less enough.

the pixel density is 319 ppi, it is lower than the first generation of 341 ppi and full hd version Z3 Compact 423 ppi. This is even less than the samsung Galaxy S5 mini and cheaper than it is very much older MOTOROLA Moto G, which both have 326 ppi. The mediocre pixel density makes it can’t reach my expectations for clarity, especially on the bezel icon and text.

although high resolution to make images look good, but this doesn’t mean high resolution can keep the cell phone popular. But what is certain is that we are still very hope most apps and games on the screen looks on, at this point, SONY, stubbornly insist on doing more cabinet flagship machine, and never bothered to improve resolution.

of course, the phone has bright screen, making it under the sunlight or strong office attention very convenient also. SONY proudly claim the Triluminous technology is derived from its Bravia TV products. This is bullshit, Bravia no market, because it display in the colorful, such as Disney movie when the princess lettuce very unstable and blinding light.

custom SONY mobile phone system

the phones based on Android 4.4.4 KitKat system, and USES the Xperia series the theme of the commonly used mobile phone in the near future. SONY custom version of the system is more and more close to native Android: several main screen, a APP tray, the drop-down notification, and a set column. This phone has adopted some innovation, such as a secondary menu to help users organize an APP.

Z3 Compact using 2.5 GHz qualcomm Xiao dragon 801 quad-core processors, 2 gb of RAM. Speed is nearly perfect, convert the main screen, the drop-down notification bar and open the camera there will be no delay. Play with Z3 Compact Glossy racer Asphalt 8 and Riptide GP 2 are great. Photo editing and video playback are unobstructed, the phone can accept the instruction you all aspects of the challenge.

Z3 Compact to increase the function of the most interesting is that you can use mobile phone PS4 games. You can use the bluetooth function match the PS4 control lever to mobile phones, and then you can play with your mobile phone PS game. SONY speculation people need solve you and your partner in competing for the TV watching TV and playing games this problem. Have the Z3 Compact you can hide in the bathroom playing loud PS4 happily. Z3 Compact, is really too great!

but this feature is not available before November. So I’m function outlook remain on the sidelines. Wait for Z3 Compact and Z3 Compact officially listed, I will update this review again, even according to new findings I’ll come back. I believe it will get a good score, but due to its complex features, I would not be hungry, and its performance is stable before considering to start one. If PS4 this feature is why it appeals to you, then you think I look the best.

it also has the same 20.7 million pixels as the Z1 Compact rear camera. I am very fond of Z1 Compact camera, but it’s fully automatic mode is unable to provide the best white balance. But I still very much looking forward to Z3 Compact.

in most ways, Z3 Compact performance is very general. The first time in my tests, with SONY’s intelligence mode under the strong light of st Paul’s cathedral in London, the exposure effect is quite successful, many of the bridge shadow detail can also shoot out.

with the previous generation, its automatic white balance function is not ideal, so that the pictures show color slants cold. As I near the building, the colour of the scenery to warming. A second attempt, the mobile phone in super hard strong contrast in the scene I am satisfied with the effect of exposure.


advantages: SONY Xperia Z3 Compact adopted a bigger screen than the previous generation equipment, have smart power-saving technology, support underwater filming waterproof performance and excellent photo function.

: expanding the screen did not improve the resolution at the same time, so that the image resolution if not before products and competing products. Although the mobile phone’s camera is very good, but in automatic shooting situation, resolution, and white balance function is a disappointment.

although SONY this time it’s a pity not to extend the screen size at the same time to expand its resolution, and the camera is not perfect; Other improvements but Xperia Z3 Compact design, ranging from large capacity battery, power saving technology, the waterproof body, etc., are enough to let it become the best one of the flagship Android machine.


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