Experience the asus ZenWatch: “shanzhai” Android watch the “apple fan”

cloud network hunting note: intelligent watch design, the biggest problem is that we have seen many mediocre or exotic products, but few impressive. Asustek launched by ZenWatch is let a person shine at the moment, for $199.99, support Android Wear system, although the asus emphasized the functionality of this watch, but it will not let people ignore the “beauty”.

asus has joined the Android Wear, launching an Android smart watches – ZenWatch. The Watch is the bold design, its square screen, material quality and appearance is the most close to Apple Android smart watches camp Watch. But definitely not Apple ZenWatch Watch of cloning, it’s just trying to stand out from the numerous Android smart watches. ZenWatch not only represents the Android now Wear one of the highest level of equipment in appearance and function, and also shows the advantage of waiting game, whether for intelligent watchmakers, or consumers for wearable device.

Basic information

1.63 inches, 320 x320 AMOLED display;

51 x39. 9 mm thick shell;

1.2 GHzD qualcomm Xiao dragon 400 processing chip;

4 gb of storage space, 512 MB of memory;

IP55 level dust-proof waterproof performance;

the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $199.99.

Advantages of

the remarkable design

Android smart wristwatch design one of the best devices


for wrist fine too much

screen frame is too wide


asus ZenWatch is currently existing Android devices to wear one of the most remarkable. The watch body, wire drawing of stainless steel material is adopted, and a ring of rose gold edge, rectangular screen surface is covered with a curved piece of corning gorilla glass. ZenWatch strap is universal strap, USES the standard design of 22 mm, strap on a small switch, one click can take the strap down gently, not outstanding, but beg better.

from ZenWatch appearance to the design of the strap, asus, had a beautiful home. Leather strap and buckle restoring ancient ways with classical flavor, it is very comfortable to wear, while the square display, but the arc edge and slightly curved surface to make it look more soft, not seem to be very big. But the only fly in the ointment is that when ZenWatch screen black bezel and fully integrated, this makes the face look bigger, as for small wrist size is too large. But this kind of classic low profile design and solid materials or workmanship win a lot of affection for it.

in general, the making craft of ZenWatch is very high. Asus cleverly designed only one button, located just below the watch body, can be used to switch machine and quickly enter the “Settings”, it is very popular with the intelligent fan watches. And back arc design just the wrist joint, very close.

with all Android Wear charging mechanism, ZenWatch needed a special charging, but the handling is very simple. But while ZenWatch have many unique design, it still does not have the SONY Smartwatch 3 have wireless charging function.

Characteristics of

asus ZenWatch running software and other Android smart watch is the same as we know, is the Android Wear software, users can see the notice on the Android smartphone, using Google Fit and voice search and voice control.

although can’t change the Android Wear the main interface, but asustek, he has the development program. ZenWatch Manager application provides the user with some exclusive features, such as some of the dial can be ZenWatch personalization, users can customize freely according to the information on the dial, this way of liberalization of customization for first-time users might be a little inconvenient, but it makes the concept of smart watches to the next level again.

the application also has the function of view the current battery usage and provide Cover Mute (Cover to.mute) and let it when find ZenWatch warning bells to find function, can in the user accidentally drop the phone to remind them. Application of tools including the compass, a flashlight and emergency SOS function.

have to admit, asus on the design of this product is doing, in addition to the existing Android Wear software platform, users can install some third-party applications, make dial interface become more concise. Android Wear equipment currently on the market are the same, so even if it’s just a little small differences can also successfully emerge from the equipment, this is asus ZenWatch success lies.


ZenWatch did very well in terms of performance, not only has a high degree of speech recognition, also can adjust the screen brightness to the users can still view the status of information in order to improve the battery life. Screen clear and readable but operation will see color particles, but it is not a big problem, the pixel density is clear enough.

ZenWatch device is equipped with a heart rate sensor, put sensors in the other watch table back, but ZenWatch sensor hidden in dial metal edges and the bottom of the screen. Other watches require users to fasten the strap when use some requirements, some insist on put the finger on the surface or to perform more steps, to be effective induction heart rate, and ZenWatch this design helps induction heart rate more accurately. According to the evaluation result, regardless of the user to measure occasionally, still want to measure every day, the measuring accuracy of ZenWatch is ok.

ZenWatch battery life is one of the most unpleasant, just enough to use during the day. LG G Watch R can continue to use two days, set a higher threshold, compared with asus about a day in the life seem a bit pale. But don’t look at ZenWatch battery life and a great discount for it, at least it is one of the highest level of the Android Wear equipment.


asus ZenWatch Watch and LG G R represents the highest level of equipments in the Android Wear, both adopt unique design, but attracted different buyers groups respectively. ZenWatch appearance is more suitable for business people and love the tide restoring ancient ways and fashion style, its refined atmosphere dial compared to LG.

all in all, if you value the most appearance, so asus ZenWatch is a good choice, but if you don’t want a daily charge, you can choose to Watch the LG G R. If you are looking for the best Android Wear equipment, so asus ZenWatch Watch or LG G R will be your best choice.



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