Experience the Air 2: improved home not reformers!

to be fair, updated annually tablet can improve in what aspects? Producers may make operating system more smooth, more powerful functions on photo, last longer battery life, even change the size of the screen. So in addition to this? The progress of the tablet is the space?

although it is true that the above problems is slightly a little bit serious, but this does not prevent us for the Air 2 very thin praise. Thin – this is the most prominent feature of the Air 2. The thickness of less than one quarter inch (6.1 mm), you can imagine, if you put the Air 2 pants pocket, sit down, the Air 2 will “die”. This is a joke, of course, you also won’t have so big pockets ~


don’t know why have you given any thought to the tablet to do so thin?

this is mainly because the user use of the time take a tablet, making it lighter, thinner plate characteristics is very important. The device and the weight of the Air 2 failed to let users jing (about a pound), but apple seems will not give up in pursuit of the quality of the lighter elegant aluminum alloy and plastic material of the fuselage.

but the processor does great changes have taken place within the Air 2: this is apple itself development, specially designed for users of a chip called A8X. Compared to last year’s A7 chips, more small, elite (officials say 40% quicker than A7 processor). Processor more fluent, of course, this is a good thing.

although the ascension of operating speed and the quality of the fuselage has greatly improved, the device’s battery life but failed to keep up with the two forward steps. Apple said the Air the range of 2 to 10 hours (the basic flat with last year).

photo imaging

taking pictures function also improved. Admittedly with a flat photo looks a little bit “weird”. Especially when your tablet blocking the vision the pictures of the people around you, that’s very impolite to a kind of behavior. But as long as the user is willing to take the photos, apple will be to find a way to improve the situation.

new camera has 8 million pixels sensor, can take out 1080 p hd video. Apple will also be the bulk of the camera on the iPhone 6 added to the device, such as time-lapse, slow motion, continuous shooting mode, panoramic camera and shooting, and other functions.

however, the imaging function does not equal to the iPhone, the most important thing is the no more high-end, rapid automatic focusing function (that is, apple said the Focus of Pixel technology), and there is no optical image stabilization function, cannot under 60 FPS frequency to record more gorgeous 1080 PhD high-definition video.

but its front cameras under the condition of weak light imaging function is better than before. This for users like to video chat before sleep, is indeed a good improvement.

fingerprint identification (Touch ID)

another piece of good news is the Home button embedded fingerprint sensors (i.e., Touch ID), a feature new iPhone 6 and iPhone6 Plus also.

once you use the Touch ID, you will be deeply attached to its use value.

Touch ID is currently on the market the most fluent, reaction is the most sensitive and reliable fingerprint sensor. No matter what you do to button with his fingers, it can be identified. This way is more convenient than countless times input password. Besides, choose a password also means that you want to remember your password, the fingerprint identification is don’t need, because your fingerprints can be extracted to anytime and anywhere. This is apple introduced the main reason for the Touch ID instead of a password.

because this is in the Air 2 you can use the fingerprint to unlock the device (you can also on the set, can recognize your five fingers up.) But on the iPhone, you can also through the fingerprint identification to purchase items from the apple online store, such as music, movies, and applications.

the following analysis is the third role of Touch ID: Apple Pay.

the Apple on the iPhone 6 series Pay can be used in the entity shop to buy things, on the device does not support this function, or even integrated NFC chip. But the user should feel lucky, I think, than take pictures of the tablet is perhaps more funny things with tablet on the credit card payment terminal shake it (picture too beautiful, don’t dare to imagine, also the prince hunting cloud network editor? ~)

of course Apple Pay other functions you can use – that is online shopping. Although not in the Amazon and at Bestbuy website for shopping, but shopping or can be used inside some applications. As far as I am concerned Houzz (household appliances) and Fancy has been able to meet all of my shopping needs. In the shopping cart interface, I click on Pay Apple and then hold the Home button with finger can complete a deal, isn’t that simple?

the Apple Pay also can only compatible with 20 or so applications (including Target, Panera Bread, the Disney Store and Uber). But don’t try so hard, a big wave application is near…

network speed

apple claims that the Air 2 on the WiFi speed will greatly improve. Can you feel? Apple can design an AD, actually put together this year the and last year’s, compare their web page loading speed, to see if it make the Air last year “shade”. For example, in the Air 2 loading on the New York times web version only need to 1 second, while on the old model of the device takes five seconds (assuming the same WiFi environment).

in addition, apple also claimed the card version of the Air 2 is 50% quicker than before (this version requires you to pay an extra $130).

to get to the Internet and through mail the two users in tablet on the most frequently used function also had significantly increased.


screen or as always impeccably, under the highest brightness, you can feel with a the Air 2 is enough to light up a gorgeous effect of the runway. (especially at night. But if it is under the direct sunlight, did you might find it hard to distinguish whether the boot.

the apple is reduced to the naked eye contact with the image distance, make pictures at your fingertips vigor, the feeling is great!

but officials also called Air 2 is specially designed for the user, add the antireflective coating, can block 56% of the sunlight, so the Air 2 has become a “reflective rate lowest tablet” in the world.

but this improvement is really too small, so if I don’t tell you, may you couldn’t distinguish which is the new Air, which is the last year. For both indoor and outdoor, their reflective ability are strong.

oddly named: The The Air S?

the name of its product apple has a feeling of Microsoft products. The Air 2 is the issuance of the sixth generation of products in four years, and its name but not the 6, but the Air 2.

the overall point of view, all of the improvements are let people praise, especially the speed of WiFi and the degree of thin Air 2. But these may not be enough to replace your hands was launched in 2013, the Air. And, of course, if your device is already a generation or two generations, and if you use it frequently, so the Air2 is going to be a good choice.

you can buy 16 g, 64 g, 128 g of the Air 2 (why not 32 gb? The price of $500, $600 and $700 respectively (differ price range of $100). Optional color there are deep grey, silver and gold. Card 2 took $130 of your version of the Air, and more.

in addition, the Air 2 also have the function that is called Apple SIM, users can under different operators package online, talk to each other. Apple official website to have such a words: “no matter what you need is what kind of models, you can always find a suitable for your proposal, and no additional cost.”

but this sentence is not correct: all users can’t optional change operators, between carriers, if the user selects a new one, which means that the user will be and the operator “is selected and booked a lifetime”.

but also can look forward to, one day in the future: you can be in before every Internet can according to the given contract, price, such as signal strength to select operator. Technically, it is also possible. But once the new technology mature, greedy operators will start to worry about the loss of the user.

every year October apple to launch a new tablet, the process needs the cooperation and efforts. But anyway, we listed these new improved function is enough to let the Air 2 to excel in the tablet market. This is a flash, fast and beautiful and flat, it is “the potential of thunder” invasion of the laptop market. nullnullnullnullnull

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