Experience of Code.org, how to let children love tedious programming class?

Code.org believes that everyone, even primary school students, to be able to learn programming logic. The nonprofit professor of computer science education organizations and special mark zuckerberg, through a interesting video game course, for programming teaching and guidance.

last week, Code.org decided to its online library computer science curriculum for primary school students (studio.code.org), so I tried, too. In fact the course for our biggest enlightenment is, how to teach young people and even minors online learning programming.

what is the procedure? In short, is a set of rules.

in the site of a teaching video, a teacher described: “most of us think that programming is the us for the computer to write some content. “Any children played game will have certain experience in the procedures of the game; Any child a modified rules of the game is already in brewing, computer programmers.

instead, through the method of writing code, Code.org will select a set of “snap” command organization shape together. The first lesson, they will, by means of the puzzle to test whether the children can freely like a “digital Lego blocks” to respond to these games.

after pass the test, in the advanced stages. As the grasp of the puzzle, education curriculum will allow children to experience a game – by moving across the screen, help angry birds to destroy evil pigs. This is the beginning of the concept of infusion.

to unfamiliar people, Loops is “repeat” general computer science terms. In the game, the children were provided a new tool, a Loops program, it can allow users to repeat the order, drag a angry birds forward rather than repeat three times.

with the “struggle” between birds and pigs become more complicated, “players” must be nested Loops, and as far as possible with the least amount of steps to describe the direction. Programming values above in order to instill “simple”, if the user use the command, Code.org will give them a warning.

as the older pupils receive like variables and functions, the concept of curriculum will become more and more complicated.

Code.org game programming education ways, has a long history. In the early 90 s, when I was in my middle school, I worked in a private family company received engineering courses, from Lego parts and they taught me to start the Windows DOS commands.

in 2012, salman Khan, the establishment of educational non-profit organization Khan Academy (Khan Academy), launched a similar to computer science course, focusing on the game and it also with a strong color art. In order not to be eliminated, at the university of southern California was also conducted a trial work, they make every school by way of game design, namely GameDesk, to teach courses.

Code.org through matching access games on national legislation. Their main task is to hope that will be included in the computer programming to the American education system.

in fact, there are many problems in silicon valley, in part because of course education channel. Last year, in the state, not a girl, or black or Hispanic to AP computer science test.

Code.org has ambitious national goals. Company spokesman, told me that they plan to add new coding studio and field across the country teachers’ training camp.

how to get to know some of the world’s leading technical personnel will be the basic principle of programming logic into the most basic form, may be the most desirable. Readers (and children) to view the lessons here.

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