Experience Gear VR: Oriental not bright western bright, samsung, the future of virtual reality

in the past few years, I have tried some virtual reality solutions, including smart phones into a mask on the face. Mobile phone natural look very suitable for as a combination of virtual reality display, head tilt sensor and does not require heavy case handler.

unfortunately, I try to every mobile phone based VR equipment prototype, virtual reality experiences are very bad. To solve optics, frame rate and precision of the head tracking problems need great efforts, I began to feel now mobile phone can’t achieve satisfactory virtual reality.

as a result, I suspect somewhat to samsung recently released Gear VR, it provided by the manufacturer in Rift Oculus power, the Galaxy Note 4 by a strap into VR headsets. Earlier this month, Ron Amadeo experience after the report didn’t really change my impression of it.

perhaps because of too low expectations, I will be in the near future the Oculus Connect conference presented by Gear VR virtual reality shock effect, take it away from my presentation time. Gear VR still has some problems, but it seems to be easily proved that the top mobile phone can at relatively low cost and relatively short period of time to provide “good enough” virtual reality.

this is a mobile phone?

as a in the Oculus Rift development kit and prototype it took a long time, I was immediately Gear VR attracted to me in the face of intimacy. It doesn’t have a thick wire, also will not lose balance was dragged down; The top and have strong belt pad behind the belt, both can support equipment and won’t stick on the screen to face like a Rift too tight. It looks not heavy, I wore a hour didn’t feel let me want to take off the pressure (in addition to the face is blocked by its place occasionally need to scratch an itch).

Gear VR ahead of the previous mobile phone based virtual reality system (or even ahead of the Oculus development kit) is its high resolution. Galaxy Note 4 1440 p, 515 PPI display is not completely solve the problem of visual resolution, but it is more than or equal to most other products consumption level on the horizon.

in the resolution of the screen, a single pixel of the black line “screen door” phenomenon has been minimized, but if you stare at a single pixel, will still be some bleeding and distortion. Helmet in a series of lenses create the 3 d effect, avoid visual fatigue sight can reach 96 °, even wider than Oculus development tool.

Gear VR 3 d environment certainly cannot than with the ones with high-end chassis and graphics, even so, the Galaxy Note 4 would be enough to build and PlayStation 2 late or early PlayStation 3 levels of detail and lines, as long as the picture is not too crowded. To make the picture to life, the improved pixel is still a long way to go, even if these pictures are not you see on the top computer images of concrete.

Gear VR provides you income less than in the normal cell phone hardware of smooth vibrating screen refresh. On the Gear VR, move your head and less than 20 milliseconds latency between screen refresh, to some extent thanks to the belt head tracking extra parts.

in the conference, the Oculus CTO John Carmack talked him how specific to samsung mobile phone to achieve faster transformation of the screen refresh rate, and to develop a predictable tracking model to reduce from move the head to the apparent delay between visual refresh. Technical details aside, the end result is to create a feeling around you very real virtual world, you don’t think it is staring at a small mobile phone screen, but rather like a 360 ° no dead Angle in the 3 d effect of the big fish tank.

head don’t touch!

the only thing that can break the feeling of immersion is the Gear of VR no lateral head tracking, unlike with an external camera to response the head moving in Rift DK2, Gear VR in addition to the Angle change, can’t deal with any head movement. You’ll soon learn to not to see a virtual object and to be near it, unless you want to let your stomach.

as a result, the display when the Gear VR conference, is in a fixed location, so in addition to tilt neck there will be no other substantial movement. “Turret striker” directory has several games, need you to move your head come with cannon, slingshot or laser aiming at huge 3 d space in front of you (equipment the edge has a is equivalent to “click” button, this time it worked). Other functions show how don’t have the interactivity, such as Rekall Harmonix music visualization tools, visual astronomy textbooks Titans of Space, the bottom of the sea sail the Ocean of Rift and the 3 d video showing the sun troupe.

other functions show the players into a third view based on the interactive 3 d world camera. Like Bombsquad, Quest VR, Lucky ‘s Playground these games makes me feel in overlooking filled with small, living toy box. There are some other head tracking is used to control, in the Escape Velocity, the Angle of game follow closely behind a spaceship, its mobile and aim with your point of view of mobile (likes – esque 2 d shooting game MinoVR similar to it, but the effect is not good) it.

there are several feature allows the movement of the head but don’t do very thoroughly. In DeNAli stealth shooting Protocol Zero and UsTwo Land ‘s End, the player can move slowly between the preset point free to look around at the same time, this movement is very smooth gently to prevent dizziness, but cannot directly control your mobile is still a bit frustrating.

a dungeon crawler game Deadhalls perspective can let you in the first 3 d control, although can rotate 360 ° in the game is not taken by line is great, but must ensure that when you move your head completely still or you will feel very sick.

for those who pursue the best VR experience, in the final version of the Oculus Rift, can let the Gear VR as a substitute. Gear VR can bought in a few months, only need a few hundred dollars plus a mobile phone. It can do far more than you can in front of your friends to show off a stable proof of concept of virtual reality experience more.


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