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Lespark is a dedicated to create a pure les community, exclusive labradors mobile applications. Founder Liao Zhuoying graduated from China people’s university computer science department, engineer saw the Chinese gay market, their products Lespark introduced under the condition of the zero promotion fee less than half a year, more than 300000 users. In June this year Lespark have angel round.

founder Liao Zhuoying tell hunting cloud network a set of data, China’s gay population 70 million by conservative estimates, potential users of more than 40 million. 40 million gay, lesbian, 20 million. In the global scope, the gay market gradually surfaced, is the number of people know also will be more and more big.

as opposed to a lesbian application Lespark Gaypark, comrade Gaypark is their another application, both with high ZiHang far technology co., LTD belongs to Beijing. In relatively mature mode, Gaypark Lespark also has its specific user consumers. At home, a similar Zank, Blued, G friends gay social applications such as the “pink economy” is bringing a new business world.

the future business model, Liao Zhuoying tell cloud network, hunting for application at the same time, attempts to develop O2O offline businesses do. Develop and les related products at the same time, try to do some relevant electricity products.

when it comes to do the purpose of the product, the founder Liao Zhuoying quipped: “development is the inspiration from friends, my students in the process of making a good cool, friend, one month down, relationship is getting better and better, but unexpectedly found each other is actually a ‘T’!”

in fact along with the social open degree rise, in the future market there may be a male and lesbian serious relationship with marriage as a form of asexual marriage application, the two sides together, make the welfare of the gay market together.

for now, however, this relatively new market, lesbian group was more implicative, social and economic strength is less, more reliance on family and social pressure on lesbian. In the long pent-up demand, lack of open communication channels. Lala market the market far less comrades excavating, is in a state of relatively backward.

and Lespark to do is “have gay men + women at the same time with the user community, let Gaypark + Lespark, common to create synergies.” This pattern is like a Gay products abroad Brenda, walk Brenda – les + Brenda – Gay double product strategy. There are similar female similar applications such as frequently L.

Liao Zhuoying tell hunting cloud network, currently Lespark users is relatively high quality, high proportion of UGC, willing to share high quality content. The user can according to the mobile phone near location to find like-minded people, personal data model are carefully designed. By voice, images, pictures, text and other chat mode, or by Les exclusive community better communication and understanding between the individual user. In addition, Lespark also USES data mining, automatic push the user’s preferred type of users, the future want to create a high viscosity of tribal exclusive lesbian community.

“future young people are more willing to share and activities in different circles. So the future is the trend of the outbreak of a vertical market segments. This is especially true for les. Because of social factors, they more and more people prefer to choose such relatively hidden way of online dating. The market will continue to grow. At the same time around the world, this is a blue ocean, the market is enough big, users with high quality, consumption ability to guide will be big enough.”

at present, Lespark has started to expand business overseas. Lespark future goal: lesbian mobile social tribe. Liao Zhuoying also to make their product positioning “Lespark lala WeChat, comrade Gaypark Momo.” Legs power can be more outstanding, remains to be seen.


time: in May 2014,

company: Beijing high ZiHang far technology co., LTD.


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