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in 2013 is a year full of tragedy epic color, on the sidelines after the fall of the empire, we Finally Say Goodbye To Nokia, then approached the company Trojan in Microsoft finds line mountaineering. Everything in the thunderous dead in an orderly way, seems to be really fulfilled “conspiracy theory” anecdotal flow processes, or tacit moment of silence to again?

we are used to dominate the cynicism of heyday, and used to drown from crying of yesterday. It happened that there is no end node such evil cycle.

Nokia historic comprehensive farewell

and then the wheel of time all the way forward, rolling by 2014, many users out of the collection of nostalgic classic Nokia symbian Sybian type and not follow Nokia’s Maemo tragedy hero and former partner, click on the boot, WLAN, enter the application menu, click on the “Nokia app Store (Nokia Store)”, or login account, Nokia is unavoidably found a lost embarrassed – nokia network application platform for symbian and meters fruit is on January 1, 2014 is no longer accepting new applications or upgrades for existing applications.

this means that nokia in 2002 published the first sets of symbian smartphones, to the end of the 2012 a symbian flagship PureView 808 so far, there is an artifact nokia N9, have no more nokia official app store, update and maintenance.

although accenture commitment until 2016, when the server to maintain the download function, but will be shut out of developers, third party platforms such as Facebook to upgrade its API again, the original client web portal will inevitably collective dumb fire failure, this official such as youku and tudou upgrade on the application of high frequency is irreversible.

moreover, symbian era representative certificate issue will be the last time to accelerate the “fire”. Many requirements after nokia audit will appear in the app store advanced features, also because the insulation with the developers, and may never can be used again. even if developers with lateral load (Side – loading) way will provide to the user, the application was unable to prevent the final Burn Itself Out .

a similar things happen in the Maemo and former partner and the community is something sooner or later, and promised to have special Sailfish firmware package For N9 story has already be dubs “couldn’t keep up with, along with”. More and more people are killed about nokia hindsight-to talk would be logical.

it is not hard to find, not only may wrinkle the very difficult to control the mouth of the new owner, Microsoft is also a type of daxing western European medieval feudal lords lords massacre “Nokia”. not only on the new building to diminish “Nokia” Logo, and in the weakened Nokia technical core team . Even have nascent model the company nokia and nokia because NORMANDY models are also lost mother and ignored by Microsoft tycoon.

we see Microsoft put the main focus of this year is on uniform Windows on the screen.

the first is to stop Windows XP, and Windows 8.1 & amp; Windows 10 Previw Ver a series combination to optimize god is sweeping the minimum above all users for the Windows 7 layer;

and then is the new flagship of all metal fruity style guide Angle and WP8.1 each version of the upgrade, especially the breakthrough attempt, such as dual sim card to make classic and Nokia N9 and 900 style besides the obvious differences in appearance of the company and name it as a cohort repeal;

then is the big reshuffle, Metro stores this year was “thick card waste”, EA, high play GalGame and other large companies, electronic arts on new products to the facade, a broken state between signal will have big action;

is finally out of renaming and restructuring integration plan, time and again, repeatedly, suggesting that Nokia finally the referee and sentencing.

all of these are almost all Microsoft bypass Nokia specially. So, really soon and NOKIA that we’ve all grown up with the said goodbye to the day of the dead is coming soon? !

in fact, this kind of sad is not necessarily close at hand.

exclusive technology to force, Nokia would return

we know that from nokia in the third quarter of this year’s performance can clearly see that the old swift horse ran is very good. So, in a telephone conference on October 23, 2014 Nokia also released this information to the world, and also points out that the name “Nokia” is a great asset to the company.

obviously, the name “Nokia” in smartphones still one of the most vibrant, but for now, Nokia will not be put on the name “Nokia” temporarily return to smartphones (and Microsoft deal banned in the related agreement).

Nokia person said: “from the cognitive perspective, in the field of smart phones or is in the field of mobile terminals, Nokia still is the most valuable brand. Of course, we are temporarily unable to enter these areas are involved.” This clearly suggests that nokia hopes for the future, as well as the nokia brand may rise again in the future.

as for signs of hope, or something like evidence, HERE we will take big names HERE nokia maps, for example to illustrate.

nokia maps HERE is after ten years of accumulation and growth of a trademark application demo , with the competitor Google Map or Bing Map, apple and so on in-house or baidu Map, and so on third-party software, and even professional automotive electronic dog navione navigator application compared are quite obvious advantages, disadvantages, of course, is yes, but in spite of his flaws.

your attention first, Here maps and OVI maps are not the same, Here map itself is not dependent on A – GPS/GPRS advantages, support local map cache and desciption of massive data level GPS, compass correction and 3 d modeling of three-dimensional navigation, A variety of voice packets extension, route planning and reconstruction, hang A key driving mode voice said read calls and information, and so on is very mature.

moreover, exclusive Nokia map of laboratory brought HERE a lot of creative and practical, at least, is also leading to expand service characteristics, such as urban kaleidoscope, cool after eight gyroscope correction can be raised his hand and tilted plane map points of interest between the screen mounted on the imaging lens, also with a size on each point of interest icon represents the distance, gently point and details like address, contact information, the public, sign in to review information and more details.


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