Every founder should go to someone else’s company DaDaGong!

all entrepreneurs are serial entrepreneurs. This is unique to the entrepreneurs quality, some people even think that this is a prerequisite for becoming entrepreneurs. Serial entrepreneur like entrepreneurship. They sell a company is directly closed (accurate), soon after they tell you, “I is conceiving a new project, the specific circumstances of inconvenience disclosed.”

I was no exception. But after 14 years of entrepreneurship, and there are 7 years or as e-commerce startup founder and CEO, I am here responsibly tell you: every entrepreneur in the process of his constant business, should be appropriately start-up DaDaGong stopped to others.

of course, from the first top take a back seat can let a person in time to adapt, to let you have a feeling of give up the dream or admit defeat. And sometimes, even if you settle for this shift, but still need to control his “boss” habit, lest by colleagues of the new corporation.

but if you can put down self-esteem, you’ll find that it is a wise decision. In other startups work can make you learned a lot of what they have learned in their own companies less than lessons – and it all helps you become a more successful entrepreneur in the future, this is what you will get a precious treasure.

let the brain rest, reviewing past entrepreneurial experience

as a founder, we can’t stop any work related thinking, because we started business for us is not working, but life. A desire for success, fear of failure, and a long list of task list to relax.

did you have children at home? Imagine every day you is 20 for a smart and talented “children” “parents”, every day is the first day “school” of “children”. That kind of feeling, that kind of feeling, what is to be an entrepreneur can feel.

but working for others is another state of mind. Even if you are the most hard-working employees, do you think still and a founder or CEO/CTO. No matter how hard you work at ordinary times, compared with a founder, you needn’t have been worried about your company, you can stop to have a rest at any time.

this period of rest time for you to regain energy, for the last time of entrepreneurship, to spurt the next entrepreneurial inspiration for the new project, is very important.

tip: to slow down, don’t immediately start the next startup. Spend a few months or even years to reflect on the past.

really become employees, experience the underlying personnel experience

as a founder, of course, you know your staff is not your cooperation business partner, but emotionally you tend to business partners with standard to ask them, hope they like you spend a lot of time in the company or think how entrepreneurship is at lunch on the most meaningful topic.

try to become a real employees to experience it – only a 0.75% stake in the four years options to pay – these will make you to have a new understanding of how to position your employees. More importantly, these experiences will remind you in later time such a truth: if you want your employees to work full of enthusiasm and passion, you have to recognize them, respect them, give them a better welfare.

yes, better benefits! And better welfare don’t you think that I said very good welfare, such as in the office place an arcade as entertainment – but your employees think that is very generous benefits.

why do you say that? Because in the end, even if they work with the greatest efforts, if the company a huge success, you will win all the glory of plus at least a 15% stake in cash (of course, there are a lot more tragic fate of founder). While your employees will be able to get only on their resumes added “worked at a certain well-known enterprises”, and again on pre-tax income increased by 0.5%.

but if you fail, you still can accumulate entrepreneurship and management experience of some project, and your employees? They just get on your resume and added “worked a defunct company”. So a good measure, in essence, the deep and intuitive method to recognize employee effort.

tip: frozen turkeys in seemingly small gifts of human is the welfare of the worst.

whole, you will again see their strengths and market opportunities

when you are the founder, will do all things, especially in the business start-up. You come up with a concept, build a MVP, you begin to financing, to find and recruit talents, create a budget, website design, for the landing page and push a copy of the close-up, also swept all the cleaning job.

but when you have the basic professional skills, you will never want to go to do these. Working for others is a let you rediscover your enthusiasm and are good at aspects of the perfect opportunity.

you can track all kinds of professional blog, to try new methods, only do one thing every day, until you become masters on this thing. And efforts in return, you will be in the entrepreneurial process of the next let you clearly understand that you should take on the role in his company, which is most of the founder has some problems.

after had that experience, you will understand what you do best, so you will be at the beginning of the new venture becomes easier for your work, more confident. Work for someone else, in fact, the experience may even inspire your next undertaking.

tip: when you work in someone else’s company, to make sure those founders will accept your entrepreneurial personality, willing to give you enough free space to play to bring company interests.

complement each other, improve their art of leadership

even if you and different partners jointly launched five different companies, there are always some place allows you to further improve yourself. And most importantly, as a founder, pressure from all sides often let you cannot be easy to improve yourself, but you can take a back seat.

let others to lead all transactions, you look carefully, sitting quietly in this mode, you can learn any book can’t teach leadership skills. This is what we used to say, learning from practice, something you will realize only when you really go to practice the truth.

from a year ago to now I have been working in daPulse, where can I have the honor to closely observe our CEO – Roy Man. Though before that I had admired him for many years, but now I can really appreciate the art of leadership, and the experience, in the course of my career absolutely can be said to be one of the most education significance.

from each work, the founder of the body, you can learn different things. I will be very happy to share with you I learn from Roy one of many relevant leaders art lessons.

directional thinking, break out of the plight of the successful

if your product is not as perfect as expected, but you always believe that your product can bring practical value to the user, so don’t doubt your idea, try to find solution to breakthrough.

, for example, when I was a year ago to join daPulse, daPulse no paying customers. But daPulse has six design partners – all of them are successful start-up, and always to give feedback on our products. However we seem to be unable to persuade more companies to use our products.

in a sense, we need a core change more and more understand the company. So we spent the whole month of time thinking about the new direction, and this analysis to vote, and at the same time, Roy made a strategic decision.

he realized that our product does not require any change – our products while not perfect, but also good enough and continuously to our existing six design partners with practical value. Really need to change is our state of mind. Roy decided to self-confidence, that is, adopt the way of charging is to establish the best way to communicate.

so two weeks, and pricing page and charge system is launched, our six design partners began to pay to use the product. Just want to expect. A year later, we have more than 300 subscribers, we began to grow exponentially. For paying customers – Roy as we specify the new goal of struggle for the company provides the core, and all the rest of the business for the company sort out the priorities.

since then we go all out, and at the same time I also feel that I got a very important leadership experience, that is my past I didn’t read any books but direct experience in the practical work. Key change, can be a change of attitude, can also be a change in the way, not just the change of the product.

tip: not because you have a lot of experience and boring. Don’t worry, everyone knows your history. Keep calm, consult with an open mind. You will become a better leader, or a better man.



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