Evening: tesla range of 644 kilometers, all car won a $20 million financing

hunting cloud network on December 26 (text/who)

tesla CEO: Roadster will have a range of 644 km

tesla CEO elon musk on Twitter today revealed the company’s Roadster ev upgrade, the car after the upgrade will have a range of 400 miles (644 km). Musk Twitter message, according to the updated Roadster charge can drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The car upgrade details will be announced tomorrow.

as expected range increased, electric cars, economical and practical, energy conservation, environmental protection, but promotion is mainly subject to life. After all, who are worried about their because no electricity, anchored at a high speed.

electric cars, mobile stations.mobi Charger out

startup FreeWire for electric car launched to charging equipment.mobi Charger. It USES a second-hand nissan leaf electric car battery, battery pack all in one shopping cart. At present, the device can be 240 v secondary charging, capacity of 10 KWH. FreeWire plans to every.mobi Charger charging cart capacity increased to 48 KWH, and provide a variety of charging ways, such as supporting CHAdeMO and CCS charging standards. Firms with their monthly pay a fee to FreeWire, FreeWire can provide mobile charging services for their employees. Every.mobi Charger can charge the battery for five cars, and charging time in the evening, so can avoid the high electricity bills.

cloud network hunting advice, at least you can go to work with tesla, even at high speed in a station of the two mobile stations, for the use of emergency.

car everyone announced a $20 million B round

all car declared complete B round of $20 million in financing. This round of financing led by policy source vc and suitable for fund, investment and red dot, huaxing capital as the financing of the sole financial advisor. Everyone was established in April 2014, July started running, site located in C2C personal second-hand car virtual consignment, the business covers Beijing, guangzhou, shenzhen and other cities. Everyone says, after finish this round of financing, will further promote the operation mode of the “millet plus rifles” : “millet” lei jun creates the millet mobile phone represented by the Internet, thinking in the way of the Internet to cut trading links, beyond user expectations of products and services; “Rifle” is a practical and efficient offline propulsion capability, integration of industry resources, promote the whole pattern.

37 29.56 million yuan to buy into the great game developers ESTSoft

shun rong co cloth announcement last night, a subsidiary company wholly owned subsidiary company of notoginseng game ENP, in 5.253 billion won (about 29.56 million yuan) to buy South Korea ESTSoft a total of 242500 shares of listed companies. Shun rong co, said the investment is in order to enhance the competitiveness of the software development, get more high-quality goods game, and to provide platform for companies to expand overseas, will further enrich the company’s products marketing channels, expand market coverage.

12306 information espionage is caught, not selling the scheduling conflicts of ticket

, according to a report in the China railway official weibo, railway public security organs in the night of December 25, 2014, will be accused of stealing and electronic information leak others criminal suspects arrested. As, suspects earlier a certain so-and-so, by collecting the Internet gaming sites and other multiple website user name and password information, and try to login to other sites to “bump”, is the user’s information, and to seek illegal information. At present, the case is pending.

security is a big problem, hunting cloud network friendship tips, the things you should consider: 12306 announcement railway customer service center, known as preventing the illegal profit, according to the online ticket scalping case, since today (December 26) will implement a number of new measures to combat using identity tickets, including the elimination of ticket selling schedule conflict.

foxconn production sapphire screen or to a new generation of the iPhone

foxconn may for apple iPhone sapphire screen production in the future. The past few years, foxconn has also been actively obtain relevant technology patents. For apple, let the sapphire production on track, and have enough production is one of the challenges of huge capital investment. In particular, in order to meet the requirements of the iPhone screen glass, apple will need 3000 units, 165 kg, 2000 kg or 2000 specifications of the sapphire growth furnace. If apple wants to make next autumn released new products with sapphire screen, they need to quickly get to the required equipment, began to prepare for the spring production.

foxconn, then the next generation of the apple is really can be equipped with sapphire shiping, after all, despite the jump off a building, foxconn’s ability that is good.

samsung Tizen new product conference will be held next year

samsung plans to hold a new product launch next year, these products will launch its home-grown Tizen operating system. The company is always looking to get rid of the dependence on the Google Android system, out of their own software development path. But after years of development, only a handful of samsung smart watches and digital camera Tizen system is adopted. At present, the samsung this product launches the only certainty products for a TV set.

samsung failed to release the Tizen system based mobile until now, instead of apple’s iOS and Google Android. Maybe samsung using their new system, maybe can back part of the star powder, at least not to expand the android camp. Hunting cloud network has been looking forward to your game and apple?

Korean prosecutors searched for exit, LG electronics and restrictions on executive over samsung

Seoul, South Korea, the central public prosecutors today a factory of LG electronics corporation and its investigation, seized some data and the employee’s computer hard drive. LG electronics appliances (HA) cause the department chief Zhao Chengzhen are prohibited from exit. The search object, including LG electronics appliances (HA) cause the department chief Zhao Chengzhen office appliances exhibition activities such as working personnel office. Prosecutors to the seizure of goods and samsung electronics to submit evidence of data analysis, summoned LG electronics related personnel after investigation.

when the revenge, samsung, you this year is a year? Things go ah, red underwear)?

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