Evening: staging won a $100 million financing, YY for xueda education


staging announced a $100 million financing, DST led fabric with cast

the domestic college students in installment shopping platform done stage music today announced a new round of $100 million in financing, DST, led by the international top investment institutions, bertelsmann, warp/weft institutions such as China and perilous peak huaxing with cast, huaxing capital as the sole financial advisor. Previously, staging A wheel to obtain partners China and perilous peak huaxing and angel investors. Staging was founded in 2013, installment shopping service, college students declared independent research and development background of risk control system can maximize the escort for its own business, to improve audit efficiency and maximize the spot fraud risk and default risk. At present its business covers more than 2000 colleges and universities across the country, more than 3000 university students’ reading. Company in Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong, shenzhen, wuhan, nanjing nearly 40 cities to establish a marketing center, and provide additional services such as the door to the.

staging founder wen-jie xiao said, half a year to many size entrepreneurial teams quickly into the market, just half a years from blue ocean to the red sea, the future will be very competitive. The financing in place quickly will consolidate stage in the field of college students in installment shopping advantage, staging music will also increase the risk control, personnel, market investment, quickly establish barriers to competition. At the same time, will continue to provide consumer financial services for college students, and excavate students consumption data value, scope of business to have graduated students, blue-collar and white-collar population expansion. Through data mining and accumulation, will also into consumer finance deeper areas.

this Sunday night at half past six, hunting cloud network in the Milky Way’s SOHO D south 6 layers in offline activities, which are held in this “interest in installment” amith jj, please speak the entrepreneurial public class, talk about “eight months valued at $500 million, are interested can come to yo.

from the defend the turnip to Hong Kong IPO: flying fish five months to complete the listed

science and technology research and development, radish, and beginning with the flying fish formally on Hong Kong stock exchange, stock code 01022. HK, priced at HK $2.2 per share, financing 570.2 million Hong Kong dollars. Flying fish science and technology today opened at hk $2.26, a rise of 2.7% in the price, the market value of about 3.5 billion Hong Kong dollars. Flying fish science and technology on September 16, submit to the Hong Kong IPO prospectus. Prospectus, according to the flying fish run five tour and two hand network game, at the end of June, 24.8 million active users for a month, paying users of mobile phone games, 1.04 million. Adjusted net income of 76.68 million yuan in the first half of this year, in August, announced dividend of RMB 60 million.

, according to the flying fish technology prospectus as of June 30, 2014 in the first half of the flying fish revenue of 129 million yuan science and technology, which comes from mobile gaming revenue of 90 million yuan, accounting for 69.6% of its total revenue, flying fish science and technology main business has turned to mobile games. In 2012, before most of its revenue from web game. Flying fish technology has launched 7 mobile phone game and web game product, and plan to launch in the second half of 2014 to 2014 more independent research and development products, at the same time will further expand overseas markets.

oh, what, this is also true enough fast. Cloud network hunting wish you keep your momentum are lax, warning, go right “angry birds”.

online education big mergers and acquisitions is about to happen! The YY to buy xueda education

reports that YY is working with many famous institutions, and contact with the team for a big acquisition, potential acquisition targets include domestic K12 “leader” xueda education training institutions. As for the concrete stake and specific amount, are temporarily not available. This year 100 education reality, YY in English training into online education, mainly on the toefl, ielts and English cet for single point of breakthrough, power is in August is K12. But is K12 hard to chew, through investment in learning may become a new path.

and under the impact of the online education, xueda education performance continues to decline, this year net profit by positive turn negative. Learn large current market valuation is only $154 million. According to xueda education recently released as of September 30 in the third quarter of fiscal 2014 earnings, according to the third quarter, xueda education total net revenue of $72.6 million, $79.4 million over the same period last year fell 8.6%. A net loss of $9.7 million, and in the same period last year net profit of $1.2 million. In the second quarter of this year, xueda education in the second quarter of the total net revenue of $120.8 million, more than $114.6 million over the same period last year increased by 5.4%; Net income was $15.3 million, $17.2 million over the same period last year fell 11%. In nearly a year, xueda’s share price go all the way, as of yesterday fell to a record low of $2.36, its market value by 68%.

curled her acquisition of xueda education according to? According to? Is it just on their own “China’s largest video live sites”. Turned out to help a group of students with poor grades voice have upgraded voice assistant, to help a group of singing the introduction of dating YY and the neglected god skills. After wash white curled her help low-achieving students get good grades, mom don’t have to worry about my study.

SONY announced Thursday PS4 legal channels version release dates and pricing

SONY companies in China is preparing to launch its PlayStation4 (PS4) video game consoles, to try and catch the growth of the market in China, which has long been a ban on the sale of such equipment. Is: SONY next Thursday (December 11) mercedes-benz culture center in Shanghai held a news conference, will be announced the latest generation of PS4 game release dates and pricing information.

in January this year, as part of the policy adjustment for Shanghai free trade zone, the Chinese government actually cancelled for 14 years of video game sales ban. In September this year, Microsoft has started to sell their Xbox One game in the Chinese market, at the same time, nintendo President satoru iwata said recently, the company also is evaluating market opportunities in China. The PS4 console released nine months since global sales reached 10 million units, set fastest PlayStation video game brand sales record. Analysts said, to enter the Chinese market may further consolidate SONY’s leadership in the industry.

just say that finish to low-achieving students get good grades, SONY, you really good, is mother federation of shelling. That cloud network sympathetic, hunting and advise you children’s shoes, good good study, after work, want to how to play how to play, play to sit subway station is nobody tube you. By the way, the Beijing subway going up in price, and the outbound for more than four hours and be fine.

government auction COINS again, bidders, less than a quarter the last

the federal marshals service said Thursday 50000 COINS auction attracted 11 bidders to participate in, eventually the auctioneer received 27 times the price. In contrast, a currency in June auction attracted 45 bidders and 63 bid. This suggests that investor enthusiasm for the currency is waning. The auction of COINS worth about $19 million, seized the “silk road” website. “Silk road” website in October 2013 were shut down. At that time, according to the justice department has charged the website offers is a drug market trading and other illegal activities. In the five months before the auction, the federal marshals service sold close to 30000 COINS.

the federal marshals service will be released in the United States eastern time on Friday 17:00 the auction winner. Venture capitalists timothy Gerald draper is the only winner of the first auction, he also participated in the auction on Thursday. Despite the federal marshals service does not release, Gerald draper wins in the last bid price, but the currency investors generally believed that the winning bid price than the market value of a currency. As a result, some hope to pick up cheap investors found that participate in the auction without too much significance. The price of the currency of about $370, less than the last sale of about $570.

sold sold and sold. Compare the currency to tencent qq COINS suddenly feel well understood?

12 companies such as millet apple named by Taiwan violate privacy laws

Taiwan’s telecoms regulators in submitted to the local “legislature” said in a report, including apple, millet, samsung, SONY and local manufacturer HTC, 12 handset makers are there is violation of personal information protection law in Taiwan, the future is expected to force the manufacturer rectification. At present has not yet announced a list of all companies were found in violation of the law, and the concrete actions of these companies. Fortunately, regulators hope that in the case of without fines to resolve the problem, so in the future for violations of the response is unlikely to company caused great financial impact of the above. In violation of the company may get a grace period to change their practices.

this is a written warning, anyway don’t fine what of, but the best. Was everyone so hard just to make some money, penalty to punish, manufacturers put the anger on consumers, higher prices, lower quality not good. Well, is cloud network want to much, for technology companies, the fine is spread.

Twitter CEO family trust again underweight half stock

Twitter CEO dick Costello family trust will be the company’s holdings halved again, to speed up the sell-off. After completion of the dump, the number of Twitter share owned by the trust only in early November for the holding of a quarter. Richard Costello, 2001 living trust and laurene Costello, survival trust on December 1, 2001 deals Twitter selling a total of 141730 shares, a profit of $5.68 million. The two trust fund is still holding 141730 shares of Twitter. On November 3rd and November 17, the two trust also sold 283460 shares of Twitter stock, cash of $11.6 million. It is reported, Mr Costello is actively deployed diversification strategy.

Facebook into the network equipment market, in the mobile advertising market next year is still keep the second

yesterday, as rival of cisco, Juniper proudly announced publicly support Facebook network company. Facebook is more and more big, the threat of cisco’s battered for cisco is a kind of new network devices called Wedge, it helps to Facebook into the Ethernet switch market value of $23 billion, and the market is dominated by cisco. The new switch is not the actual production, still stay in the design phase, but Facebook promises will be provided free of charge by the open source computing project. Open source computing project is a new set and buy computer hardware. Anyone can contribute their own design, free to use them, and the order of signing a contract manufacturer.

in both America and the world, Google android and web search, Facebook relies on the mobile end social tools, stole most of mobile advertising share respectively. EMarketer predicted that in 2015, the mobile advertising market in the United States, Google will receive a 35.17% share, Facebook will receive a 16.68% share, two giant will corner the half. In the United States market, yahoo, Twitter became for the third powerful manufacturer. EMarketer predicted that yahoo will receive a 3.74% share of the next year, will be more than 3.69% of Twitter, become the third.

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