Evening news: the Pro prototype exposure, the redwoods to 200 million yuan for xinjiang

cloud network hunting Jan. 5 (text/who)

the Pro prototype exposure

information, according to the pictures of the product thickness between 6.9 to 7.5 mm, there are four integrated speakers. Comprehensive previous rumours, apple is the name of this product is the Pro or the Air Plus, its location is rivals, Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet, main purpose is to take office. The screen is 12.2 or 12.9 inches, appearance is the existing Air and enlarged. Perhaps configuration A8X processor, 2 gb RAM, and Touch the fingerprint identification device ID.

AppleWatch the second issue is China’s, tired, not love. So, these things don’t exposure, and hunting cloud network is just want to quietly, don’t ask me who is quietly.

samsung Smart TV push Tizen system concept, rubbing his net series washing machine

samsung held the conference launched Tizen system, and announced that launched in 2015, all Smart TV with a brand new Tizen operating system platform. New Tizen platform, make the samsung Smart TV become content of building a large part of the ecosystem. Tizen compatible with other equipment, set up with samsung Smart TV as the core of Smart home.

samsung release hand washing machine wash one-stop solution at the same time the new concept of “net” rub washing machine series. Using fusion of soaking and rub function one-piece prewash pool and prewash feed water system, can be simple and quick to prewash. Also have no cleaner can Clean inside the washing machine drum “Self Clean” function, greatly reduce the vibration and noise of VRT technology and use a Smart phone instant confirmation “Smart Care” and other technical fault state.

CES haven’t started, samsung so positive, hunting cloud network think next year’s tax must be no problem, right, is the inheritance tax this year.

Microsoft released a new mobile phone, the emphasis on performance and Internet

Microsoft released its new smartphones nokia 215, it is reported, its official price is $29, the provided functions include Opera mini browser, sharing based on bluetooth technology, and a built-in flashlight and a series of daily function. From the point of parameters, it supports single card 29 days standby time, 20 hours of talk time, 50 hours of MP3 or 45 hours of FM radio broadcast. Microsoft said it would provide green, black, white three color optional, is expected in the first quarter of this year in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and European countries.

high performance-to-price ratio and the Internet, instant thought about one meter. Well, I hope it’s just that I think too much, hunting cloud network is strong nokia complex, after all.

big jiang to discuss a new round of financing: the sequoia 200 million stake in

a new round of funding, xinjiang innovation overall valuations reached 10 billion yuan, sequoia capital for 200 million yuan investment for its 2% stake. At present, large xinjiang innovative products to occupy the global civil small unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) about 70% market share, its sales market mainly concentrated in Europe and the United States, accounting for 80% of the total sales in the past. Xinjiang innovation in B round after may start overseas listing plan in 2015.

uavs you hurry up fly, self-driving car chase after. Mr Bush, where the people are.

Iskn raised $2 million, the paper text electronic

startup Iskn announced that they received $2 million in seed rounds of financing. The financing by Partech Ventures led, CEA Investments, Kima Ventures and Pascal Cagni and cast. They all raise a new type of protective device called iSketchnote, through it can make the device connected with a piece of paper, the other by a special pen to write, to the content of the paper through iSketchnote app shows on the screen. Get what was written by a magnetic ring, users can realize real-time writing and change.

zte yutong passenger car hand in hand to develop new energy automobile market

zte and yutong bus co., LTD. Held a signing, they will be on both sides of the industry and the strategic development planning, in accordance with the “complementary advantages, mutual promotion, future-oriented, mutually beneficial and win-win” principle, give play to their respective advantages, in the key technology of wireless charging of electric vehicle research and industrialization to promote in-depth development in areas such as all-round cooperation, jointly explore new energy automobile market.

tesla let more people to enter a new land, hunting cloud network so take good care of the environment justice, silently support, don’t ask me who is in silence.

general development can predict car trouble for the next generation of intelligent system

gm’s Chevrolet will borrow CES foreign introduce themselves are developing vehicle intelligent system. It is understood that this was still in the stage of development of on-board system will monitor, including battery, fuel pumps, generators, many car parts, through the built-in on-board sensors data back to the onstar server, and then by the server-side preset algorithm to determine the vehicle if everything is normal. If system determine vehicle may exist problem, the system will automatically by applying the E-mail notification, short message and notify the owner. In 2016 is expected to be formally.

360 pushed the independent brand “search”, strengthen the mobile search recognition

360 qi xiangdong, President of today’s mail to the partner, announced the birth of more than two years, 360 search will officially launched their own brand – good search. 360 claims, “search” with independent brand launch, carrying “seven kinds of weapons”, including the shine on a demon mirror, reassuring purchase, conscience medicine, touch the word search and surrounding, kaleidoscope and do talk about, promote the overall search brand more valuable.

no matter you are good search, or quick search, especially in search, have the shadow.

PPTV will set up 2015 PP film

PPTV fan, chairman of the council and published in 2015 development strategy: will invest to build intelligent multiterminal ecology. He also released 2 new business applications of PP and PP radar. And, in 2015 the establishment of PPTV, film and television industry in terms of investment, the specific information disclosed later. PPTV will make life state brand 2015, vertical and landing of the video content and community, and the layout including smart TV, smart wearable devices, mobile phones and even outdoor screen and so on various types of intelligent terminal entrance. ,

well, cloud network and hunting can watch PPTV how do STH over and over again.

Roku announced that work with best buy and haier provide streaming media service

streaming video service Roku announced that will work with best buy and haier. Starting this spring, best buy’s Insignia TV will integrate Roku service brand. And haier will start later this year, sales integration Roku TV service. Roku also announced support for 4 k streaming video, the first partner will be Netflix. The latter began to support 4 k video earlier last year. TCL will be the first support Roku 4 k of streaming media video hardware manufacturers.

melvillo know, lu zhengyu and dynamic view of high-yun fei

alcatel-lucent CEO appointed melvillo know Shanghai bell, the appointment to take effect on January 1, 2015. Melvillo will be based in Shanghai, responsible for domestic and international business, Shanghai bell and alcatel lucent group research and development and the global supply chain operations in China.

the original infiniti, general manager of China joining Letv, lu zhengyu, will become Letv auto China director, report directly to CEO Jia Yueting. Jia Yueting revealed that Letv super car research and development design in silicon valley. Beijing, Los Angeles, the valley will be a “north luo si” line, supporting Letv ecological layout of globalization and the ground.

the news that li resigned as President, the change belongs to the normal position of the group of article wide adjustment, li will continue as Taiwan and wide group chairman, party secretary of not leaving SMG. SMG authorities say, besides the position change, Mr Li in SMG leadership, strategy development and division of work, will not change.

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