Evening news: the charm blue one thousand yuan level market, apple Mac security updates automatically push for the first time

on December 23, hunting cloud network (text/who)

meizu official launch the new brand “spirit” as long as 999

the meizu technology announced the official launch new brands “spirit”, the market will hit $one thousand level. Bai Yongxiang announced synchronous launch new smartphones incarnate the blue Note, this is the third product its published this year, 16 g version sells for 999 yuan, the 32 gb version sells for 1199 yuan. Using “salute the iPhone 5 c” plastic fuselage, and used a similar blue Bai Gonghuang several kinds of the color green. The product on December 23, 17 points in the jingdong, QQ space, meizu website online store, such as the Internet platform to open to booking, and officially listed on December 30 national.

the contention of red and blue decisive open mode, the spirit’s blue conference of ridicule despise red rice. But, from the point of configuration and price, GongMiGuo vulnerable.

Mac security updates automatically push for the first time apple

apple Dong Wei quanta zhongguancun agent Beijing century technology co., LTD boss and his family run to France. Including Beijing bank, bank of communications, minsheng bank, zhongguancun guarantee company, apple distributor digital China and zhongguancun, henan and hebei dozen apple dealers, multiple agencies involved, capital over one hundred million yuan. From the relevant public security bureau of Beijing haidian bureau investigators confirmed, police are now in full pursuit.

seamless update, apple, is this what you said is too good too strong, or not?

constructed at pin guest, fire science and technology, AppCan, JuanPi net financing

enterprise Internet service providers (isps) constructed at pin announced A $50 million C round of financing, the financing by DCM collar, A wheel investment institution IDG capital, B round collar had the school to continue to cast, huaxing capital as the sole financial advisor. It is reported, enjoy pin guest of dispute has launched this month between upstream and downstream enterprise service number off of the system. Next month, will be launched to partner service agents as the core management system. Designed specifically for sales enterprises to reach the overall marketing marketing assistant will be launched in the near future.

happy fire science and technology announced A complete lines for 60 million yuan A round of funding, the investor by fortune venture capital, IDG capital and StarVC, etc. Fire science and technology was founded in 2011, is engaged in the business in the field of intelligent hardware company in shenzhen. Le fire science and technology launched a smart devices called nuts G1, nuts G1 significantly more clear positioning, lock audience in the family. It costs 2399 yuan of nuts G1 is more like a home entertainment terminal projection function.

AppCan recently obtained by lianchuang yong interpretation and pangu buster RMB one hundred million B round and declared open source mobile application engine. Financing obtained after the money will be key for open source operating services. Engine after open source they will focus on its own rich ecological platform plug-in and the application cases, project docking between help developers and business applications. In addition, they will expand to the field of intelligent hardware in 2015, will be the development of mobile applications and intelligent hardware platform, data, and break through publishing platform.

discount sale e-commerce sites JuanPi net announced that obtained by the international top investment institutions softbank saif B round, this round of financing of $35 million. It is understood that JuanPi network had A round at the beginning of 2014, 2014 RMB financing, not 1 years B round and smooth to the account. For the purpose of the funds, JuanPi founder and CEO of Huang Chengsong said will be mainly used for the optimization of product and service experience, strengthen team building, at the same time electricity ecological business will be to try first.

light media video set up joint venture with qihoo 360

the light media announcement, and qihoo 360 signed a “joint venture”, plans to set up a new joint venture company, is mainly used in the operations in China for the end user’s Internet video business Internet platform, give priority to with the movie. Among them, the light media on $48 million as capital contributions, subscribe for 40% of the registered capital of the joint venture company.

qihoo 360 with light media, it indicates that the electric shock, however, with the BAT for a cup of soup.

the taxi software Lyft challenge “carpool”

the taxi software Lyft announced that it will launch AA payment function. User can open the taxi APP, click on the “sharing” button, you can find Chinese friends from mobile phone contacts, mutual share a taxi. At present the most support five intimate friends to share. On AA payment, Lyft move is chasing launch this feature Uber last year.

Uber is good, but always ask for something, always be banned. So it was Lyft catch up slowly, haiyan, you can be long snacks!!!!

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