Evening news: the ant gold charged jun is, Intel Vuzix for $24.8 million

hunting cloud network on January 4th (text/who)

ant gold is suit to prosecute king

ant gold suit to Inner Mongolia jun on the said arbitration commission, pay the capital contribution under this agreement. In October 2013, celestica fund two shareholders at that time, the listed company Inner Mongolia jun is announced, the ant gold suit and celestica fund shareholders framework agreement, the ant gold suit to celestica fund 1.18 billion yuan, and Inner Mongolia jun is also will spend 69.43 million yuan capital and celestica fund.

Inner Mongolia jun is out of the total 4.5 billion acquisition of huatai insurance more than a 15% stake, but couldn’t get the $69.43 million endowment celestica fund, it obviously is not logical. Consider the fear, so, hunting cloud network did not think, more than that, time will slowly pull out.

wanda electricity business new capital injection, the valuation of 20 billion 4 times in 4 months

reports that two Internet outside investment funds will be invested 1 billion yuan, for a 5% stake in wanda electrical contractor. This means that within 4 months of wanda electronic business valuation has amounted to 20 billion yuan, has quadrupled. In 2014, on August 29, wanda, tencent and baidu announced the e-commerce companies incorporated in Hong Kong, a total investment of 5 billion yuan, including wanda has a 70% stake, tencent and baidu has a 15% stake.

Intel’s $24.8 million investment in smart glasses manufacturer Vuzix

Vuzix announced the intelligent equipment manufacturers, Intel has invested $24.8 million in the firm, to speed up the launch of intelligent glasses. Vuzix said in a statement, Intel acquired preferred shares in the company. The preferred stock can be converted into common Vuzix is 30%.

Italian fashion brand said Andrea cooperate with Intel to develop intelligent glasses, fashion and technology together, help the wearer to access information about health and location. Intel and also watch retailer Fossil Group and the brand Opening taking cooperation, development of wearable computing devices, for example with the function of communication, wireless charging fashion bracelets.

wearable devices is a trend, Intel, so hard Google made? Cloud network appreciate your hunting, way of doing things more pay attention to fashion, beauty fashion women, love will be your food?

SONY or will be released at the CES new Walkman music player

this year’s American international consumer electronics show (CES), a sign outside of the Las Vegas convention center, according to new products. SONY Walkman brand will be released. This new product is going to be a SONY classic design, including black shell with radian, golden headset connector, and unusual button layout: play/pause, and the keys are in the side of the switch songs.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, this might be the SONY ZX1 follow-up products, while the ZX1 cost up to $841 in the UK.

alcatel in CES will launch Pixi 3 series mobile phones and cheap One Touch watches

Pixi series smart phones can run Android, Firefox 3 and Windows Phone operating system, the user can free choice. This series of four kinds of screen size: 3.5 inches, 4 inches and 3.5 inches and 5 inches. 3.5 inch version supports 3 g networks, the size of the other version support 4 g LTE network.

“WATCH” will use the similar to Moto 360 circular dial is designed, and the bottom of the screen still leaves a piece of “defect”. The main function of alcatel said, “WATCH” for activity monitoring, notifications and music control, etc. In addition, the “WATCH” will have a variety of colors and styles for customers to choose. As can be seen from the figure, or there will be silica gel and metal strap version.

Micromax plans IPO raised $500 million

one of India’s biggest mobile phone manufacturer Micromax Informatics has started to choose investment Banks, helping the company completed in India’s domestic ipos, plans to raise $500 million at most. The news that the Micromax of Morgan Stanley and Goldman sachs have been selected for responsible for the company’s IPO.

Twitter native video service details

according to the file online exposure, “Twitter” video player can host the longest 10 minutes of video, for there is no limit to the file size, will initially supports mp4 and mov file format. However, the player can’t edit the video. In addition, Twitter video player does not support YouTube or other video web site hosting, support only the content of their service.

in order to fight against YouTube, you are also pretty spell, your eldest brother to go, worry when hunting cloud network can have lost momentum?

departure tide in the New Year, the first wave of start-ups

sohu, senior vice President, fang in internal sent a thank-you note, officially ended in sohu’s 11-year career. For leaving reason, fang says: “March 14 years I suffered severe depression, always can’t work for the company, during is much better now, but it is also the said leave.” Had earlier reports that its because of the body to rest.

net qin in Twitter, in a news release announcing the company enterprise communication director Kim Titus decided to retire, and said, “I wish he plain sailing” in the field of entertainment. Kim Titus is net head qin, senior director, business communication, to join the network in samsung electronics is responsible for the pr department before the qin dynasty.

the original alibaba group vice President tao ran to quickly take a taxi, served as senior vice President, will be entirely responsible for marketing, public communication and business cooperation, etc, and directly report to the chairman and CEO Lv Chuanwei.

on the eve of jingdong’s listed suspicious of the joint chiefs of staff chairman guo-qing zhao jingdong, in the financial industry, the Internet wave of entrepreneurship. By chongqing department store, sunshine property, wumart holding, the bank of several joint investment of listed companies, such as guo-qing zhao as chief executive.

the mobile payment service providers of Square design executives brokaw, departure, according to the analysis may be related to product line change. This suggests that the rise of apple in the mobile payment market has been the impact on the industry produced a chain reaction.

New Year new atmosphere, cloud network hunting New Year wish you good luck to.


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