Evening news: super speakers won tens of millions of little wisdom financing, ma dong mingzhu challenge

on January 8, hunting cloud network (text/who)

little wisdom super speakers won tens of millions of yuan A + round

domestic artificial intelligence startups get entropy intelligent officially receive tens of millions of yuan A + round of financing, the investor for GSR ventures. Little wisdom super speakers gather entropy intelligence is the main product, the product can realize the remote intelligent speaker voice interaction, the core functions of intelligent voice interaction, high quality wifi speakers, voice control intelligent household, and at jingdong starting from 27th of this month. Gather entropy smart CEO He Yong said that this round of financing is mainly used in artificial intelligence technology research and development and production of the goods required.

peer-to-peer lending site of Faircent founded in June the wholesale funding

India P2P lending site Faircent recently for vc, corporate valuation of $4 million. Faircent catered to a retail and commercial loan demand of the market, the pattern can make the agency costs to a minimum, so as to benefit the user. Borrowers will be able to communicate directly with the lender, negotiate rates and terms and conditions of the loan term, and finally reach an agreement. Borrowers and lenders need to pay for one, called “listing fee”. New money will be used to strengthen the construction of technology, talent introduction and branding. In addition, Faircent will and other lending platforms such as I – Lend, MicroGraam, reaching De and Milaap sharing P2P lending space.

dong mingzhu named challenge ma

chairman dong mingzhu, gree’s talk show “the best guy will”, the host asked yuan yue asked which bosses to relay with her challenges, ma dong mingzhu immediately roll call, and this is the ms dong lei jun after 1 billion, once again challenge bosses of science and technology. Dong mingzhu also claims that gree do destroy millet mobile phone every minute. This is the shell millet beauty is the liars, announced two to get rid of the bad brand all evacuation plan, released by dong mingzhu malicious words again and again and again.

dong aunt always grab headlines recently, what to do with Mr Wang. Millet is hunger marketing, marketing jingdong is gossip, gree is big marketing?

wanda started 2015 university students business plan

wanda group released 2015 annual support college students business plan and will continue to invest 50 million yuan of money, provide 50 wanda plaza shops, boost fresh university graduate of 100 reach their dreams. At present, the startup project covering drinks, desserts, snacks, high-quality goods, such as a variety of formats, the vast majority of start-ups has stable operation, 95% of the venture project sales flat effect higher than other similar shops in the square, on average, flat effect. College students entrepreneurial project record sales of 42000 yuan, the highest monthly sales of 300000 yuan.

friends, half the rent, water and electricity is free yo this attractive, grasping the opportunity to try it on.

lost jobs for the first time the company history

cloud notes developers, the company has cut about 20 people, hoping to increase revenue in 2015. The layoffs including Austin, product director, and some of the engineers, designers, and support and quality assurance staff. Concerns that the company may even close our office in Austin, the main responsible for developing Skitch and Scannable, etc. But the company said that they will continue to develop Scannable in Austin.

hunting cloud network friendship remind related companies in China, people can choose from these cuts in a hey, lay off, after all, not because of not good enough, but the location is not suitable.

Intel released the world smallest computer

Intel released the world’s smallest Windows PC Compute Stick, size only as a U disk, can connect any TV or display to form a complete PC. Through the HDMI plug connection between it and display devices. The only 4 inches (10 cm) computer installed with Windows 8.1 operating system, 2 gb of memory, the 32 gb hard drive, users can also through the microSD card slot extension storage, access to the Internet via wi-fi. Of course, the user needs to be equipped with bluetooth keyboard mouse as an input device. Compute Stick sells for $149, plus a $89 running Linux version for users to choose.

American operators AT& T also launch flow not reset policy

AT& T announced plans to “share mobile value-added” of new users and existing users, will launch a new policy – users monthly doesn’t use Internet data traffic, can automatically roll in next month, AT& T will not charge any additional fees. In December last year, America’s fourth largest Mobile operator t-mobile launched this kind of service.

cloud network unable to hunt poking fun at China’s three carriers, moving die is expensive, telecom can’t buy more models of mobile phones, relatively speaking, unicom is pretty good yo.

unicom was revealed loopholes in call records or to users of information

on vulnerability platform clouds white hat submitted a “stranger a” entitled “China unicom loopholes in one system” of information, through this hole can query any user call records, SMS sending and receiving records, the geographical position and landed on social accounts, etc., the hazard rating is “high”, has been to a third party vendor (many countries Internet emergency center) for processing.

you also enough is enough, unicom, had just finished kua you, spluttered pa hit my face, good pain…

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