Evening news: nokia acquired panasonic wireless network, ZhiYun such as the financing

cloud network hunting Jan. 7 (text/who)

nokia acquired panasonic wireless network sales department

nokia communication announcement, said it has completed the panasonic system network technology co., the wireless network of acquisition work in the sales department. The acquisition includes panasonic LTE/3 g wireless base stations system wireless equipment business and related business; Panasonic wireless network department of fixed assets, customers and business contract will be transferred to the nokia Japan branch network. In addition, also includes more than 300 employees to panasonic.

nokia version legal channels N1 tablet on sale tomorrow

nokia released the first android tablet N1. The 7.9 -inch 2048 x 1536 resolution the 4:3 ratio of IPS screen, gorilla glass, the third generation and used the oxidation of aluminum fuselage, the machine weighs only 318 grams, the thickness of 6.9 mm. Performance, N1, with a 2.3 GHz Intel 64 Z3580 quad-core processors. Built-in 2 gb of RAM, 32 gb ROM, running the latest android 5.0 system, with a built-in Nokia Z starter the Launcher. N1 front rear 5 million pixels 8000000 megapixel camera, built-in 5300 mah battery. The N1 tablet Air China edition is priced at 1599 yuan, on January 8, 12 points for online buying, formally on January 28th the delivery.

360 joint venture was established in 200 million and lei

360 officially confirmed, 360, the company has invested two hundred million yuan and lei, the creation of a new joint venture into intelligent router Internet market together. A new generation of 360 large family experience 49 times version optimized routing P1, will be officially listed within one week. It is understood that the joint venture company will be 360, founder of zhou as chairman, shenzhen lei l ‘oudon industrial co., LTD., senior vice President, became the new CEO of the company.

Roland berger, a former executive joined Letv

the original not rick o wood, executive director of Roland berger management abulimt has joined the music, and music as the controlling strategy planning and management, vice President and director of the presidents office. It is reported that I love you will be entirely responsible for after joining Letv group global strategic planning and strategic operations management, report directly to CEO Letv Jia Yueting. Now see some of the business has been done adjust, such as the same pictures to Mr. Zhang, enjoyed sports to LeiZhenJian, music cloud computing by Dr Yeoh is responsible for the management and so on.

all ZhiYun, zero line for financing

in the field of domestic mobile DSP startup ZhiYun announced the complete amount to $10 million in A round of funding, the investor to bertelsmann Asian investment funds. As early as in its inception in 2012, all ZhiYun announced for quota is said to have super angel of tens of millions of yuan investment, but investors have yet to be announced.

after A round of sequoia capital investment, catering delivery platform zero line was successfully received $30 million in 2014 by the end of the series B financing, led by tecent, sequoia and gobi with shots. This is tencent in the distribution, focus on pure online investment for the first time in the field of food delivery details now has not been disclosed. Zero line will be mainly used for the current financing team expansion, new urban development, and improve service quality, 15 years is expected to cover 15-20 cities.

mediatek push Android TV 4 k TV chip

mediatek and Google announced the common development and carry out of the world’s first Android TV smart TV system of the operating system (SoC) MT5595 single chip solutions. Using the chip of Android TV smart TV to watch movies on Google Play, entertainment, can also with 4 k image chang Android games. In addition, all the Android TV equipment support Google Cast Ready, users will be able to move the contents of the projection equipment to the television.

file transfer of new technology: a solid film qing three seconds passed out

startup Keyssa the development of a new technology that allows users in a short span of time in less than five seconds can complete the transfer of large files, and no plug-in equipment. Keyssa development of the so-called “kiss type connection” technology allows the user to a device with another device gently knock, can transmit information back and forth between the two devices, which to some extent is similar to the near field communication technology, but the transmission speed is faster. In essence, this technique is to use high frequency radio transmission of information between the two devices.

the magic sound will Beats and HTC to court

Beats previous partner magic sound today it to court, accused it stole the magic sound headphone technology research and development, at the same time Beats and HTC contract fraud charges. Magic sound claimed that Beats co-founder Jimmy ai Owen and Dr. Dre intentionally conceals the magic sound understandably scarce headset design and technology research and development, as well as the magic sound ever offer Beats about technology, manufacturing, distribution and the actual sales training knowledge of the facts. The magic sound Noel lee’s chief executive, said a technique used to Beats headphones is developed by the he and the company, and then use by Beats piracy.

the magic sound of lawyer, California law firm Cotchett, Pitre & amp; McCarthy’s Joseph chet said the sound Beats and the magic’s five-year production and distribution before the contract expires, HTC to Beats invested $300 million in 2011; Mr. Owen and Dr. Dre to buy back the company in 2013; And Beats to sell apple again, all of these transactions is shameless behavior, because the Beats in playing tricks of change in control stole the magic sound investment and work. Upon expiration of the partnership, the Beats never will the magic sound for years investment in the Beats is handed over to the sound.


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