Evening news: love learn loan, the financing toys Xiong Weishi, extension, medical, etc

hunting cloud network January 12 (text/who)

installment shopping platform for college students love to learn the wheel A $40 million loan financing

staging platform college students love to learn loan has recently completed A round of funding. Insiders disclosed that love to learn the financing amount to us $40 million loan. In December 2012, love to learn get angel financing loans. Installment shopping platform as college students, love to learn loan formally launched last August, and at the end of September sales of millions. The platform user threshold is rather low, college students consumption only with id and student id card can be easily by stages.

smart teddy bears firms raised $400000

a smart toy bear maker has just received $400000 in seed investment, but also attracted $716000 of booking order. Toy Xiong Weishi (Teddy the Guardian) released last year when the first generation product, can be in the hospital monitoring the vital signs of children. The new products are planning to use mobile applications can understand children’s heart rate and body temperature, compared with other monitoring methods more easily accepted by children.

MatchMove Pay for Japan’s Credit Saison investment

Singapore mobile payment platform MatchMove Pay announced recently received a “significant” investment, led the way for Japan’s financial services according to plot Credit Saison, according to sources, the investment amount to about $30 million, also GMO Venture Partners, a Venture capital is also involved in the investment. Company to obtain the investment will be mainly used in two directions, they will invest half used in product development, the other half of the money will be used for the expansion of business around the world.

billiton rui health gain fortune venture capital being A round

service animal hospital of the third party testing platform completed from fortune venture capital is 10 million yuan RMB A round of funding, valued at 80 million yuan. Rio tinto ray detection is specialized in animal disease diagnosis technology and product development and production, its ray detection provides testing services including biochemical and routine inspection, medical, genetic and genetic testing, immune detection, microbial detection, etc.

ali in the investment of 5.7 billion, to build “alibaba city”

incheon is currently on an investment consultation with alibaba, common financing plan of 1 trillion won (RMB 5.73 billion) in the incheon free economic zone construction of island forever 1 million ㎡ large shopping centers, hotels, logistics center, etc., make south Korean city “alibaba”. Related, according to people familiar with the “alibaba investment incheon free economic zone can significantly ease holds the government’s financial crisis, although in incheon is actively negotiate with alibaba, but did not formally identified investment.”

bao cheng shares will increase 2.46 billion acquisition of video game company

if treasure share scheme set to raise 2.46 billion yuan, mainly used for the acquisition of tao le network technology (shenzhen) co., LTD. And Beijing zhonglian film and TV culture transmission co., LTD. 100% stake. Tao le network is founded by tencent co-founder has li qing game company, and zoomlion transmission is made “little time” and other films. Bao cheng shares resumed today.

Beijing will be transformed street lamps for electric car battery charging pile

Beijing has carried out reform pilot lamp charging pile, through the street lamp energy saving after transforming power saving capacity to support electric vehicle charging. “Street lamp + charging pile” model is expected to solve limits the popularization of the electric vehicle charging problem. At present, the first batch of pilot has begun to transform street lamp charging pile, is located in changping district of Beijing in dense north road 88 streetlights on transformed from the traditional high pressure sodium lamp LED lights, to save the enough capacity to support a dozen pure electric car charging at the same time.

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