Evening news: Letv to make electric cars, millet launched air purifier


pay treasure to purse on-line fingerprint payment, taobao double 12 shopping can be 5 discount

alipay wallet version 8.4 today online, support the iPhone more than 5 s, operating system, iOS 8 or more mobile phone, the user can use fingerprint payment function after the upgrade. Pay treasure to purse fingerprint payment function is based on the iPhone TouchID hardware security level fingerprint verification technology, the fingerprint data management, encryption, authentication and storage in the iPhone’s hardware security chip, no one can get related information.

alibaba announced today that offline nearly 2, 100 brands, will participate in double 12 activities, on December 12, the day use alipay payment wallet can play 5 fold, covering restaurant, dessert, bakery, supermarkets, convenience stores and other places of multiple daily consumption. In addition, on the day of December 12, a taxi nationwide use alipay payment wallet, there are two opportunities free fare. Nearly 5 discount m a restaurant. In supermarkets, convenience stores, shopping 5 fold. In major cities across the country a vending machine, can use pay treasure to purse more 1 cents to buy drinks.

I use android, so can’t rob fingerprint paid a fresh experience. Cloud network hunting roughly calculated that a taxi, eating, shopping, can save more than 200 pieces, earn more than one day. Then there is no then, why would ShuangShiEr on Friday…

millet launched air purifier: 899 yuan today presold

millet today officially launched air purifier, the size of 26 cm * 26 cm * 73.5 cm, 8 kg weight, the official said the air purification capacity of 406 m3/h, priced at 899 yuan. 18 began when booking tonight, on December 16, officially on sale.

millet air purifier is equipped with two electric motor, Japan respectively responsible for convulsions and air supply, the aerodynamic design of four independent air duct, by filtering and wind circulation, purify the area of 48.7 ㎡. The bucket three layer filter, 360 ° in the wind, toray H11 HEPA filter, high quality coconut shell activated carbon. Millet, officials said the purifier PM2.5 filtering capacity by 99.99%, 91% formaldehyde filtering ability. At the same time, the mesh expired purifier automatically reminds, mesh price 149 yuan. Support a key quickly, able to quickly complete the purifier connected to the phone; Support mobile phone remote control. By mobile phone APP to the state of air air purifier in the environment.

does not consider technical factors, but in terms of price, I am still interested. I’m a quiet man is full of artistic breath.

Jia Yueting public’s plan: le regard to make electric cars

happy networks CEO Jia Yueting released today, weibo said Letv’s plan will be copied Letv ecological pattern of vertical integration to redefine the car, through the completely independent research and development, to create the best Internet intelligent electric cars, car Internet ecosystem is established. New energy vehicles, the network has exposed Letv LeCar concept map and concept map display, in addition to the selling point of the new energy, the window of the car is concentrated in the backseat set “Letv touch screen, the screen connected to the Internet, the Internet of things, car audio system and content services, games, entertainment, and shopping, office, smart home, intelligent security and so on.

auto production involves complex upstream and downstream industry chain link, Letv may now also does not have the financial support, the resource integration and so on various aspects of the comprehensive strength, Letv independent on the progress of building cars, remains to be seen Jia Yueting concrete planning the next. From le miniaturization: today’s stock market performance, stock price 39.39 yuan, up 6.86%, 6.05% amplitude. Yesterday morning, le networks opened 30 trading was halted trading in the future will harden, then after a short drive plate seal harden, closed at 36.86 yuan.

go abroad gold-plated back, immediately on the tall, jia boss. Hunting cloud network hereby apply for new car test drive, will you please?

sichuan changhong intends to sell the rainbow communications co, reshape the handset business

sichuan changhong today’s announcement, announced publicly sell a 45% stake in the rainbow communication. Changhong changhong, a subsidiary of Hong Kong will also be the public sale of chongqing and shenzhen keihin rainbow both 13.5% stake. To show that sichuan changhong will according to public way (including but not limited to auction, bidding, etc) to sell more than equity. After the sale, will be organizing the team to carry out the mobile phone business, reshape changhong mobile phone industry influence and competitiveness. Statement of assets evaluation, according to the situation in sichuan changhong intends to transfer the rainbow communication of a 45% stake in the market value of 76.77 million yuan. Hong Kong changhong intends to transfer of chongqing and shenzhen rainbow keihin a 13.5% stake in the market value of 5.5197 million yuan and 8.2311 million yuan respectively. Total value of about 90 million yuan.

around company intelligence strategy, changhong has identified the changhong mobile phone “safety, coordination, good health,” the core technology research and development direction, and formed a corresponding smartphone r&d and market the core team, the asset sales company mobile phone business will not cause adverse effect, is beneficial to the future of the company mobile phone industry continued healthy development, is in the interests of all shareholders. After the sale, the rainbow communication will no longer be included in the consolidated company. As of announcement date, the company there is no rainbow communication guarantee for the country, there is no entrusted the rainbow communication financial situation, there is no the rainbow communication takes up the funds of listed companies.

my first TV is changhong, changhong has not been used for mobile phone. So still feel bad focus on TV? The za is a year of the company, innovation ability needs to improve.

10 years statements issued by the alipay, credit card or for ali platform

on December 8, pay treasure to give yourself ten years old birthday, bill has sent you ten years. Let users are interested in the alipay statement to launch new features, namely, “I went to 2024”. According to user’s ability to spend money in the past ten years, financing ability, network strength, credit, money and so on several indicators, it is concluded that the predicted value of the individual wealth 2024. Although only entertainment, but can be viewed as the individual credit and financing ability, another dimension consumption ability evaluation. At the same time puts forward the viewpoint that “credit is equal to wealth”.

this function may be ali credit card of preheating and booster. Joint China citic bank, ali has introduced virtual credit card, but was in March this year, again no response. July day cat that has brought the installment purchase, like jingdong ious, provide credit services for users, but both sides have made it clear that the service is not credit services. But with the development of financial innovation, virtual credit shall not drown. According to ali scheme for the financial sector, once the regulatory changes will inevitably choose to enter.

I my hand is out of control, checked the bill should be the otaku one prick silk, don’t say, has already been crying dizzy in the toilet.

where is the father? Family location application Life360 will go to China

headquarters is located in the south of San Francisco market position tracking application Life 360, the family has revealed is seeking partners, intend to enter the Chinese market next year. Currently Life360 has been introduced in many countries around the world, and including English, Spanish, grapes and language and other languages. Life is a span 360 iOS, Android and Windows mobile applications, can at any time to check the location of the family.

by Life360 application, parents can see children’s position at any time, don’t worry about go to some places shouldn’t. Besides positioning, Life360 on security and communication are in place, the user can seek immediate service, looking for a nearby hospital or the police or and messages or message communication between family members, and so on. The biggest difficulties is that all materials are now using Google maps, because Google maps cannot be used in China, they are looking for other possible alternative partners. At the same time also will work with intelligent hardware manufacturers in 2015, launched the intelligent hardware.

father go? Then, where is the father? Finally, the father came back. You slowly find my father go to, I’m going to play “to”.

ma cook for time magazine’s person of the year 2014 the final selection

the time magazine recently released “2014 person of the year” final list of candidates, eight finalists include alibaba group founder jack ma and apple CEO Tim? The cook. Time magazine editor-in-chief, Nancy? Gibbs will be discovered in the United States on Wednesday morning, local time “person of the year 2014” ultimate choice, time magazine will be sharing the results on Twitter and Facebook.

jack ma landing was not surprising: alibaba group listed in nyse, this year in the U.S. stock market the largest ever IPO. Cook a finalist is understandable: Apple launched the iPhone this year 6 and 6 Plus domestic mobile phones, Apple smart Watch and Watch Apple Pay payment platform, and become the most valuable again at the end of November “the world”, cook himself a high-profile “coming out” and become the first openly gay sexual orientation “fortune 500” CEO.

you are a celebrity, I only the person’s name. Living in Beijing, no background, only a shadow. Hunting at cloud network and Courier friendly voice: “who, you bought in taobao to apple.” Ah, I and Mr. Ma cook have friendship, bite the apple discovered, is the distance of a kidney.

Google cloud platform to join Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 support

Google announced that Google cloud platform service began to new Microsoft License Mobility, Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition and Chrome RDP support. Microsoft License Mobility is to help users to migrate Microsoft License file Server application tools, such as SQL Server, SharePoint Server, Exchange Server, etc. Add support for the tool, the user will be able to transform the current is using Windows server and run applications, without additional licensing fees spending migrated to Google cloud platform. At the same time, the Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition joined Google cloud Server operating system support, but is still a beta version. Google said that now there are still a large number of users in the use of Windows server to provide services, so hope to be able to open in the Google cloud platform to support for Microsoft products and deployment capabilities.

McDonald’s in the United States pushed the touch screen menu “customize”

this fiscal third quarter, the company’s revenue fell 30%. Thompson admits his company in compete with other rivals, lack of appeal for teenagers. So, the world’s largest fast food chain McDonald’s finally sit still, in its stores quickly launched a “customize” menu of personalized services. Before the “Create Your Taste” pilot project is only a small number of McDonald’s restaurant in California. However, McDonald’s has announced in the next year will be a rapidly expanding to 2000 stores, it also means that in the United States to the house of the seven McDonald’s can be fast food collocation the be fond of according to the customer.

Salesforce.com director is YouTube CEO

Google senior vice President Susan wojcicki has officially joined the board of directors of the Salesforce.com. Considered analysis, wojcicki join will be able to put himself a decade of experience to the growing business of online advertising Salesforce.com the enterprise software company, which is looking to help customers improve the ability of management online marketing business. Wojcicki is currently the CEO of Google’s YouTube video website, after joining the board of directors of the Salesforce.com, she became the company’s board of directors, 11 is also following the biopharmaceutical company GileadSciences CFO – the second woman after Washington director robin.

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