Evening: net jingdong and a $148 million investment


way cattle net jingdong a $148 million investment, such as

way cattle travel network announced today with hony, jingdong mall, ctrip subsidiary “ctrip investment” and the way the cow executives shares subscription agreement has been signed, road cow will sell $148 million of newly issued shares to the investors. According to the share subscription agreement, hony, jingdong, ctrip investment way cattle, chairman and chief executive in Kingston and way cattle YanHaiFeng chief operating officer, agree with $50 million, $50 million, $15 million, $16.5 million and $16.5 million subscribe cattle class A common stock. Subscription price of $4.0203 a share, namely the American depositary receipts of $12.061 a share. Subscription price for the 10 trading days prior to the signing of the agreement way cattle American depositary receipts the average of the daily closing price, with American depositary receipts and common to adjust the exchange rate. The five trading days prior to the subscription price is agreement has been signed way cattle American depositary receipts daily closing price represents a 3.19% premium over average.

apple mass block Flash Player

due to security issues, apple decided on Mac OS X system remote block Adobe Flash Player, version to older, up to the latest came just a few days. Apple users in the use of Safari visit Flash content, will see the plug-in has been intercepted, Flash, Flash security warnings hint information such as date. Apple does not use this way to inform the user security bulletins, because apple thinks it’s efficiency is too low, the user may not notice, direct plug-in interception tools, through the network can remote update, and directly blocking Flash Player if you have any questions.

what safety issues are, this pour is not specified. Not going to last, I just remembered up yan zhao door event.

domestic fake Apple Watch appeared: pick up android

although distance Apple listed and Watch for a long time, but there has been a domestic manufacturers introduced a shanzhai products, even already listed. This kind of fake Apple Watch named “Aiwacth”, aesthetic and Apple Watch similar degree is extremely high. This watch adopted magnesium alloy shell, the machine running android system, support the watch phone, you can find the phone book, see the SMS, QQ, WeChat, etc. In addition, it can also have a pedometer, sleep management and so on movement function and can realize the mobile phone is missing, the remote photos, etc.

BUT, how can hunt cloud network, it is like a piece of cheap digital watches. How can take you put force to take you fly?

news that qihoo 360 will buy shenzhen mobile phone giant

qihoo 360 the company has decided to denounce is gigantic endowment of more than 50, one hundred million yuan to buy a smart phone companies in shenzhen in full, but people familiar with the matter declined to purchase the manufacturer name. According to the latest disclosure qihoo 360 Q3 financial data show that more than $1.6 billion in cash reserves on its book. From the weibo content of qihoo 360 chairman zhou, past and one plus, many meizu, zte mobile phone manufacturers such as interaction, also reported earlier qihoo 360 should seriously consider the investment, also in shenzhen mobile phone manufacturers cool.

China auto rental will enter the field of “car”

in drops a taxi and Uber successively got new financing at the same time, the new participants also join them. At present, the traditional car rental platform “shenzhou car” is closed beta stage, and in places such as Beijing, tianjin, guangdong, xi ‘an to recruit the driver. Recruiting information for car drivers have a “good sense of service, skilled driving technology, familiar with the roads”, asked the driver has more than five years in actual driving experience, and $6500 starting salary + commission is given. Hunting cloud network to know, the Beijing municipal committee in the release of it is strictly prohibited to car rental companies provide convenience for illegal operation notice, after the business about car rental platform attitude is still not clear. Policy uncertainty is bigger industry development next year.

today, the beauty of the cloud network hunting company is love carpooling, from downtown Beijing to the side, remove is favorable, as long as the $26. Price too nima cost-effective, such as the subway, you and I together carpool?

intelligent chat Google Hangouts, identifiable conversation message

a few days ago, Google Hangouts android client are a major upgrade, the first integrated voice assistant GoogleNow analysis of intelligent push technology, can identify the chat content (such as “where are you now?” ), and timely information to users according to help chat. Chat and voice assistant integration, undoubtedly opened a huge innovation space. For example if the content of the chat between friends is “where to go to eat at noon? , so Google can timely push information about food and restaurant near two friends. Chat Hangouts, in other words, as well as the activities of the participants, will become the Google Internet services one entrance and location. Working document, for example, if a user discussion, Hangouts can also show the smartphone in the list of office documents.

Google it’s too late? Too, after all, not too late, hunting cloud network like you yo.

Windows 10 consumer preview reveal that integrated application of new Xbox

the latest preview version of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system has leaked on the Internet on Sunday. It is reported, new Windows 10 system will focus on consumer characteristics. The leaking Windows 10 consumer preview (9901) reveals the changes of the new Windows 10 ahead of time. The leaked preview Windows 10 consumers, according to the latest version of Windows 10 integrates the Xbox applications and voice assistant ke tower na. Microsoft also for TaskView button in the Windows 10 added new features. By updating the Settings application, with the control panel to make it look very similar, Microsoft seems to be started to give up the traditional control panel. In addition, the set up button is also clear from the super button.

by the built-in a new beta applications, Microsoft has also adjusted the preview Windows 10 (9901) of Windows app store. Different from the current 10 app store Windows, the new version of the app store music and movies, TV programs and applications and games. This could mean that Microsoft is making Xbox Music and Xbox Video store integrated into the main Windows app store.

overseas play will be broadcast delay half year next year

from 2014 Chinese film and TV art innovation summit, according to the news of next year introduce overseas play the window of the lag of about half a year or so, that is viewed in overseas the play at the end of may. That several video sites, so the introduction of the jet lag will lead to domestic piracy problems come back, now, chief of website of a few big video also is seeking responses and cooperate with departments to do a good job of safeguarding rights anti-piracy together. Next year because of the administration of radio, film and the implementation of the outer limit, introduce requirement to video web site to buy overseas play overseas content must hold relevant certificates of the fans and fan of south Korean television dramas first synchronous catch up overseas has been unable to achieve big hits.

show can’t see, felling happy. To find new Oriental to learn English well, moved to the United States, that’s a good idea, see if over there. English has always been my super pain points.

SONY pictures warning media shall not release the information stolen, SONY mobile downsized workers pull banners protesting

SONY pictures to send to the media a three page letter, request published news organizations do not have the company was hacked private information. The New York times and The Hollywood Reporter has received The letter, SONY hired a famous lawyer David boies said in The letter, these “stolen information” must be destroyed, and cannot be released. SONY said, if the media agencies to ignore, the company will “have no choice, you must be investigated using and spreading leaked information leads to the damage and loss responsibility”.

this morning, dozens of SONY mobile employees at SONY mobile communications tower in Beijing before public protest banners downsizing process, process without consultation. According to understand, this is Beijing SONY mobile announced job cuts in November after the second employee protest actions. SONY mobile employees, according to China since November layoffs never open consultation process, employees are satisfied with the indemnity clause does not. At present, more than 700 staff who was laid off in 200 in the process, layoffs and forcibly closed down some accounts, let his departure.

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