Evening: micro letter gala bonus scheme exposure, Uber or IPO next year

hunting cloud network on December 30th (text/who)

WeChat gala bonus scheme exposure

a few days ago, a micro letter red envelopes of investment promotion file. , according to the document, the Spring Festival of 2015 WeChat will work with the CCTV Spring Festival gala, during the Spring Festival gala show on the host population, let the audience “shake” grab a red envelope, red envelopes is sponsored by a number of advertising brands, grab the red envelopes will show “XXX company sent you a red envelope”. This means that WeChat Lucky Money started from users’ personal behavior to the enterprise marketing behavior. With the aid of to enterprise marketing platform, micro letter also began to seek to liquidate, becomes the enterprise’s marketing tools.

social platform become advertising platform, like weibo, will be people abandon. Red envelope has year after year, this year much more special, hunting cloud network wait for micro letter, weibo filled up shit accidentally. And all day in my circle of friends of advertising, at the end of the year, do you want to pay the rent?

Uber and growing company or an IPO next year

vc database CB Insights said, in the valuation of more than $1 billion in start-up companies, there are 42 May consider an IPO in 2015, including a Uber, valuation of the company’s latest round of finance has more than $40 billion. Real estate rental site reality is also selected. There were rumours that the $13 billion valuation of the company. Cloud storage service Box and Dropbox, social media website Pinterest and payment services Square and Stripe, valued at $10 billion in burn after reading chat application Snapchat, tesla CEO elon musk’s rockets vehicle also made the list.

IPO this year the most attention to the alibaba, that’s let us collective chanting “baba” moment of glory. Well, I do the vanity peaks. Cloud network and whether the Uber hunting over alibaba.

storm technology prospectus exposure huawei investment for its fifth largest shareholders

storm technology has updated the prospectus, the prospectus shows that huawei investment holding co., LTD., as the promoter shareholders, 3.89% of the shares, in the fifth largest shareholder. President of huawei ren zhengfei holds a huawei investment 1.01% stake, and the legal representative of the huawei investment suggest she is chairman of huawei. The tempest technology IPO financing amount mainly will be used in the “Internet hd video service platform of upgrading and expansion projects” and “mobile video service system development project”, the investment amount of 490 million yuan and 19.6 million yuan respectively.

the two together, let cloud network hunting think of millet endowment thunderbolt, investment best love in the matter.

CCTV finance launch “entrepreneurial hero”, a business reality

three entrepreneurial teams, two mentors, the risk of the investors, this is CCTV financial channel, the new youth entrepreneurship self-help program “entrepreneurial hero hui” configuration. The show had invited Mr Liu, Mr Yu, lei jun famous mentors and dozens of professional angels, together for entrepreneurs to build the dream stage. Sat each episode, the two mentors, entrepreneurial challenger three through project roadshow, meet tutor, ultimate negotiation in the race; Investors see project, and mentor to take an examination of the human nature, recruit success could form a consortium to 30 investors financing negotiations, into the venture financing of the green channel.

prepare poineering friends, you can have a look at yo, can also contact us cloud network, hunting for start-ups do free reports, and free investment and financing.

samsung Galaxy Alpha or shut down, will launch a new 360 – degree circular box

samsung has just released in August the phone, the Galaxy Alpha aluminum metal edge, look is very similar to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5 s. It’s called the samsung one of the most beautiful smart phones. But in order to launch the Galaxy A5, samsung may shut down the Galaxy Alpha.

of South Korea’s samsung electronics will be held in January CES2105 launch two new 360 – degree circular speakers WAM6500 and WAM7500 products, which is suitable for portable WAM6500, WAM7500 desktop, price not released. Different from the traditional speakers, the sound of it fills the room. This breakthrough is designed by samsung proprietary audio technology makes sound to 360 degrees space, let the treble and bass realize perfect balance.

thin dead camel is bigger than a horse, and samsung just met some problems. Well, I like this kind of speaker setup, start saving up.

Korean media: millet new design style with samsung is very similar to the

the chosun ilbo, south Korean media said today, millet in the first half of 2015 will launch a new mobile phone “Arch”, poster shows the phone both sides of the border are curved surface screen, its design style and samsung electronics launched in September this year Galaxy Note Edge extremely similar. With one side Galaxy Note Edge qu bing, let users more convenient and easily use applications such as phone calls, text messaging, chat, attracted the attention of the industry, its innovative design but millet Arch just installed on both sides of the fuselage surface screen.

the forehead, a m, apple said you copied him, now you copy samsung and others said. Well, also drunk, to explain his innocence.

cool great god in netcom version of the great god F2 to sell 899 yuan

cool its electrical goods brand great god together day today cat, qualcomm jointly issued a great god F2 netcom 4 g version, all priced at 899 yuan. This product is at the same time support China mobile, China telecom, China unicom three big network operators 4 g network service, the user is free to switch CARDS. Great god F2 carrying 64 8 core processor Qualcomm Xiao dragon. 615, 2 G + 16 gb of memory, 1300 + 5000000 megapixel camera, a 5.5 -inch high-definition domestic mainstream hardware configuration, such as in spirit’s blue note, red rice note on market competition.

after 360 cool hand in hand, so soon have a love crystallization.

qualcomm shed more than 100 people in silicon valley

qualcomm has decided to SAN jose and Santa Clara shed more than 100 people. Among them, qualcomm 105 of the cuts from SAN jose, and 6 people from Santa Clara area. Qualcomm is considering of SAN jose, Santa Clara business merged into a new office, but we do not yet understand the specific plans of the company.

glasses right now the New Year’s day, qualcomm is love dearly year-end bonuses? Well, in China was forced to reduce the royalty, do to save them some money.

Gmail outage fermentation: the mainland student to apply for the university affected

Gmail interrupt seriously affect the Chinese mainland students to apply for American universities. The cut is Gmail IMAP/POP/SMTP. That is to say you as long as the body in mainland China, not only cannot use Gmail to send mail, also cannot receive Gmail email from, no matter use which kinds of email.

Reply a

Google spokesman said, they checked the problem, did not find their own server out of the question. Foreign ministry spokesman said HuaChunYing, don’t know the specific circumstances, advice directly to the competent Chinese authorities.

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