Evening: mai di melting 300 million RMB, baidu Pixellot300 than $


commercial WiFi mai di to raise 300 million yuan, tencent public comments in

commercial WiFi services mai di announced a complete C round of financing, the financing amount is RMB 300 million, tencent, the public comments together to make the investment. After the financing, mai di team is still the largest shareholder. Mai di, founded in 2007, is the earliest to enter the realm of free commercial wi-fi service enterprise, mai di outside through cooperation with many stores such as cafes, restaurants, providing wireless network architecture, occupy the consumer wireless Internet portal.

for public comment, mai di, outside investment will make travel more convenient through online and offline connection/connection between merchants and consumers, to promote offline service ability and O2O closed-loop trading service level. For tencent, choose investment mai di, can be seen as tencent “connect all” one of the strategic layout of the entrance to the WiFi. Zhang Cheng emphasize, mai di has not just outside covering hot units more than rivals, more is based on the side, firmware, cloud, service and operation, comprehensive advantages and ability. Using these, mai di actually can do more.

tencent and public comments on wearing a pair of trousers is not a day for two days, this time with investment mai di, the tripartite cooperation could cooperate seamlessly, hunting cloud network remains to be seen.

baidu to Israel Pixellot invested $3 million

baidu to Israel video capture technology company Pixellot investment of $3 million, this is baidu booming business circle of Israel’s first investment. Peter, Fang said baidu’s senior director of enterprise development from the Israeli company’s technology will completely change video content production, China’s Internet users benefit.

Pixellot said it development of unmanned remote camera system can to cover the entire field of sports events, and can provide professional broadcasters and amateur fans automatic video production. Pixellot pointed out that it planned to use the new financing to expand research and development work, advancing the global marketing and business development.

baidu is in power to build ecological, it’s quite like millet with you, at least have iQIYI the trump card in his hand.

networks after card first then harden, at 38.86 yuan

suspended time of networks today officially resumed, immediately after opening up, the closure at 38.86 yuan. Letv once want to buy assets to absorb a certain profitability quality mark, denotative expansion. Letv, however, with the underlying repeated negotiation, after has discussed the key terms of cooperation, just cannot agree on a valuation, therefore dropped its bid to resume.

resumed at the same time, also promised a year saw le le miniaturization: pictures into the listed companies. Additionally, Letv Jia Yueting sister Jia Yuefang chairman, plan one month in the future, to dispose of their own type networks stock, its entire proceeds to lend the company used as working capital, borrowing deadline will not be less than 60 months, from the interest.

hunting has always been a concern with cloud network visual movement, this Jia Yueting return, effect is good, immediate. Don’t blame me cold, I hope that is not a flash in the pan.

open to the public the IBM Watson analysis platform

IBM will be open to the public Watson analysis platform, and open beta on Friday. Watson analysis platform is a kind of natural language based analysis system, with the IBM supercomputer Watson belong to the same project, it can provide enterprises with visual forecast analysis tools. IBM’s commitment, Watson analysis platform can automatically perform data preparation, forecast analysis and tasks such as visual narration.

Watson analysis will be used as a YunJi free value-added services of IBM open to the public, can be accessed through a web and mobile devices. There are 22000 people sign up for the test. Two months ago, IBM announced a collaboration with Twitter, Watson analysis technology is applied to the analysis of social network data.

say free oh, can’t disguised to collect fees, otherwise we will take you to scold cry.

UK university developed can feel the 3 d object

at the university of Bristol, UK researchers have developed a way to realize ultrasonic tactile feedback technology. When the ultrasonic wave appears in the model of a complex, will cause air disturbance, and this characteristic can be used to create 3 d shape. These shapes can be skin feel through airflow disturbances. Researchers claim that this new technology can be used to provide help for the surgeon, let them in the CT scan can through mechanical feedback to sense the presence of tumor.

so novel by the various description will be implemented? So he made up of the novel has a feeling of ahead of the future. Researcher is online game is novel fan?

machine maid is not a dream: Savioke build hotel run errands robot

silicon valley in cupertino Aloft hotel, cooper from Savioke robot company hired a helper, called SaviOne robot when the hotel waiter when the hotel guest need toothbrush, bottled water, etc), SaviOne can be sent to the hands of customers in four minutes. SaviOne biggest function is to find their way, running errands for men to send things, robot is one of the infinite possibility, the future will have more functions to achieve on this basis. Savioke founder and CEO Steve, who revealed that next year there will be more robots in more hotel.

to a cloud network agree needs, hunting after watching the cost, I think I can pass the degeneration are qualified for this role. $four hundred thousand and spend hundreds of degeneration, but also left more than two hundred yuan.

Li – Fi: optical transmission revolution or create a $6 billion market

rely on LED bulbs for the advanced technology of wireless data transmission, known as Li – Fi. In 2011, he LED the research team announced the results of data transmission with LED, they use the flashing lights to transmit digital information. The basic principle of this technique is simple: when the LED light has said 1, 0 destroyed. Ahaz said, by adding a microchip in the bulb, you can control it twinkle millions of times per second, because the frequency is too fast, the eye won’t notice, but light sensor can receive these changes. This binary data is encoded into light signal quickly and effective transmission.”

because has broad prospects for the use of, Li – Fi technology is widely favored. Although the current market, except for some special order most also still stay in the laboratory stage, Edinburgh, but Derek wardell, scientific research and innovation bureau chief executive, has been firmly believe that Li – Fi technology provides solutions that will in the world to create a new, $6 billion of information market. And in his view, due to the light does not travel through walls, new technology may be more security than traditional way of WiFi connection.

do you want this science fiction, Ma Dan, just still struggling with WIFI intermittent unstable thing? Scientists genuflect is begged to popularize this technology as soon as possible.

in the United States launched amazon take-out service

Amazon quietly launched its own online delivery service, the service will through its Amazon Local distribution. At present, the service only on amazon’s headquarters is located in Seattle, but it is clear that the company’s appetite is far from the city of about 650000 can meet.

this new service can access the Amazon through the Local website, android and iOS applications to obtain. Service the users only need to leave your address, the choice of restaurant, select products, payment, and then wait for deliver take-out food. Amazon Local is Amazon’s services. In addition, amazon also launched a new convenience store delivery service. And talk at the same time, amazon is preparing to launch O2O services, such as pipe dredge and nanny service.

amazon also began to delivery, taobao, and you are thinking of penetrated into all aspects of life. As long as is let the life become convenient.

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