Evening: Ma Yuncheng new richest man in Asia, millet to recognize the unintelligent halt sales in India


Ma Yunchao li became the new Asia’s richest man

bloomberg billionaire index, according to the latest figures released, 50, alibaba founder jack ma has been more than Hong Kong tycoon li ka-shing, become the new Asia’s richest man. Li, 86, has been since April 5, 2012 Asia’s richest man. Since this year, Mr. Ma’s wealth rose by $25 billion, this is mainly due to the alibaba shares rose after the listing. According to bloomberg data, at present Mr. Ma’s wealth totaled $28.6 billion, and li ka-shing for $28.3 billion. Alibaba’s market value has reached $259 billion, more than the sum of the amazon and eBay, behind only 8 in the standard & poor’s 500 index companies. Jack ma, more than half of the wealth comes from his 6.3% stake in alibaba, the value of this part of the shares at $16.3 billion. In addition, he also holds the ant financial nearly half of the shares.

ma, do you have a daughter? Need to be adopted son? Here provide the son-in-law, adopted son and a series of services, provided by himself! Yes, I am in the thigh, just seeking arrangement. The above comments represent only individual attitude.

tesla China Wu Bixuan outgoing, qihoo 360 wen-jiang Chen out of the new strategy consultant

director of tesla’s global vice President and general manager of China Wu Bixuan outgoing, super charging station project director xiao-tong zhu for his successors. Wu Bixuan in November 2013 to enter the tesla, served as director of tesla’s global vice President and general manager of China. At present the missing after departure. For Wu Bixuan departure, tesla’s China, said the change belongs to the insiders, according to the principle of multinational companies, leaving reason not disclosed. Xiao-tong zhu in April 2014 to join the tesla, served as director of tesla China super charging station project. Tesla officially, xiao-tong zhu for tesla played an important role in the rapid growth of China’s super charging stations. Tesla currently built nearly 40 super charging stations in China, and more than 60 cities in the country built more than 600 destinations charging pile.

qihoo 360 announced today that is adjusted to the board of directors of the company. According to the adjustment as a result, ms wen-jiang Chen from now onwards from qihoo 360 the board of directors of the company. After resignation, ms wen-jiang Chen will become the future transaction related strategy consultant. Qihoo 360, meanwhile, the board of directors has appointed ratio Dr His independent directors and audit committee for the company and the enterprise management and the nomination committee committee, the appointed also take effect from now on. In addition, as ms wen-jiang Chen’s resignation and qihoo 360 the board of directors has also appointed company’s chairman of the company’s audit committee.

after another new start, tesla and qihoo 360 with netease one, should not be so, support and look forward to your rock.

apple certification following the new rules; Release the second iOS 8.2 beta

apple recently asked by MFi certification need to meet the new standards to protect shell, shell vendor products can protect the apple products through at least 1 m drop test, and the test surface must be hard, such as street. In addition to this, apple iPhone, protective device and iPod products can protect the screen when device on the desktop, at least 1 mm buffer between the two. That is to say, the screen is a little higher than that of the need to protect shell, don’t get contact with desktop devices.

on Wednesday, apple released the second beta version 8.2 system, provide more support for new WatchKit SDK, and fix the international language involves some holes. The iOS update, the most important change is WatchKit SDK. WatchKit SDK allows developers to apple’s forthcoming smart watches AppleWatch application software development. In addition, this update also fix the problem have been found in the system, including the construction procedures and the iOS simulator. WatchKit API itself also appeared a lot of change, such as developers now can override the default form on the Watch Apple appearance. IOS 8.2 beta 2 have been opened up, developers can directly through the OTA upgrade, can also go to the apple developer center website for updates. Yesterday, apple iOS 8.1.2 issued to the ordinary user, this update is mainly to solve the user in the disappearance of the issues encountered by iTunes when buying a phone ringing.

apple say good sapphire, you so much, what difficulties can be overcome, hunting cloud network waiting for your noble sapphire. However, the za this system upgrade is too frequent, heart good tired, friends do.

samsung Galaxy Alpha pioneered the use of the four generations of corning gorilla

corning said recently that the Galaxy Alpha was the first to use their own Gorilla Glass screen 4 smartphone. In the Galaxy Alpha, samsung used 0.4 mm thick Gorilla 4 as independent touch Glass protection. Corning said, why the Glass broken problem, they made a lot of research, and thus developed by far the strongest ability to resist damage – Gorilla Glass screen 4. Corning also pointed out that the Gorilla at present, has been more than 3 billion devices worldwide, 1395 kinds of models used by the product.

apple through improve the protective effect of cases, samsung pioneered in corning gorilla four generations. The legendary blue shiping how long to wait, hunting cloud network was involved in the large coke and the raise, grabbed equipped with sapphire shiping 3 large coke.

spirit’s blue mobile phone news: two size 23 starts a

rumor meizu technology localization “spirit” of low-end handsets will be the first to have two different size, 23 only release the larger screen model. As for the 5 “charm is blue, the release time is likely to be in the first quarter of next year. The two phones pricing is likely to be 799 and 999 yuan. From the point of invitations, it was similar to the iPhone 5 c to the iPhone 5 s. Spirit’s blue there are 5 inch and 5.5 inch two product, one is called “evil spirit blue point”, another name is “blue NOTE”. 23, the first appearance of is influenced by blue NOTE, will use a 5.5 -inch 16:9 screen, mediatek MT6752 eight core processor, 2 gb of ram and 16 gb storage, pre – 5 million rear 13000000 megapixel camera, and keep the meizu classic small circle HOME button design.

cloud network hunting today also received a SAO red apple shell after 5 c, looking forward to 23 product launch. Poking fun at the noon 12.23 yuan jingdong rob mysterious gift didn’t get the, felling happy!

millet India’s official website’s letter, officially announced the halt to the sale of products in the country

Delhi’s high court ruled that the millet violated the Ericsson’s patent, and issued a ban, require millet to stop sales and import mobile phones in India. Millet India’s official website published today in English letter formally announced a halt to the sale of products in the country.

the lost will to millet and other have international ambitions of China’s smartphone brand ring alarm bells. Market research firm IHS, said senior analyst Daniel gleason OPPO and cool Chinese brands will pay close attention to millet’s performance in this case. Due to the licensing fees are usually less than 1% of mobile phone value, so the smaller sales brand may cause attention. However, “the scale of the enterprise has been large enough to cause major patent company interest.” Millet and other Chinese brands in the future will face more and more litigation risk, their business model may suffer.

millet, NU ZUO NO DIE, according to YOU TRY! This is out of the world’s second largest sales market. Wait for air purifier and Bermuda sued by Japan, infringement was not admitted being exposed, you also too stubborn…

YouTube allows the user to make GIF dynamic diagram from video

YouTube start manufacturing GIF dynamic figure function test. Previously there are dozens of websites can be YouTube video into a GIF. From now on, YouTube integration within the page will be gradually abandoned by a third party web site users. Now it seems the function was still in the stage of experiment, can only be used in PBS Idea of Youtube channel. Users in the video below can see GIF after click share options, and then according to individual demand capture from the video clip, clip out personalized GIF dynamic figure. Clips allow maximum length to 6 seconds, in addition to give dynamic graph option to add text, the GIF creation process takes a few seconds.

so, later to be dynamic figure refresh? Well, I was still very conservative, what INS, FB, YOU soil force, twitter, has not been used for himself, and true.

together age 120 million yuan to buy universal lighting

together times today announced that the company has signed a certainty agreement face to face with related party. According to this agreement, will gather era from the global vocational education online (that is, global operations) total acquisition of global promotion of science and technology development co., LTD. And Beijing global tzu software co., LTD., trade total amount is about 120 million yuan. The deal still need to conform to the usual trade terms. According to the agreement, global operations will remain online English training business.

in the nasdaq stock market regular trading Thursday, gather time shares rose $0.91, $64.41, up 1.43%; In after-hours trading after (were), gather time check up fall in share prices, fell $0.51, to $63.90, or 0.79%. In the last 52 weeks, gather times the highest price is $96.39, the lowest price of $46.64.

stem of beautiful, this layout is completed. Hunting cloud network may all your wish come true.

Adobe’s $800 million acquisition of image materials storehouse giant Fotolia

Adobe today has just released its fiscal 2014 fourth quarter results. Meanwhile, Adobe has announced that it will offer for $800 million in cash, based in New York and Paris international commercial photography agency image material library Fotolia figure force (rich) company. Fotolia is a material library website, deposited 34 million pictures and video. Adobe said, after the end of the deal, Fotolia will “continue as an independent storage service operation”, however, Adobe has plans to Fotolia integrated into its Creative Cloud services. Adobe acquisition Fotolia deal is expected to be completed next quarter. The deal is also Adobe reference authoring software rival Autodesk measures. Not long ago, Autodesk has just acquired material database design platform Creative Market company.

Oculus two companies: a strengthening of hand tracking and 3 d modeling technology

the Oculus VR virtual reality goggles developers on Thursday announced the acquisition of the two companies, a focus on track hand movements, another can be the real object reduction for high precision 3 d models. The two companies will be incorporated into the Oculus VR product engineering and development department. In addition to the two acquisitions, Oculus VR also announced employ motion-capture expert Chris Mr. Zeigler (Chris Bregler). He has been in charge of HP and the Disney project, and it’s industrial light and magic of 2 d film texture tracking system’s main developer. Oculus, said his new position is the team leadership vision.

before a company called Nimble VR, has just started two years ago, the main track the user’s hand movements. This technology is expected to be integrated into the Oculus VR user experience. The project by the raising Kickstarter raised $135511, more than double that of the target. But in after completion of the acquisition, the project has been cancelled. After a company called 13 th Lab, focused on the 2 d and 3 d motion tracking, and can use camera to create 3 d objects and space. “Get the accurate 3 d model in the real world can contribute to a variety of new applications and experiences, for example, in the virtual world to visit the 1:1 model of the pyramids in Egypt and the Colosseum.” The Oculus VR said in a blog.

big Hortonworks data company IPO Friday: price $16

big Hortonworks data company spun off from yahoo confirmed that the company’s IPO on Friday. The company wants a $16 per share issuance of 6.25 million shares, raising $100 million. The company will be listed on the nasdaq stock market, stock trading code for “HDP. The stock underwriters also has the right to buy an extra 937500 shares. Hortonworks Hadoop sales support and service for open source platform. Hadoop by non-profit organizations Apache software foundation management, at present has produced several companies, including Cloudera and MapR. However, Hortonworks is of these companies take the lead in the IPO. Hortonworks achieve revenue of $33.3 million this year, but a loss of $86.7 million. But the company’s technology has obtained the market validation. Hadoop has from companies such as yahoo, eBay and Facebook obscure tool, became even service established companies such as also in the use of big data analysis tool.

Chicago and New York plans to develop a taxi official application

a Chicago regulator has approved a taxi application development plan, butt all the taxi companies in the city. New York City council members submitted a similar plan on Monday. This is the two big cities for Uber and Lyft rental applications such as rapid rise of response. New York regulators have not vote on the measure. In Chicago, an application development plan is the so-called “taxi driver fair reform project” part of it. nullnullnullnullnullnull

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