Evening: gree do cell phone out the millet, Lookup, Bornevia, the people net investment

hunting cloud network on January 6 (text/who)

according to dong mingzhu, gree do destroy millet mobile phone

after shelling millet beauty is the liar, two to get rid of the bad brand all evacuation plan, the shenzhen satellite TV recording of finance and economics shows the best guy will, according to dong mingzhu, gree do destroy millet mobile phone every minute.

aunt tung, all talk but accusers, hunting cloud network admire your courage, waiting to say…

issued by the securities regulatory commission approval IPO

the securities and futures commission yesterday for approval according to legal procedure of the 20 companies starting applications, Shanghai 10, shenzhen stock exchange small and medium-sized board 3, the gem at seven. In the gem three home involves the two Internet companies, including the kunlun, ten thousand d, Chinese online, also involves happy shopping.

vice chairman guo-qing zhao jingdong starting immediately before consumer finance companies

from jingdong group vice chairman and chief strategy officer position after leaving rectified, guo-qing zhao, set up a online consumer finance companies, immediately called consumer finance co., LTD., in December 31, 2014, formally approved preparation. Data shows, Beijing Zi embellish with Internet technology as the core, technics of central bank credit reporting data, data analysis, is the basis of the consumer Internet right now, the technology innovation.

tea sister with the east elder brother good, they can’t hype publicity, don’t you consider back to lend a hand?

Lookup, Bornevia, people net investment

in bangalore Lookup company free news application for the local enterprises, it obtained from DeNA co., LTD and sato hui ying on $116000 of investment, at this point, the startup has ended the seed round, raising $382000. Lookup this APP can help users with local merchants to negotiate business, including booking, production and inquiry.

from Indonesia SaaS startup Bornevia, from East Ventures and Beenos Partners upfront investment, but did not disclose the specific amount. Bornevia mainly provide CRM services for enterprise software, they plan to use the financing for hiring and promotion.

classifieds site people net announced it has completed its D round of financing, financing amount nearly $100 million. About the investors, the people net aspects were not revealed. People net, founder and CEO Wang Jianshuo said the funding will be mainly used in three aspects: first, improve the user experience and the quality of customer service, adhere to the user as the center; Second will be used for team building, and continue to build platform classification, especially the talent pool of mobile end; Dig opportunity again in the vertical areas, such as second-hand car field, etc., on the basis of the existing industry leading advantage layout new business model.

Verizon or will acquire the old portal AOL

us telecoms operator Verizon communications have been in contact with AOL Internet companies consider buy or to set up a joint venture company, to extend its own mobile video services. It is understood that if Verizon communications choice and AOL to form a joint venture company, its direction will mainly share advertising technology. Verizon communications current hope to gain experience in three areas: Internet, mobile video content and advertising.

yahoo plans fell through, make you crazy shopping,

Facebook acquired Wit create 18 months of speech recognition companies. Ai

Facebook announced a takeover by a famous American business incubator Y Combinator start-up companies support voice recognition Wit. Ai. Wit. Ai create only 18 months, says it will “voice into action to be data”. To build the company provide audio interface application programming interfaces (apis), at present on the platform of software developers has more than 6000 people.

O2O world expo kicked off in Beijing on January 17

the first O2O world expo will be on January 17, 2015 held in Beijing national convention center. The expo theme of “interconnectivity win-win world”, is the domestic first held global O2O e-commerce exposition.

O2O let people and love and hate, rushed up to a big Bob entrepreneurs, and ruthless on the beach. Hunting cloud network with fellow entrepreneurs to go along, hey hey.

gather beauty is superior to respond “warehouse seizure” rumors: pure imagination

get the former employees anonymous disclosure: in September last year, get the best product for sale has been zhuhai customs investigation, resulted in the seizure of Beijing warehouse, in charge of overseas business director and business people are also taken away. For this matter, gather beauty is superior official weibo said in a statement, poly beauty never strictly in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations legitimate business, business activities carried out in normal all the time, also has never been any interference by outside factors.

Chen big handsome boy indeed as expected return, it is with wai flirt, again send statement in response to rumors, if han geng again, so much the better.

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