Evening: easy to transport to raise 8 billion yuan, Facebook QuickFire

hunting cloud network on January 9 (text/who)

easy to transport to raise 8 billion yuan established leasing company is easy to

easy to transport announced today that its engaged in car rental and other business “is easy to rent a car” will be established recently. It is understood that the current easy to transport has raised 8 billion yuan, the assets of the Internet technology platform through light, heavy assets the passage between the car rental companies and financial business, set up across the driving service about car rental, car rental, three traditional areas of innovation model.

Facebook announced the acquisition of video processing equipment manufacturers QuickFire

Facebook said, has acquired QuickFire in San Diego, California Networks, the company developed video content distribution equipment, and transcoding and processing software. The acquisition shows that Facebook plans to make up the lack of technology, to provide more functions, and optimize the service. Facebook is building its own video platform, improve user engagement and potential of advertising revenue. Meanwhile, Facebook is also attracting video content producers. Facebook earlier this week also acquired the natural language software vendors Wit. Ai.

apple hiring HP senior executives to develop the enterprise market

the apple has been hiring HP senior executive John Solomon, is responsible for the products for the enterprise market marketing. It is reported that Solomon had left HP leadership positions, started work at apple. He is likely to participate in the forthcoming Apple Watch international market sales.

Chen Chaohua Ren Nafang metropolis daily general manager As sohu editor

according to sohu has confirmed, southern metropolis daily, managing Chen Chaohua has joined the sohu, served as vice President and chief editor, sohu content, formerly editor-in-chief of sohu Wu Chen light served as executive editor, report to Chen Chaohua. Sohu CEO Charles zhang recent focus on content, not long ago CCTV famous mouth officially join the sohu Qiu Qiming, induction sohu news center of finance and economics, is responsible for the construction of related content, the poached Chen Chaohua also hope to continue to breakthrough in the content.

sohu CEO by netease mail notification friend, Mr Zhang said he huawei honor 6 phones on tencent WeChat friend circle out about his opened sina weibo message headline news on baidu search.

ali speed cloud + side: the highest entrepreneurial teams may obtain 5 million vc

ali announced that will accelerate the cloud + end “strategic layout, increasing the financial input in bacc the plan, and promote more life in the community service and vertical type start-up APP development rapidly, the greatest degree meet the needs of mobile business groups. Won 30 start-up team, will be awarded the highest 5 million yuan of vc funds, incorporated into the “incubator” in bacc the entrepreneurial base. Excellent team can also and sequoia capital, IDG capital partners China, very serious fund 300 vc institutions such as face to face communication.

cloud network special hunting tip: ali has joint such as angels bay, pegasus brigade major well-known incubators, in Beijing, guangzhou, Shanghai, shenzhen and so on nine big city planning bacc the entrepreneurial base. Every APP start-up team, can be submitted in entrepreneurial base application.

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