Evening: baidu strategic investment Uber, Clever won $30 million B round of funding


baidu and Uber reached a strategic investment cooperation

baidu today announced a taxi and silicon valley startups application Uber in Beijing signed a strategic cooperation and investment agreement. Both sides of the future will be in technology innovation, develop international market, expand China O2O service three aspects to cooperate. Uber taxi service access baidu map, baidu mobile App, such as baidu wallet as payment system will be built into the cooperation. Earlier this month, Uber just announced a $1.2 billion a new round of financing, valued at $40 billion. The news that the strategic stakes in baidu Uber, investment amount or for $600 million. According to this calculation, baidu in Uber for stock which is about 1.5%.

rumors already a long time, finally the dust settles, baidu has a Uber, ali has fast, tencent has drops. We feel back to The Three Kingdoms period, wei shu, three cent world has become, hunting cloud network look only at the end.

cool today’s closing share price fell 9%

cool group today’s closing share price fell 9.392%, closed at 1.640 Hong Kong dollars, dish in the biggest drop of 11.6%. U.S. stocks ended yesterday, qihoo 360 fell $4.13 to $55.52, down 6.92% on the previous trading day. Comprehensive considering various factors, cooperation between 360 and cool short term bearish, the long-term bullish. Yesterday evening, cool and qihoo 360 announced a strategic alliance, 360 to cool a joint venture invested $409.05 million in cash, qihoo 360 will hold 45% stake in the joint venture.

cooperation should not pull the two stock prices? It was my capability, can’t see the doorway of the stock market.

Google in mobile revenue crisis, stock price hit a new 52-week lows

the us investment bank jp Morgan chase, an analyst at arms against Google issued a research report, he lowered the Google revenue expectations. , he said, in the migration from a computer search to mobile search, Google operating disturbing factors, including margins, and competitive pressure from Facebook. After the release report, Google’s share price fell, hit new 52-week lows. See a U.S. stock market system, Google shares fell $18.41, or 3.58%, to close at $495.39. Google’s current market valuation, had fallen to about $336 billion.

Google, hunting cloud network was waiting for you to chase apple, back to full health.

Twitter CEO shares held by the family trust has short

Twitter CEO dick Costello family trust has been selling all the stock in the company. Regulatory documents, according to Richard Costello, 2001 living trust and laurene Costello, on December 15th, 2001 living trust shares sold 141730 shares of Twitter, sold $5.32 million, to draw a series of selling last month began in the final period. The two trust no longer hold any Twitter stocks, selling 425190 shares before Twitter cashing in $17.3 million. Mr Costello I still hold 36028 Twitter shares directly, and 508828 shares undistributed restricted stock.

in the new wave of mobile social, Twitter situation embarrassed, user even less mobile photo sharing tool sets. It’s no wonder that questions the founders and senior, exactly for Twitter if there are long-term confidence.

Amazon stripping Amazon Web Services cloud Services next year?

at a spin-off of The market research firm Edge Consulting Group published a research report pointed out that The Amazon is expected to spin off its cloud Services in 2015 Amazon Web Services, make The latter became an independent company. The Edge, according to its expected AWS profit margin is higher than The amazon’s other businesses. If the split, AWS business can get higher valuations. Edge is expected, AWS sale price can be $38 billion, equivalent to make amazon The total value of $195 billion, that is 36% higher than The current market value of amazon. Amazon’s share price has dropped 25% this year. Part of the reason is that investors in the company the concerns of the meager profit margins. To this, amazon declined to comment.

so bold expected, who gave you the courage? The somebody else the amazon while creating the time is not long, but very few stripping assets. Since 1998, spent $5.9 billion in acquisitions, but only sold $128 million of assets.

Facebook mobile APP development, director of departure entrepreneurship

Facebook vice President responsible for the development of the mobile technology Ondrejka, will leave next week. He used to be a network game behind the “second life” and co-founder of Linden lab. In 2010, he joined Facebook, then participate in the development of the multiple mobile terminal application software, including mobile phone android desktop later failed product “Home”. Earlier, he is also responsible for the Facebook iOS and android client product development. Ondrejka said, the future will have started a new company, the business direction of the new company, is unknown. Whether his departure and Facebook application development plan of these setbacks, is unclear.

Facebook today launched a new feature, users can automatically beautification on Facebook pictures of platform. It can automatically adjust the photo exposure, make photos look more clear, and users don’t need to do anything. Facebook said, if the user like photograph beautification function, so every time after the upload photos will click the magic wand; But if the user didn’t like the function, can also be manually close it.

shake handshandle net jobs: terminal cutting 1/3 substation cutting nearly 200 people

reports that shake handshandle nets are round of large-scale layoffs, cancel part of the substation, the headquarters operation were laid off about 80 people, related substation was laid off about 200 people. Does not deny this, shake handshandle net and its internal employees, said a while ago did get a lot of operating editor, but in the case of division is not informed. The shake handshandle net core senior management team members, including financial VP, dropping the VP, etc., have been leave with the exemption, CEO of just leaving soon.

the cutting part what ah, you wait for annual bonus points less during Chinese New Year, people themselves away. Well, it seems really a big problem, and financial resources to die?

millet, after one plus phones are banned in India

Delhi, India’s Supreme Court has issued a ban against Chinese mobile phone manufacturers one plus, one plus the ban regulations shall not market their products are exported to India, and its sales in India market, promoting his upcoming flagship device. For One plus, this is definitely a big blow, because the company has just celebrated his birthday a week, and have pledged to the media said the company will get OnePlus One to enter the Indian market. Because Micromax filed a lawsuit to the court, according to one plus the move violates the Micromax previously the exclusive agreement concluded with the Android ROM developers Cyanogen, Micromax was primarily to the upcoming online brands in direct competition with Yu and millet and Cyanogen signed an exclusive agreement. Cyanogen says he will not released for one plus in the Indian market push OTA update any system.

India, what’s wrong with you, ah, ban ban the prohibition don’t know a word called? You have your policy, I have my policy, hunting cloud network and millet to see how to deal with.

BeiAng founder’s shelling gree dong mingzhu “you are the thief”

founder BeiAng RanHongYu published an open letter, accusing gree collaborate in the name of a grab air purifier patent. Gree has yet to respond. For the first time for BeiAng and gree about air conditioning equipment research and development in 2008, after the key technology to obtain a good test results, gree unilaterally shut down the project. Later, in 2012, the cooperation in the field of air purifier, gree and listed on the equipment soon put a stop to the project, and in the near future introduced a similar technology of air purifier. RanHongYu when added to the cooperation between the gree BeiAng provide technology applied for a patent, and the core technology for gree. The diddle technical data more worse than millet plagiarism and Bermuda.

well, you are a thief, you are a thief, you and your family are thieves, SB threat of war, hunting cloud network invite the friends sit small wooden bench, watching the melon seeds.

SONY pictures mail reveal Snapchat two recent acquisition

foreign media from SONY pictures by hackers leaked email found several Snapchat acquisition of music and aspects of the plan. Snapchat bought a qr code scanning and iBeacon technology startups Scan. Me, paid $14 million in cash and restricted stock and $3 million and $33 million class B common stock. Scan. Me company in Utah, a total of 7 engineers, after the acquisition, the engineers will leave there in the next few weeks. In addition, a company that makes video camera lenses Vergence Labs also be acquired, the purchase price is $11 million in cash and $4 million worth of shares. The company friends graduate student at the university of California, Los Angeles, Erick Miller was founded in 2011, before appeared in the Washington post and the Wall Street journal is quietly sold. The company’s core product is a known as Epiphany Eyewaer video shooting glasses.

three fat, your electrocuting report! Hackers are really support you, socialism is good.

mobile game developers Playdots won tencent investment

mobile game developers Playdots announced on Tuesday, the company received A $10 million round of funding, by tencent and venture capital company Greycroft Partners jointly led. Participate in this round of investment companies and investment companies established Northzone, founder of TechCrunch Crunchfund angel funds and by CMC chairman li, BBG Ventures President Susan consortium lean, etc. The investment valuation of Playdots more than $40 million.

beauty education application distribution platform Clever won $30 million B round

Clever announced a new round of $30 million in financing, led is Lightspeed, with cast of Sequoia Capital GSV Capital, a famous investor Peter Thiel and silicon valley. After the financing, Clever received $43 million in financing. Clever has been referred to as “Twilio” in the field of education, is one of the YC incubation project two years ago. Founded in 2012, Clever, provides a platform for all kinds of school can be through a single account management all applications. The free service to reduce the school faces all sorts of complicated problems, and to reduce the difficulty of integration application developers.

beauty video technology company InVisage E round

focus imaging InVisage company in the United States announced China sea investment holding group U.S. subsidiary, in the latest round of $32.5 million. GGV capital investment institutions such as, nokia growth fund, Intel is involved in this investment. From the point of public information, China sea holding group after the investment is given priority to with financial business, to participate in real estate and the operation of the energy industry and other strategic investments, and InVisage is its first investment in technological innovation-oriented enterprises. After the end of the fifth round of funding, the company has the financing of $100 million, but still no shipment to market its products. The company President and CEO jess said, want to change the whole quantum film photography, video and imaging industry products will be listed next year, and consumer products carrying the technology will be the latest available at the end of next.

WeWork won a $5 billion valuation

in New York office rental startup WeWork completed a round of more than 355 million dollars in financing this week. This round of financing for the company’s valuation of $5 billion. WeWork for entrepreneurs to rent offices around the United States. He will be the real estate and technology together, make the easy win the investors’ share economy “mode. WeWork currently eight cities in the United States to provide office space rental, but the future will cover more cities. Recently, the company also introduced a independent social network WeWork Commons. The social networks like LinkedIn, provide business social service, but focus on the early-stage entrepreneurs, to provide office space information and preferential service, as well as local activity information and so on.


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