Evening: apple patent application for stylus, Inovalon submission IPO

on December 31, hunting cloud network (text/who)

apple patent application for handwritten pen, not on the iPhone to write on

the U.S. patent and trademark office released a new apple’s patent, electronic stylus. Apple offers a name for the patent stylus “communication”, through gyroscope, wireless communication device and a built-in storage chip to transmit written content to the iPhone, such as the electronic equipment on the screen. And its both in the horizontal, vertical, or volley, can complete by hand.

apple before about the stylus has applied for patents, this time should be no more than. Hunting cloud network believe that in the near future you will be able to buy the product, after all, money, apple won’t don’t worry.

fast sowing prosecution inspect bureau of shenzhen end of the trial, sentencing nativity

fast broadcast company of shenzhen market supervision bureau issued a 260 million yuan ticket to shenzhen intermediate people’s court. Today announced at the end of the trial, the shenzhen intermediate people’s court after the court collegial panel will review in accordance with the time without prior notice. On June 26, 2014, the shenzhen inspect bureau to fast company repeatedly infringement, to 260 million yuan.

we said goodbye to the striker, and this year, didn’t also the fast sowing, felling happy. But the most unhappy for quick seeding, 260 million yuan ticket, ha ha, hunting cloud network smiling without a word.

medical data analysis company Inovalon submission IPO

medical analysis and data technology service provider Inovalon documents submitted to the securities and exchange commission, said the company would be $500 million IPO. Goldman sachs, Morgan Stanley and citigroup will serve as chief Inovalon IPO underwriters. However, the company did not disclose the specific number of shares and stock sales.

it is understood that at present the tentative financing amount is to calculate the related cost, eventually IPO may adjust.

“one stop” intelligent parking application for tens of millions of yuan angel investment

smart parking application “one stop” tens of millions of angel investment, investors were not disclosed. “One stop” parking service is to provide mobile phone software, which can realize the surrounding parking lot parking query, mobile phone pay parking fees, parking lot to find a parking spot, etc. In April this year, “one stop” and pay treasure to cooperation, the user can stop payment through the pay treasure to purse. In July, “one stop” cooperating with baidu map, a new version of baidu map to increase the function of “real-time” parking lot, users can quickly find side parking free parking space, check the parking fee, also can use baidu map accurate navigation and a car park entrance.

liu: jingdong will be launched in 2015 equity the raised platform

jingdong group’s founder and CEO, according to liu jingdong in 2015 at the beginning of the end of the first quarter, second quarter launch equity the raised platform. , he says, because the stakes in the raise involving regulation, jingdong is close communication with relevant government regulators, hope to be able to launch the equity of some innovation the raise pattern.

we know, there are five jingdong grand strategy, namely, technical, financial, O2O, channel sinks and internationalization. Let’s see what can play out in 2015.

samsung rob A9 order processor, push MilkVR applications, released two new product

although it is uncertain whether the apple iPhone in 2015, new is iPhone7, but the arrival of the A9 processor should be iron nail nails. At present, several, including samsung, TSMC, chip makers are struggling to compete for this order.

samsung to Gear VR virtual reality wearing equipment adding new features, launched a new application, called Milk VR can bring 360 degrees have immersive video. Samsung is still attract developers to develop applications for the device. Gear VR from samsung and Oculus cooperation, and need to rely on the Galaxy Note 4 provide complete experience.

new super this is the latest product ATIV ATIV series notebook Book 9 Ultrabook, thickness of 0.45 inches (11.7 mm), weight of 2.09 pounds (0.95 Kg). Is expected in the first quarter of 2015, version 4 gb of memory (128 gb built-in SSD) for $1200, a version 8 gb of memory (256 gb SSD) $1400.

ATIV first nest One 7 is samsung screen desktop all-in-one. New ATIVOne 7 equipped with metal frame and curved back shell, USES a Windows 8.1 operating system, the standard Intel core i5 processors and 8 gb of memory, at the same time the SideSync 3.0 software pre-installed. Will be listed in the first quarter of 2015, priced at about $1300.

the hon hai is developing flexible OLED panel

South Korea’s LG Display announced at the CES exhibition a 7.5 mm thick thin liquid crystal TV, again to challenge for OLED. China hon hai will move into the flexible OLED panel market, and has set research and development can be bent into right Angle bend (90 degrees) of the OLED panel products. In 2016, and plans to delivery of samples and small quantity production.

LG Seoul police executives were a cup of tea, do you make? Don’t be too unbridled, of little use, competition but also need not to destroy the somebody else ah, you can buy come over later break. Still strive to innovation and enterprising, this is not, can be bent on the Chinese side panel also in progress.

the launch of budget version 3 d scanner $600

the us technology company Matter and the Form and development of 3 d scanner is likely to be the cheapest on the market of 3 d laser scanner, the scanner only price only $600 (RMB 3721). This product by “read” laser scanning object, then form a 3 d cloud, the user can use the cloud print into 3 d objects, can also be modified on the computer.

well, budget version, you can consider of it. Ha ha, hunting cloud network want to print a cloud, hey hey.

jinshan and male Wallace, China security enterprises group signed a cooperation

male kingsoft cloud group officially announced and family security products manufacturing enterprises strategic cooperation agreement, in the future, all family security product deployment in the kingsoft cloud group, and will save time Justin yu store video files. Users will be able to real-time monitoring by mobile end home or remote interaction with his family.

kingsoft released a statement, announced more group games common management framework agreement with China. Golden hill software provides the game content, related updates and technical support; China more group to provide business services, including but not limited to, web sites, software products, PC and mobile platforms, etc, and with an exclusive license or jointly run the form of games, game, promotion and management.

will be across the years, friends have excited? Cloud network hunting I wish you all a happy New Year! Next year will show more enthusiasm into entrepreneurship, come on!


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