Evening: apple 4 gipad on sale, and Bermuda millet in response to plagiarism


4 g version of the Air 2/mini 3 is released on sale, apple’s new patent 3 d display

the apple online store shelves the kingdom cellular data (4 g) version of the Air 2 and the mini 3, the former price respectively 4488/5188/5888 yuan; Which sells for 3788/4488/5188 yuan respectively, are more expensive than a wi-fi version of the corresponding 900 yuan. In addition to the 4 g version of the mini 3 is 3-5 working days to deliver goods, 3 g version of the mini 3 and 4 g version 2 1 working day for the Air shipment. Before the apple is on the older of the price adjustment, the Air of the WIFI version 16 gb price 2888 yuan, down 700 yuan, the WIFI version of the mini 2 16 gb price 2198 yuan, the mini WIFI version of the 16 gb price 1798 yuan. The Air of the WIFI version 16 gb price 2888 yuan, price of 32 gb 3288 yuan.

may be adjusted according to the Angle of users to watch the image of the so-called 3 d display, it is true that this technique is amazon Fire Phone playing bad, apple also has a function similar to that of patent disclosures. The patent describes a “in” 3 d display environment for mobile devices, it can use sensors to automatically determine the user’s facing direction, and according to the direction of the data to display 3 d environment perspective projection. Users in the whole process without any physical interaction and display. At the same time, apple has also received a 3 d surveying and mapping technology based on projection, the PrimeSense Israel acquisition originally belong to their company. In Apple development use gestures to control the efforts of the Mac, Apple TV, and even mobile devices, this technology will play a supporting role.

fruit powder for sale again? Tomorrow is 12-12, apple on sale today is just a coincidence? Cloud network think hunting, taobao can completely to this once every month, than the big aunt promotional shopping spree.

Google released a set-top box live TV APP, launch 40 balance Android Wear dial

Google launched a low-key in set-top boxes to watch live TV channels of application software, software name is “Android TV broadcast channel. Google said, using the android TV set-top box platform, can install the application, after can watch news, sports, movies, TV series and so on live television channels. Through this app, android set-top box users will be able to achieve the function of cable TV set-top boxes to watch TV, such as the picture in picture, subtitles options, channel selection, children access control, etc. In addition, the user can also be split, through the screen to watch two channels at the same time.

Google Android in the Google Play store before the Wear zone has released 40 balance for Android Wear smart watch dial design, it is understood that Google had commissioned more than 15 artists and designers to design the Android Wear dial plan, obviously, Google hopes to release an Android Wear dial to explore the market potential of the digital life as a user access points. As we all know, people in the use of a watch, you see is the dial. But for smart watches, the dial is not same as traditional watches, but can be customized to show the user’s personal taste and style. Smart watch dial is not only can display the time, or the user to enter a richer interaction the entrance of the world.

in the android ecosystem, Google often adopts platform, digital content charge free business model. The set-top box, smart TV and entertainment market sitting room, Google also wants to copy this pattern. Google send so much money dial is a defensive preparation for apple iWatch listed in it.

Microsoft online mall to support the currency payment

after the new eggs, paypal support COINS to pay, and a mountains – Microsoft’s online store is under attack. Microsoft’s official store upgrade to support the currency payment today, and pay for the currency of the process is introduced in detail. The user can use COINS to buy Microsoft’s digital goods, but only supports us citizens use COINS to buy. Although temporarily also can’t buy other goods and services, but it heralds a Microsoft may can use COINS to buy mobile phones, computers, such as the XBOX all Microsoft’s products.

“the acceptance of the COINS already more and more high. Especially in the game equipment purchase and international trade payment, etc.” OKCoin what a co-founder said, now the German federal Treasury admitted that the currency as the unit of account “, as a unit of account, currency and foreign exchange can be settlement function; In some European countries, the currency can be used for consumption. The personage inside course of study points out, however, as a kind of time is not long enough innovative currency, the currency is the price is not stable, transfer confirmation problems such as long time, these problems still hinder the development of the currency.

the Bermuda millet successively response air purifier had

on December 9, millet released its first air purifier products, is refers to the Bermuda previously released AirEngine Ann wind air purifier is similar to “pixel”. Air purifier and participate in millet development and design of large male has also worked in Bermuda and in May this year, the separation agreement contained in the non-compete clause.

for millet air purifier products suspected of plagiarism, and Bermuda first official response, denied that there is cooperation with millet, said the company is under investigation, and reserve the right to take further legal measures. And Bermuda, founder and chief designer product temple tail xuan also said that the Bermuda hope be copied is the spirit of innovation, rather than a product. This afternoon issued a public statement to millet’s wisdom, said millet air purifier in such aspects as technology, appearance with the Bermuda AirEngine air purifier products has a completely different design. For a public statement of Bermuda irresponsible and parts of the industry, professional comments deeply regret.

apple said: millet you copy to me. Other aside, the Bermuda also said: millet you copy to me. You are a tencent! Can’t, hunting cloud network deeply remember a word: money is capricious, standing on the tuyere of the pig can fly.

foxconn plans to buy nokia mobile phone factory India

although nokia has bid farewell to the mobile phone market, but in chennai, India still has a huge mobile phone factory. The factory was closed for tax disputes. According to foreign media recently quoted, according to people familiar with the foxconn is competition and India’s mobile phone manufacturers, ready to bid for the mobile phone factory, in addition the motivations of foxconn, does not exclude the OEM customers millet company. According to India’s economic times reported that at present the nokia and foxconn, keep a low profile in the outside world. According to the source, foxconn preparation and Lava competitive local mobile phone manufacturers, acquisition of chennai factory. Takeover offer, is unknown. But it is understood that foxconn has worked out a plan, will invest $2 billion in India, consumer electronics manufacturing base in the country’s construction.

university winter vacation almost become a member of foxconn, fear finally jump the nightmare of a year, the factories have moved abroad, just as patriotic.

fosun international led the United States address book application Connect

contact management services Connect San Francisco social networks and mobile news, just got a fosun brought $10.3 million in financing. Connect the CEO Ryan aris said, fosun’s brothers capital will help the company to expand product reach Asia, WeChat rivals such as has accumulated a large user base in the region. The financing again shows that Chinese companies are increasing investment in the us Internet company. The Chinese e-commerce company alibaba has formed a team in silicon valley, the tencent in recent years has invested in several venture companies in the United States.

Connect to create a general address book, can facilitate users through a variety of social network to communicate with friends, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or voice calls, but also shown on the map near friends. This round of funding includes $2.8 million in convertible bonds, Salesforce.com CEO marc benioff and Bull City Venture Partners are involved in to vote.

Lending Club again raised its target price for $15

popular P2P network company Lending loan Club has confirmed that the IPO price. This price is $15, higher than the previously published price range of $12 to 14. Lending Club IPO attracted investors subscribed. The company will sell 58 million shares, raising $870 million, and the market value will exceed $5.4 billion. In the case of a oversubscribed, the underwriters shall have the right to purchase additional shares from Lending Club, make this the size of the IPO of more than $1 billion.

Lending Club’s supporters, including a former Morgan Stanley chief executive John mack and larry summers, former us Treasury secretary. At present, the company has become the world’s largest P2P network company. Lending Club shares will be listed on the New York stock exchange trading on Thursday, the code for “LC”. The IPO of the lead underwriters, including Morgan Stanley and Goldman sachs.

hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses of the previous period, interest in installment amith jj has brought a great share,

Morgan underweight 58 city three days down 17% hit

the global market turmoil sparked investor concern, also influenced by Opec cut oil demand is expected in 2015, oil prices fell again, drag on energy stocks led by U.S. stock markets, U.S. stocks ended sharply lower on Wednesday, three major indexes fell more than 1.5%. Chinese stocks fell, Morgan Stanley selling message to continue fermentation, 58 city fell 7.73%. Morgan Stanley has sold 313830 shares of common stock in the near future, equivalent to 156915 American depositary shares 58 city. In terms of 58 city on the same day the closing price of $44.33, Morgan Stanley sold 156915 American depositary shares cashed out $7 million. Compared with Friday’s closing price of $48, 58 city has fallen about 17% this week.

58 city, according to results released a month ago company in the third quarter of the total revenue of $72 million, up 72.9%; Net profit of $5.9 million, fell 30%. Before the third quarter of the total revenue more than the company is given the highest target of $68 million. Looking forward to the future, 58 city is expected in the fourth quarter of 2014 the total revenue will be between $74.5 million to $77 million, corresponding to the year-on-year growth rate of between 59% and 63%.

investment institutions inconsistent record cloud, the hand for the rain cover skill already inured to the weird. Cloud network hunting blessing Yang mi shouted that “58 city” can safely through.

Box update IPO file: Q3 losses of $45.4 million

cloud storage Box with writing services company update IPO application documents today. Documents show that its financial data steady, it is waiting for a better opportunities. The company in the update file did not indicate the number of share issuance plan and financing scale. However, it has cut its stock value down to $13.05 a share, lower than in March this year of $17.85 a share. In July, the Box to more than $2.4 billion valuation for TPG and Coatue Management, investment, and its value is about $1.3 billion now. From the point of update file, Box to officially listed in time to prepare, but it did not disclose the specific time. The company still has $165 million in cash, said earlier this year it is likely to wait until 2015.

news that eBay consider cut 3000 jobs as early as next year

eBay considering early next year to cut 3000 jobs, or 10% of the plan. To this, the company spokeswoman Amanda miller said: “we focus on the business, as an independent company of eBay and PayPal success.” She declined to comment on whether the company is considering layoffs. Sources said, in the stripping department of online payment PayPal, eBay consider layoffs in the core of market department. One person said, eBay discussed the cutting of at least 3000 people, or 10% of the total number of staff. The planned job cuts seems to be the company prepare for stripping, at the same time, it may be in order to be attractive targets.

marketing includes eBay.com and StubHub, profit ability stronger than PayPal, but slow growth and companies such as amazon and alibaba growing threat. After independence, analysts say the eBay will probably become a takeover target, the key indicators of job cuts will help decrease the acquirer value operating costs. In the first nine months of the year eBay operating costs rose 14% to $6.4 billion, accounts for about half of the total revenue. EBay and PayPal spin-off plan was announced in September this year, highlights eBay traditional market growth is slow.

layoffs is also a give each other a better start, but if downsized workers want to entrepreneurship, please first stab netease devoted to devoted to fight wars.

new browser releases BitTorrent need seeds?

BitTorrent issued a new “Project Maelstrom” browser, it hopes to change the network works, make the distribution properties of Internet become more apparent than ever. The browser is still in beta, only invited users can participate in the test. It USES the end-to-end technology, given the control back to the user and not just the hands of big companies, so that the Internet has become more open. nullnullnull

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