Evening: ali’s first restricted stock will be released, amazon development new phones


ali the first batch of 8.1 million shares of restricted stock release

alibaba’s early investors since Friday will be able to cash in the hands of some shares. According to the lock-up, there will be 8.1 million tomorrow insiders hold alibaba stock get lifted. For newly listed shares, such messages usually flatten prices, but the ban is only 1.6% of the alibaba now open market circulation capital. But it is worth noting that the ban on scale will be further in the future. In march next year, insiders holdings of 429 million shares of alibaba shares will be lifted, released in September next year scale will reach 1.6 billion shares, including yahoo’s holdings. Prospectus shows that alibaba IPO lock around 80% of the equity, allow only 496.5 million shares traded.

alibaba to consider with SONY in vampire slayer expendables

the hacker disclosed, according to the email alibaba chairman jack ma in October when meeting with SONY executives said that the company intends to and of films such as “ghost death squads” to cooperate. Alibaba also consider investing in 3 d computer animation comedy “Pixels”, and prepare annual production of about 10 films. In addition, alibaba has deliberately investment “evil six group”, “Dragon Raja, such as film, and engage in to make a film about the popular Japanese comic” one piece “.

gates again to this investment is a radar technology company

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Madrona venture Capital companies in the United States, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital, venture Capital firms, Capital and Craig foundation has decided to a new company called Echodyne investment of $15 million. The Echodyne at present the main work is based on the synthetic materials developed a can control the secrets of the electromagnetic radiation type radar technology. Besides Echodyne, gates also recently to the risk of nuclear power enterprises Evolv TerraPower, new security scanning technology developers, satellite antenna technology developers Kymeta invested.

network qin or sell mustang international torrents offer up to $630 million

net qin mobile announced conclude with mustang international group of Hong Kong listed companies a non-binding memorandum of understanding. Mustang is put forward by the amount of pay between $570 million and $630 million, buy nets qin’s mobile game issue and operation service provider for a 100% stake in torrents, and the payment is to the qin dynasty and torrents of other shareholders a certain number of wild new shares, new shares a horse in the past 30 consecutive trading day of the Hong Kong stock exchange within the average closing price of 10% to 20%.

blue port interaction by star beauty holding $10 million subscribe

blue port interaction have been stellar holding $10 million subscribe, international placement section have been oversubscribed. Data show that star beauty holding main business covers the film and television production, theatrical release, tune, investment, overseas and artist model broker movie entertainment the whole industrial chain, its stellar international cineplex after only with the number of cinemas wanda studios came second in the industry. According to sources, or predict the future two companies in the mobile games and entertainment marketing cooperation on some aspects, such as possible. Focus media, founder and chairman of the board and CEO Mr. Jiang has $10 million stake in personal subscribe blue port interaction.

amazon is developing new Fire Phone2016 year

amazon are developing the next generation of Fire Phone, but the new machine will not be available until in 2016. From amazon’s first mobile Phone has been in the past few months, the Fire Phone sales is very bleak, amazon are also sum up the experiences of failure, to seek how to save the Phone strategy. Amazon CEO Jeff bezos for mobile Phone sales it still, in a recent interview, he said the Fire Phone also very “young”, in the next few years the amazon will continue to research and development of mobile Phone. The Fire Phone ever let amazon in the third quarter loss of $170 million. Amazon’s not released mobile phone sales data. In order to eliminate inventory, amazon slashed model, in the summer and will AT& T contract machine adjustment for free for two years.

former Microsoft Internet explorer, the project manager has been working 24 years

Microsoft IE project director before Dean Hachamovitch already departure from Microsoft, he announced the news in his blog. Since joined Microsoft in 1990, Dean working in this company for 24 years. In order to improve the market share of Internet explorer, Dean had made the sensibility of strategic transformation, using HTML 5 to improve the security of Internet explorer. However, the move did not win the favor of the user. At the end of last year, he stepped down as project director, IE started as a data scientist for Windows team.

samsung announced February close mobile phone chat application ChaOn

samsung electronics said, according to the change of the company’s business operation strategy, from February 1 at 9 am, ChatOn chat services will be closed. Before the service closed, chat tools, users can share before photos, video and other content, to archived. Samsung said the change is in order to adapt to the change of market demand, to provide differentiated services to users. The future will focus on health, mobile e-commerce and other fields.

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