Even to lure the meizu prick silk Why only competition infighting homebred

hunting cloud network November 20 (word/water Yan)

editor’s note: the domestic market have more disorderly? You again what role in this market? Behind the wonderful work of the market model will put on a subaltern victory…

still brush as online articles and screenshots, jack dozen face because jack once said HIFI are lying, there is no substance, but yesterday, meizu issued a HIFI mobile phone. The xiao yun was one more thing comes thought meizu will raise a MP3 player, the last is to deceive people.

of course, jack face still have a lot of things, today it is more noticeable.

as jack himself say, everybody don’t excited for the HIFI sound quality, HIFI is merely in a user has not yet been developed to sense the user good will, and then make sacrifices in other ways. MX4 PRO today’s stunning sound quality is only restore the voice of the more details, but in some rock fast songs, ear pick people will find too many hard and well together, the details of the affected the main melody.

and the real one more thing, should be 129 yuan of EP 4.4 million – 21 HD headphones, MP3 songs free downloads, and 8 yuan 6 g unicom package directional flow. this is affecting substantial experience and technical civilian products. Other ecological function is not yet mature, for us ordinary prick silk user flashy, is a kind of excessive consumption and burden.

the second thing is similar to the fingerprint unlock apple mTouch and mPay function. Meizu honestly introduced many top technology, good integration in together, once again refresh myself very honest moral image. Will future meizu with alipay, micro letter on convenient payment for further cooperation.

for xiao yun, these two things are the real event, the PRO conference to user experience brought new benchmark. What other bloodbath and high-end market, playing bad millet these business means of screens, said too much, but have spent.

but another question arises: why domestic always into the die device for domestic commercial war drama, and the true value of a product, a brand is what?

when the international market from the early “competition’s goal is to better cooperation” attitude, toward a “patent ecological open source, and a small team move the world” in the new market model, the domestic market has only just begun patent battle. this difference for two generations!

then we return to MX4 PRO, after a heap of high-end components, added many new features. Technology is really good. But ecological service does not reach the designated position, useless.

this product is for high-end users a smile, then desire, for prick silk, ratio of users is unnecessary, irrational consumption. but now is a difficult to suppress the temptation. This is not a normal market.

if you switch to another view, jack these high-end users in a reward after the effort of technique, and then see the crazy market, is a self need not have even cannot afford the temptation encumbrance deeply, is simply marvelous sight, coke.

of course, the pursuit of high irrational distribution rules of the market is just the result of the serious indeed, ordinary people have to pay the cost. But if someone malicious will market into the abyss of irrational, it will be a hurt yourself.

is a normal market, high-end users to try out different new products, and then to the sufficient capital to help improve the new product experience and ecology, finally reached a common technology. In the process, through a series of high-end users input gain experience, and timely feedback to their own resources to maintain their high-end status.

but today, in this wonderful work of market, began to experiment, ecological construction cost no capital prick silk.

MX4 PRO of ecology has not been built and opened directly civilian technology, has brought the prick silk group 700 + irrational consumption costs. Meizu SmartBar, Connect to Meizu the channels of ecology, also is only have certain advantages, not good. Meizu no responsibility trying to win high-end consumer groups, but the laps to market the weak.

the prick silk was easing the bit in in different angles, then some commanding give us all kinds of handouts, unexpectedly became a moral, diligent efforts to perfect hero, and everybody is not clear that this is their responsibility. Because they are in the market place.

two representative figure in the industry. In a free and easy with various rules, take all kinds of resources, and expand their powerful stance. A like descent, everywhere show their special ability, showing off their contribution and moral sense.


then prick silk and that is forever. Finally under the lure of cost-effective to make a pretense of high-end personage, and then let the people at the top end smile.

jack don’t laugh at, don’t be serious to do some things and have their own master a moral sense. Because it is your responsibility these high-end crowd. a good company must also have the ability to high-end users through the market to get the money, and then to build ecological products, not trying to fool prick silk.

the meizu just once again tells us that the world in various ways and deceived us, but didn’t give us any power to vote with their feet.

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