Estar, control the ultimate Android mobile phone battery life housekeeper

usually, it’s hard to know which on your Android phone is damn application in swallow your power.

now you don’t have to worry about. By purdue university researchers have developed a new Android applications – Estar, specifically for you to solve this difficult problem. It can help you to find out the power consumption big application, provide you with more efficient battery management alternatives.

once launched, Estar will provide users with two options: “installation low-power application” or “stop using high power applications. Choose the first option, Estar will be filtered for your recommendation, be tested for all kinds of popular low-power applications; Estar will Play Store ratings for these applications.

the second option but it actually reflects the Estar can bring the huge benefits for the user. Select stop using high power application, Estar will display for you, your application is using the power of the installed. It also points out that the power consumption of the highest program for you (revealed: Facebook messenger is likely to blacklist) in the high power program, and then calculate the close these high power applications can extend the service life of how many minutes to your cell phone battery, will each a few short minutes, perhaps is crucial for an hour or two hours of battery life.

this is freeware application developers Mobile Enerlytics company, Mobile Enerlytics consists of four research center at purdue university.

“a way to prolong the battery life is let the user know his mobile phone application the power consumption of every situation,” the CEO and founder Y.C harlie Hu said at a press briefing, “now there are countless applications on the market, every hot applications there are several alternatives.”

at present, Estar provide only Android version, iOS version is under development.


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