Envelop, hammer mobile phone started selling price 1000 yuan

hammer technology in today’s official website, according to the announcement would cut Smartisan T1 mobile phone price, fell to 1000 yuan.

website, according to the announcement from at 10:00 am on October 30, 2014, Smartisan T1 mobile 3 g version 16 gb sells for 1980 yuan, 3 g version 32 gb sells for 2080 yuan. Version 4 g 32 gb sells for 2480 yuan. At the appointed time will begin on Tmall flagship store for sale.

at the same time, on Oct. 18 00:00 day cat shop and official website to buy their cell phone Smartisan T1 (both 3 g and 4 g version) customers, hammer technology will part cash refund the price difference.

why is this on sale? The official explanation is given, Smartisan T1 after the release, due to the supply chain problem capacity is relatively slow, delay the product sales of gold period (the attention of digital product heat usually only lasts 3 months or so), so we choose on sale now.

in addition, hammer said that in the next year before we release Smartisan T2, T1 price will not adjust again.

from another perspective, the hammer mobile faced with millet 4, the iPhone 6 such as new product competition, lower prices rapid accumulation of user is forced to measure.

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