Entrepreneurship millet: you have such a responsible for employees?


to start a business, founder is one of the most important, of course, but if you want to win the miles, light has a founder is not enough, also need team together. Loyalty, struggle and capable. The team is each founder dream of having.

a lot of companies now learn millet, even around the various training is the industry of millet, millet, a company set up just a few years is so successful? Outside there is a lot of reading. Hunting cloud network editor you just want to say a real case.

this is the fact that the editor you built a product manager group (the group of add WeChat: jinjilei, only the product manager), PM, gathered the big Internet companies from WeChat, tencent, baidu, 360, millet, etc. In edit you like to participate in all group, this group is very active. One day, the group have PM poking fun at the use of millet abnormal problems in the router, the product manager from BAT is pretty exciting, fun is pretty sharp, pretty hard posture also led to a group of friends to discuss (millet router sell well). At this time, a product director from millet (usually don’t love to speak) out of nowhere, then very patient one by one, and explains the confusion for everyone, even offered if users can’t solve, to solve the user home (attitude is quite serious.

millet PM responsible attitude and problem solving skills to win the praise group of friends (wrote this, dear, what do you think is a bit like millet soft article), to be sure there is a group of friends of poking fun at a purely friendly fire. Even at first launched fierce teasing students couldn’t help repeating several praise!

this example show? User’s speech is not through official channels, millet PM still enthusiasm in the group to help solve the problem, the user has a bad mood on products at the beginning, after millet PM answer patiently, added products instead of good public praise, this is a big reversal. But is to emphasize that all his efforts led don’t know, lei jun more don’t know, what is this? This is an employee of the sense of responsibility! Silent is the product of the company.

this more staff and product nature to do more and more strong, word of mouth will become to good, why should I worry about the company is not strong?

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