Entrepreneurship courses: forced transformation after beautiful said how to implement the change?

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beautiful said have turned 5 years since founded in 2009, from 6 small team rapidly growing first one thousand, registered users than women, the mobile client installed capacity of more than 80 million, over the past two 11 on the day of trading as high as 570 million yuan, now developed into the nation’s largest women’s fashion community. Company gained GGV capital, sequoia capital, blue ventures, tencent and clear division of venture capital and other well-known institutions and the company’s investment, there are unconfirmed reports said four-wheel accumulative total financing of $80 million, become one of the fastest growing Internet companies in China.

however beautiful said in the process of our development has experienced significant forced transformation, from the original buy electricity to vertical electrical contractor. Companies have experienced before, during, and after the pain? Beauty in the eyes of most people in the industry, said the time of transformation is “a blessing in disguise”, instead, was forced to transition after the company has a large room for growth. This is a judgment based on what? With these questions, on November 5, hunting cloud network invited to beautiful said senior vice President Mr Du Guowei into the “entrepreneurial public class”, to share the beautiful said entrepreneurial success experience and tells the story behind forced transformation, as well as the future development strategy of the company.

entrepreneurship should be chosen on the battlefield and opportunities, thread cannot shake

although Du Guowei is in one year after the company was founded to join beauty said, but he is quite familiar with the company’s growth course, has to be responsible for the sales, commercial products, apparel business operations, beauty makeup lines of business such as Du Guowei believe that beautiful said success factors mainly due to choose the right battlefield, seize the opportunity. And within the company always uphold the rapid, perfection and innovation of culture and style.

in November 2009, had started catching shrimp Xu Yi startup again, beautiful said gathered in the women’s fashion niche. At the time, taobao and other electric business platform has verified the women shopping strong demand, but the vertical type of women’s fashion shopping community at that time few people digging, can be said to be a piece of blue ocean. According to Du Guowei, early entrepreneurial teams only 6 people, until now we still very closely together.

cloud network hunting entrepreneurial public class of a live audience

for opportunities, beautiful said just came together and was popular microblogging, let beauty said to wipe out gorgeous petard. In addition to the introduction of Internet sensation, fully build community engagement. Beauty is a fashionable girl shopping experience exchange place, with the popular microblogging has seven points: the need to pay attention to others and share my baby, for goods experience at any time, and help solve the problem, but it contains all the recommended product content and jump to the product price information online store business information. By these beautiful fashion girls love beautiful said mutual recognition, built up by weibo fan base, become the root of beauty said electricity transformation success in the future. Despite business model before and after the adjustment, but the core of the service for women’s fashion did not change.

buy electricity forced transformation, vertical electric fans economy makes business

before last October, said a visual impression to the outside world is beautiful guide electric business community, namely social sharing e-commerce. Have the same interests and hobbies of people gathered in a community, each other can recommend, sharing, comments on the goods, and goods links from external e-commerce sites, communities themselves by showing ads, click the buy into revenue. Taobao providing huge beautiful said commodity links at the same time, also contributed substantial revenue into to the latter.

as the beauty said users and share trading amount rising, “potential threat” began to reflect on taobao, “entrance” to the taobao started tightening, eventually lead to the contradiction of bilateral cooperation in October last year. A letter from taobao to terminate cooperation with beautiful said email, like a bolt from the blue, life and death battle on the team.

Du Guowei speak, at that time, the company decided to make a business mode adjustment, the vertical electric business transformation, and immediately set about platform construction, including trading systems, business recruitment, etc. Technical team developed a set of system in 15 days time, screened 3000 businesses a month time, and in the later step for system optimization and business expansion.

according to Du Guowei, self-built electric business platform transactions will now beautiful said more than 5 billion, more than the same period last year, maintained a high growth rate. Next, the company will take out 1 billion yuan subsidies, to bring more benefits for businesses and users.

cloud network hunting entrepreneurial public class field

the transition, said that in addition to do a quick, beautiful perfection, innovation, a few key points, such as the community itself has a fan base for vertical electric business play a crucial role. As is known to all, beautiful said last year signed the famous domestic superior influence day exobiology – M, began to play fans economy culture and fashion brand. Although exobiology – M are are men, and actually attention exobiology – M a fan of more than 95% are women, they are young women love fashion and pop, coverage and beautiful said target users fit is very high, beautiful say in turn that remains after the fashion of feelings and sexy marketing.

over a beautiful said turnaround has, a way forward seems to be more smooth. Du Guowei said, beautiful said platforms have gathered over the number of high quality fashion business, and has acquired upon shef shake and days net, company valuations have with certain size of listed companies don’t want to up and down.

determine the future road of the three steps strategy

the current vertical electric business platform is not final positioning of beauty said. In hunting on cloud network entrepreneurship courses Du Guowei revealed that beautiful said in the first quarter of this year to determine the future the three-step strategy, platform of fashion, fashion chain and group respectively. This is the difference between and gather beauty is superior, the key to Vipshop.

fashion platform is relatively easy to understand, in the beautiful said platforms currently goods mainly for fashion goods. In the fashion industry chain, not only will invest the factory, also can cultivate their professional fashion team, from material selection to design, to OEM, ODM, OEM and supply channels, etc., are beautiful said overall control, so no matter in terms of fashion, or the price, the user can get shopping experience to the extreme, eventually into a fashion group of brand sense of belonging.

so, not only beautiful said will also be involved in O2O project. , however, it did not disclose the specific product shape, just said it in the first quarter of next year will be meeting with the user.

Said, according to the

Du Guowei beautiful fashion group development is not to be diversified line, but a rich product line, and women’s fashion line will not change all the time.

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