Entrepreneurs to please slow down: the most miserable is money, people don’t

abstract: the author is the founder of “I wear your clothes project”. The project aims to pass out wear t-shirts advertisers, on social networking sites to upload their photos or video, wearing t-shirts for advertising. This concept has attracted widespread media attention, and bring huge profits for the founder. This is his way in the entrepreneurial process for “rest” and “work” equilibrium considerations. The author points out that life is the most important, if the lost health, affection for entrepreneurship, and even life, that is not worth the cost. In addition, the author of how busy time also gave his personal experience.

I but remember on this matter. That is IWearYourShirt fascinating and harvested quite a lot in the first year, the year started coming to an end. Everyone in email congratulations to me, because I became this looks very crazy things. Besides the compliments, I constantly see a message like this:

“Jason, for the first year of IWearYourShirt you did a good job, but you need to get yourself to relax. 365 days you have been at work, this is the average man is not acceptable. You must give yourself a break.”

when I see so many emails are advised me to rest a holiday, I said to myself: “only the ordinary people need to have a holiday to rest, I am superman! Superman is not need to have a rest!”

but then I found that I really wrong in this matter.

after 2010, the accumulated fatigue began to gradually put me down. I began to insomnia and it is very difficult to video shows every day I think of good ideas.

since I don’t have enough energy to reply some emails, I missed some good opportunities. I began to complain about such tedious life and my work. Frankly, I at that time can do so many things for me without rest feel very surprised.

in 2011, I decided to change the work schedule IWearYourShirt, could become a holiday every Saturday. The move means that I will lose $35000 in revenue. I know this is not an easy thing, but I know very well I can no longer be dead tired of hard work 365 days in a row.

the decision made after losses already cannot be redeemed, but take one day off per week this decision but are of great help to me. Continuous work of more than 730 days later, I knew I could not rely on it to rest one day per week to allow yourself to restore energy, plus the rest days is just let me finish the work ahead of time.

this life continued in 2013, at that time I have really can’t finish any work any longer. In 2013, I hung up the online may I the last thing people donate a T-shirt. Unfortunately, I have already exhausted, never went to the responsible IWearYourShirt heart.

no. 1 (life), how much a 0 (wealth) behind are meaningless

there is no doubt that you are certainly not a all year round in the busy business people (and please don’t choose to do so). But, no matter what your job is, you need time to let you put a little false, save your strength.

maybe you will now be thinking: “Jason, I can’t allow yourself to rest, because I need all the rest of the time to earn my business investment, but also earn money for the family…”

but today I want to tell you is that if you have good plan, and your family to be able to make a living, how is your business there will be no problem. You can use less pay a better finish the work. Give you some advice below:

1. To arrange your own schedule, and then find the time to can rest

if use work, receive the email, brainstorming, buildings, to encode information about these things to fill your every hour on the work table, the work will be very simple. But if you don’t take time to give yourself a break, that you just don’t bump south wall does not return, you don’t want to just like I finally feel exhausted. Therefore, take some time off from your schedule and make good use of this time to allow yourself to relax, to meet with relatives and friends to chat, in short, emptying your mind busy for a long time.

but this does not mean that you are on holiday in the Bahamas. I said the holiday is to let you stay away from the computer and social media, began to believe it will be a good weekend.

you can also try a road trip to a nearby city dropped in to see your friends. You can take your family go to the beach or the lake camping (or even in your own backyard). Don’t think don’t go to work take a vacation period will be a very extravagant, think about it so that you can away from your work, you will be happy to take a vacation.

2. Complete the task as soon as possible, but don’t be too QianJinHouSong

many years ago, a friend of mine Bryan mentioned a suggestion for me, let me go. He said if I can in a short span of a week to more than a month I need money, so I can need not consider yourself away from work, give yourself time to have a holiday to rest.

but this is not to say that you need in the first week of each month like playing chicken blood work 600 hours. This is just to tell you, you should concentrate on doing one at low cost but can get high return business.

3. If a affects your nervous working 24 hours a day, so please give up

this question cannot emphasize too much. To be sure, if you 24 hours to provide services at any time, so you will be your new levels of employees (especially if you are a person who provide service, such as designers, developers, etc.). But you shouldn’t have energy in a place that don’t need you.

why don’t you try to use a virtual assistant to help you reply email and then give you every day in every day? Or why don’t you try to hire a part-time project manager, paid by the hour to him and let him to provide for the customer service issues and plan your meeting? You can also let your family help you check the account, sign the contract.

I know what I said these Suggestions may not be suitable for the nine-to-five commuters, but I want to say the most important thing is that you should not touch you after work at five o ‘clock every day. Don’t mailbox to check email, don’t pick up any work on the phone, also do not go to think you work.

to do so is one of the biggest benefit of the employer could make full use of employees to work. They want employees to work day and night, but only need to pay the employees work 8 hours a day’s salary. But if you no longer work, after work and rest, you will have more work to do.

for those people who work nine to five additional advice: if you think you can’t do that, then talk to your boss, tell him that you want to try for two weeks after work at five o ‘clock every day do not do anything related to work.

two weeks to perform in strict accordance with the schedule, write down your feelings and you can finish the work every day. Then in the two weeks later, on another notebook to record the same thing every day.

a month later than your own feelings. Your feelings have changed? There are any changes in your work efficiency? If your performance on the job well, your boss will be happy. But if your boss the experiment resent to you, maybe you should quit (haha just a joke)

from now on, take a closer look at your schedule, a good arranged completely isolated and working time. Remember, be sure to make good use of the rest of the time, later, you will thank you for your decision.

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